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10 Ways to Protect Your Identity

A Cyber Security Month Special 5 years ago, a major Consumer Magazine contained a review of identity theft protection services, which dismissed the threat. It did not take a year to know the author was wildly mistaken. We know that even credit bureaus and the Government Office of Personnel Management are not exempt from being compromised. The good news is that while much of your information may be exposed, there are ways to keep them from closing the loop easily. Become a harden target. The headlines often focus on online identity theft, but most theft which produces monetary loss still includes old fashion offline contact so a combination of physical and online common sense precautions. 1. Use common sense physical security procedures. Do not normally store your Social Security Card and driver’s license in the same wallet. If you lose it your date of birth, address, social Read more

PR Relief Effort

Many of you know that I have been working to help Puerto Rican relief efforts locally. Some of you have seen the conflicting reports from the ground including from Mayor Cruz of San Juan which is in the best shape of getting supplies, while the Governor and other Mayors have been praising the efforts. Here is what I have found out from all sources including citizens, local government, military, FEMA, and news. The Puerto Rican/Virgin Island Relief effort has been the most complex relief effort in American history. It has been pretty successful so far. Compared to Katrina, Maria hit as a CAT 5 Katrina it the Gulf Coast as a CAT 4, NO as a CAT 3. Katrina resulted in 1800 Americans dead. So far we have 16 people dead out of 3.5 million. Both had ports and airports damaged hampering efforts. Power was down and communications out. In Katrina, we trucked supplies in, National Guard and military Read more

Support Graham Cassidy Petition

Please review and sign this petition for Graham-Cassidy. The Unaffordable Care Healthcare Deform has been devastating to family, friends and many across the nation. Job growth for full-time work has been harmed by the employer mandate. Premiums have increased while coverage has declined. Co-payments have become unaffordable, many times deductibles and copays are in the 5 figures. Premium increases are directly related to Obamacare including excise taxes on health insurance, taxes on medical devices, commercial underwriting restrictions, and new benefit mandates. Working class people are being priced out of the market. State governments are suffering because people in the working class are being dumped from private plans into Medicaid. Graham-Cassidy Read more

Budget a failure of leadership

Sadly, the latest state budget was a failure of current leadership by the Democratic led assembly. It avoided fundamental reforms such as providing better health care choices or prevailing wage modernization. No one looked at was to allow county wide consolidation of certain back office administrative functions of the school districts, which would provide savings without harming local control. I consider it a failure of leadership because they would not even allow votes on reform measures especially from the Republican minority, but instead threatened what works best in this state, partnerships with nonprofits. They cut firefighters, paramedics, senior centers, homeless shelters and after school programs. Perversely, these cuts will create more of a demand for government action. Holding hostage public safety, youth and seniors for tax hikes is worse than irresponsible, it is cynical Read more

Gun Grabber Alert

June 14th is the day we recognize the adoption of our glorious banner of liberty, it is Flag Day.  It is also the Army Birthday.  242 years of armed Americans standing up against oppression.  They were able to do so because they had their own weapons.  On this hallowed day, the gun grabbers in the Delaware House of Representatives are holding a hearing on House Bill 222 which the NRA describes this way. House Bill 222 would allow an individual’s family members or law enforcement to petition the court for an ex parte restraining order if they consider the individual to be a danger to themselves or others simply because the individual owns, possesses or purchases a firearm.  Under this bill, an ex parte order would be issued by a judge based solely on a brief, unsubstantiated affidavit made by a petitioner and absent any input made by the individual on which the order is targeted.  Read more

Hold on to your car keys is the International Walking Charter Coming to Dover?

