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Turning Compassion into a Nightmare: Taxpayer Funded Abortions

The Democrat regime may end up either sinking health care reform or sinking the concept of a pluralistic society which they once championed. This will be a test of which objective is most important, radical social policy or expanding health insurance coverage to those who need it. It has been long recognized that forcing people to pay for abortions in a pluralistic society is a different issue from allowing people to commit abortion. President Obama supports abortion rights. We get that. Many of us disagree, passionately. Do they get that? The President visited with His Holiness Benedict XVI at which time the Pope gave him an encyclical which expounded upon life issues. The President claims that he read it. If he did, then he should understand that regardless of his position on the availability of abortion, that abortion is not health care except in a few cases where the life of Read more

While we were looking at the budget– a radical agenda continued

While we were looking at the budget,  our friends at the Delaware Family Policy Council also paid attention to the senate.  We all know that illegal activity at abortion mills is forbidden under FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances).  Last night, the radicals decided to go after legal education and free speech.  This bill needs to die.  It is about view point discrimination.  It creates a free speech bubble that does not apply to any other group.  Blocking an entrance is already illegal regardless of the business, this bill specifically targets free speech activities. From Jordan Warfel Last night, the Delaware State Senate voted to pass S.B.169, a bill that threatens pro-lifers right to free speech.  In yet another act of defiance toward the public, they voted to pass the bill without a committee hearing or any time for the public to view the bill or voice their concerns. You Read more

Pro-Life to Highest levels in Years Absolute Majority

Gallup found Pro-life support an absolute majority of their sample. I am not surprised to see more pro-life Americans than pro-choice Americans. That is consistent with other polls and election returns. Why else would Rahm Emanuel and company have worked overtime to find pro-life Democrats to run in so many districts? The spread of this poll (51 to 42%) is so great that it made me question the sample. Apparently, Gallup did as well. Their analysis is rock solid. I am still not buying quite the level of support until I see other polls duplicate it, but the trend is undeniable and consistent. It may be accelerated by two factors. There are more people who are Conservative Christians and the percentage of Christians both Protestant and Catholic who are pro-life is skyrocketing. Teachings in the church and a focus of the left on advancing abortion funding, cloning, embryonic stem Read more

Enough–The Disgrace of Abortion Scars America

America is the greatest nation in two thousand years. No one nation has advanced the cause of human dignity more in that time.  It is the place where human rights such as life, liberty, and universal right to own property emerged as central governing principles.  It has served as a beacon to the world.  Unfortunately, there have been times where we have allowed some portion of our government to undermine our core principles.  One such time was the Roe v. Wade ruling.   It is bad enough that Roe pretended not to know what is self obvious in science, logic, and religion, that life begins at conception.  The ruling pretended not to know when life began at all.  The ruling violated legal reasoning, precedent, constitutional restraints on the federal government, the 5th and 14th amendments, and the laws of all 50 states.  Even the 5 states which disgracefully declared they would close Read more