City staff brought a proposal to sign the Walk21 International Walking Charter. It is an effort to use local government to pressure people out of their cars by designing a city to be inhospitable to them. It is from the same fountain as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Considering the fact Dover's Comprehensive Plan is due for revision in the upcoming year, this is worth noting . Are you skeptical? Well hold on to your car keys! Here are some gems from the International Walking Charter. This proposal seeks the following: Put people on foot at the heart of urban planning . Give slow transport modes such as walking and cycling priority over fast modes, and local traffic precedence over long - distance travel 􀂇 Improve land-use and spatial planning, ensuring that new housing, shops, business parks and public transport stops are located and designed so that people can reach them Read more

Gang Violence Prevention Forum

This Meeting is seeking to engage the community in reporting and identifying Illegal Gang Formation in the City of Dover on May 18th, 6:30 pm in City Council Chambers. I will be presenting a power-point presentation to the constituents of Dover on a resolution that was adopted on September 9, 2013, which I wrote and was approved by the Dover Human Relations Commission when I was the Chairman of that Committee. We are seeking State Funding to implement Mini Mobile Police Stations that will focus on High Crime and Nuisance Premises in an effort to eliminate Illegal Gang Enterprises in the City of Dover and State of Delaware. 15 District Senator David Lawson, 17 District Senator Brian Bushweller, Senator Colin Bonini [who's running for Governor] 31st. District House of Representatives Sean Lynn and 29th District House of Representatives Trey Pardee will all be on the panel representing State Read more

Councilman David Anderson’s Annual Chili Cookoff Supports local Charities FEB. 27th

Over the years several thousand dollars has gone to local charities through this no overhead event. In 2016, Christian Life Center is joining with Councilman David Anderson to sponsor this year's annual Chili Cookoff to highlight an important local Charity. This year will have live music and other fun attractions including testing and judging your neighbor's best chili, salads, and deserts. This year's charities are the Veteran's United Outreach and the MLK Jr. Educational Community Center Inc. The location is at Christian Life Center 614 S. Dupont Hwy in Dover. The time is noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday the 27th. Entry is a donation or participation with providing food (preregister below with food). The Veteran's United Outreach has a 15 year track record of impacting the community with unparalled volunteer run dedication. The organization helps veterans Read more

Markell Stays the Course with Syrian Refugees while 24 States express Concerns: Senator PettyJohn Pleads for Reconsideration

Senator Brian Pettyjohn, a Republican of Georgetown's 19th district, sent the following letter which expressed specific concerns about allowing Syrian refugees into Delaware in light of the events in Paris and Egypt. Governor Markell has issued the following response on his Facebook page to those raising questions to the policy. The United States has always been a welcoming nation. We have always been compassionate and kind to those facing danger and injustice, and in our diversity we have found great strength. The safety and security of Delaware and its citizens are our top priority, but we also must understand we are talking about people fleeing perpetrators of terror. And while any security system can be improved, the federal refugee review system has the highest level of security checks of any traveler to American shores, including biometric and biographic checks as well Read more

Office Depot Goes Nutty Backing Employee Who Refuses to Copy Pro-Life Prayer

Breaking News--Update: CEO Ronald Smith issued a statement apologizing to Maria Goldstein for employees not copying her flyer. Upon "detailed review" it was decided that the flyer did not violate Office Depot policy. Father Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life and author of the prayer, called for the faithful to go to their nearest Office Depot and copy the prayer below. This is pretty outrageous. Intolerance is alive and well. This is on the border of violating the 1964 Civil Right's law. They can't put a prayer in a copier because they disagree with it. You don't even need to read it to copy it. This is either insane or the feeling that persecution of this Catholic patron is acceptable. Why not put up a sign that says Catholic materials need not apply for services? It is bound to cost them business. Office Depot did offer the self service printers (which tend not to be as good as Read more

Markell Issues Tone Deaf Veto of Parental Opt Out Bill

Governor Markell issued a veto message with his veto of HB 50 in spite of the fact it passed with veto proof majorities. Part of which is below. “HB 50 would undermine the only objective tool we have to understand whether our children are learning and our schools are improving. It has the potential to marginalize our highest need students, threaten tens of millions of dollars of federal funding, and undermine our state’s economic competitiveness – all without adequately addressing the issues that motivated many to support the legislation. That is why educators and school leaders have joined the civil rights community and business leaders in opposing the legislation, and why I am returning the bill unsigned,” wrote the Governor in a statement delivered to the House of Representatives. “I have heard the concerns of some parents and teachers that our students are experiencing Read more

Open Letter re: HB 204

Guest Opinion By: Doug Beatty Dear Representative Lynn, This citizen must take umbrage with your sponsorship of H.B. 204. On what planet is this a sound idea? The animal control officers at KCSPCA/FSAC have racked up an impressive history of unanswered complaints. At this very moment one Jacqueline Dyer of Hartly has publicy stated that Lt. David L. Hulse is retaliating against her for a drug test Hulse failed in 2006 administered by Dyer. After Dyer went public, she was criminally charged for dog at large on very shaky probable cause. In fact, in spite of evidence to the contrary according to Ms. Dyer and video from her home surveillance that she has made public. Anywhere I've lived except this place would call that retaliating against a whistle blower. Here, nobody cares how many officials know about this event it seems to always fall outside their responsibility. Giving Read more

Open Letter to the City of Wilmington, DE

GUEST OPINION By: Steve Washington, M.Ed. Why is the city government always in the news? One reason is that micromanagement in the parks and recreation division causes tension throughout youth employment. There are many concerns regarding the hiring process of youth workers and counselors. Although there is a lottery process for hiring youth, many of the youth are hired through word of mouth or by the powers that be in the department and sometimes city council representatives. This year, the department approached the hiring of program staff differently as in the past years since the beginning of the youth and family division. When do the powers that be have time to interview for temporary program positions? Perhaps, this may be a reason to such failures. Why have a manager of the youth and family service department if he or she cannot make decisions or interview the staff Read more

Domestic Surveillance: Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

Would you believe Yahoo News has a cutting edge article on the Presidential Candidates and the renewal of domestic surveillance? I encourage you to read it. Hillary Clinton is all over the map and not answering questions just like every other issue. This woman is so risk aversive that I wonder how anyone can support her for President. She is afraid of her shadow or maybe the ghost of an election lost. One of the strengths that Hillary had was that people saw her as a strong leader. She is not honest and trustworthy, but she was perceived as a strong leader. Today, I question even if that is true. Bernie Sanders opposes it. Scott Walker is out of the country and can't answer questions, they seemed to have forgotten Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina did not respond. The rest of the GOP field is lining up on one side or the other. On the side of liberty are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Read more

Saga of “Millie” Continues

by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Dog Panel hearing in the Jake and Nancy Smith case, involving their pet, "Millie" is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, April 13 in the Sussex County Council Chambers, located on 2 The Circle in Georgetown, DE according to a 4/7/15 article in the Cape Gazette. "Millie", a white and brown Jack Russell Terrier mix, alleged to be a dangerous animal by a few of Smith's neighbors, is reportedly being held incommunicado at the First State Animal Shelter, located on 32 Shelter Circle, Camden, DE 19934. We are unable to confirm this due to a judicial gag order, issued in this case. The panel is charged with determining the dog's ultimate fate, up to and including possible euthanasia. Read more

Learning and teaching the Constitution By Larry Mayo

Guest Post Back in a campaign some years ago, a young man handed me a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and a pamphlet with a well known (to some) story about his quest for re-election. In the story the constituent told Mr. Crocket that he either was incapable of understanding or hadn’t read that document that he swore an Oath to uphold and defend, so he could not cast a vote to re-elect him. The story may or may not be accurately told in the pamphlet, but it sparked something in me. It made me realize that this man, a farmer in the early 1800’s had a better understanding of that document than I did. I quickly realized that even though I had graduated from one of the highest rated schools in my state, with a B+ average, I hadn’t ever read that document in it’s entirety. So , I read it, in fact I read it several times. I realized that it was pretty easy to understand, since it Read more

A Reflective Ash Wednesday

I wish everyone who observes a reflective and redemptive Ash Wednesday. Today I received my ashes at St. Polycarp. I was there to work with other citizens to do some good in our county. I believe Scripture tells us the two are related. Whether that is Mathew 25 or Isaiah 58. As we renew our consecration to our Lord and reflect on his redemption, let us not just fast by giving up something, but fast by dedicating your heart to GOD and stretching your hand out to your fellow people. 4"Behold, you fast for contention and strife and to strike with a wicked fist. You do not fast like you do today to make your voice heard on high. 5"Is it a fast like this which I choose, a day for a man to humble himself? Is it for bowing one's head like a reed And for spreading out sackcloth and ashes as a bed? Will you call this a fast, even an acceptable day to the LORD? 6"Is this not the fast which Read more

Anderson Launches Jobs Offensive

The Dover Prospers Initiative from the Desk of Councilman David L. Anderson, Dover, DE I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in major initiatives to make Dover even more jobs friendly. Here is a quick summary of the initiatives, one stop shopping, a citizen sunset committee, new economic incentives for the Downtown to put into law the work done by our staff. I have long advocated One Stop Shopping to make it easy for to open a business in Dover. Every form that you need is in one packet and you can turn it in one place and we route it to the right department instead of you running around all day. Microbusinesses are the largest economic boom that we have. It is where the growth is most dependable and profitable. Sure we love adding hundreds of jobs at Energizer, which we are. We love Kraft adding jobs. We love having hundreds of millions in Calpine Construction or Uzin Utz and Read more

Chicken Little Republicans

Failure to pass ban on late term abortions favored 2 to 1 highlights the need to educate some. Some Republicans are so intent on not failing they are afraid to succeed. That is what caused them the majority in 2006. Back then, they had the war fatigue factor and the Foley scandal. The only thing to change the topic would have been action. Financial reform and tax reform would have saved the economy from later collapsing. It would have been good for the country, but coincidentally, it would have been good politics. Call it collateral benefit. Some moderate Republicans who are skittish over the idea that 5 months is too little time to actually report a rape for a rape exception, caused Thursday's vote to be delayed. I reject the notion. If you can report a rape to an abortionist, you can report it to police. If you want to add a doctor, minister, or therapist to the list, go ahead. Read more

Support Your Local Police

Update: Due to rain, the event has been moved to Saturday the 10th. In the last 10 years 1500 members of law enforcement lost their lives in service to the people. Yet, the hard left is targeting them with distortions and lies. It is a hallmark of the left to undermine the institutions of a nation. They have done so with marriage, family, the military in the Vietnam era, the CIA, business, the Church, and now is the time for law enforcement again. We stood up to them when the anti-war crowd had elements who wanted to be anti-troop. We need to do the same to the hate the cops and we want them dead crowd. We need to rally to show support for that thin blue line between order and disorder. I strongly support law enforcement, but I especially support local law enforcement that is accountable to the people themselves. That is why I support a constitutional sheriff, and that is Read more

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence where ever it is found. You cannot judge how a man treats a woman by how he treats his fellow men. I know a man who was generally well respected. Served his country, his church, and his community. He had a problem. He had unresolved issues with his mother. He took out anger on his wife. One left him. He married again in a quick courtship. He told her that he didn't have a lot of friends in the area, he really did not want anyone warning her. They got in a fight, she fell down the stairs. Her arm got broken. He threatened her that worse would happen if she reported it. She waited until the pain got so bad that she had to go to the doctor with the typical initial cover story. Her arm did not heal right and she suffered multiple surgeries and two years of pain. She could be verbally abusive. The idea that verbal abuse justified Read more

The Loyal Opposition says stop HB 334–The Heart of Common Core

We finally took a sensible approach to testing. Test at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year. Delaware's HB 334 eliminates that and makes your entire "matriculation and academic promotion requirements imposed by § 153 of this title shall be based upon the student's assessment results received on 1 assessment". No true assessment can take place without at least two tests. One gives a benchmark and the other shows the progress. I have seen where a student actually loses ground. If a student could make the grade before the school year starts, why should he or she be penalized for not being able to connect with the teacher or being sick or stressed by some outside event on test day. If the student can have the best test, you have a truer read on the student. Everyone has an off day. You just hope it is not during a high stakes test. I took a test once not long Read more