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The Delaware Democratic Money Machine part 1

DP is working on the incredible out of state effort used to help win targeted races by the Delaware Democratic Party. The Wilmington News Journal published an article which is a fine start. It is clear the Democratic Party in Delaware is a special interest limited partnership. Pay Day lenders, out of state gaming interests, and organized labor joined a progressive money machine to fund staff, ads, polling and more. Candidates did not even know what was coming and were along for the ride. Read the article. It is interesting. There is no wonder middle class voters are forgotten. They do not need to focus on what matters most to you if voters will not pay closer attention to voting for your own interests not just a party brand. Read more

Davis Case Highlights Media Malpractice

We have a media that refuses to inform the public about basic information. She habitually has her license suspended and drove while it was suspended including to public events. She could not even explain what the office she sought did at public debates, even after the first one. They did not do the most basic profile. It was embarrassing. I do not believe in hit reporting, but it is interesting that some business deal that went south for Arlett was news, some economic difficulty for Donyale Hall around a decade ago was somehow newsworthy. They even unsuccessfully tried to make $20 of recording costs for an endorsement an issue. It is funny that they could not report on someone showing up drunk in swim suits to events until after the primary. They witnessed this before the election then did not tell people. There seemed to be an agenda in play by what was not reported. The people were Read more

Petition Circulating Demanding Resignation Of DE GOP Chairman

GOP Revolt, First Shot Fired, Who Will Resign First According to anonymous sources, a petition has started circulating in Republican Circles, demanding the resignation of the party's leadership, all the way to the State Chairman's position. Republicans lost both the State Auditors and State Treasurers Seat, leaving them devoid of any statewide positions. In addition to losing the statewide positions, they lost both a state senate seat and a state representative seat. Anger within the GOP has been heavily voiced by more than a few in the GOP ranks. GOP State Chairman, Mike Harrington stated, "It was not a total loss, and we can make a comeback in 2020." "If this Midterm election wasn't a total loss, then what the hell is, a disgruntled party attendee at the post election party was heard saying. The petition claims, that a total lack of competent leadership is the cause Read more

Time for you to be heard: David Anderson for State Rep

Why are we not heard by the current majority? It seems that we have been forgotten. The quiet people who work everyday, raise their families and serve in their community do not have a group of lobbyists to advocate our interests. We may not have lobbyists, but on November 6th you can have a representative who will work daily for you. I believe the government belongs to all of us and I will try to hear all of you. I will see what works and focus mainly on what matters most to improving our lives. We can have safer schools, work to restore the senior tax credit, have a job friendly state and safer streets. We can begin to turn the tide on the drug epidemic and homelessness. We need people who will unite the community to address these problems. I ask for your vote. Please give me 2 terms to prove myself. I kept my promises at the city level. I will at the state level. You will be glad Read more

Delaware State Rep. Misuses Official Army Seal

In the days immediately preceding the 2018 general election, voters in the 20th Representative District received a card in the mail from incumbent Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk (R), whose apparent misuse of the official US Department of the Army seal in his campaign literature is most probably illegal and/or highly questionable at best. The official US Department of the Army seal (seen to the immediate right of the State of Delaware flag along the bottom of the political mailing) is a registered trademark of the US Government intended for official use only and generally cannot be used by non-federal entities without prior permission of the parent federal agency. Federal seals legally are protected under USC, Title 18, sections 506, 701, and 1017. Under no circumstances, does the use or misuse of the US Department of Defense seal and/or the official seals of Read more

GOP Primary US Senate Candidates Discuss Issues

BY: Wolfgang von Baumgart, Staff Writer Delaware's Republican primary US Senate candidates, Rob Arlett and Gene Truono discussed issues last night at the Georgetown CHEER Center in an event sponsored by the Sussex County GOP, moderated by WGMD 92.7 FM morning talk show host, Mike Bradley. “Tom Carper is the major reason why we need term limits. I am running to put courage back in the U.S. Senate. Congress is not doing its job,” said candidate Rob Arlett in his opening statement. Candidate Gene Truono stated that it is important to focus on the issues: tax reform leading to economic growth, nomination of constitutionalists to the U.S. Supreme Court and final repeal of Obamacare. He further stated that he should give the Democrat candidates a copy of “Economics 101” in reference to their fiscal policies. Both candidates agreed that to support Supreme Court nominees who Read more

DE Republican State Convention News

The Delaware Republican State Convention endorsed Ken Simpler for State Treasurer, but the candidates for Attorney General and House of Representatives had second thoughts those along with retiring auditor Tom Wagner’s slot passed without endorsement. The surprise was no endorsement in the Senate race. County Councilman Rob Arlett was able to block by 3 votes Businessman and Philanthropist Gene Truono from obtaining the endorsement for the Senate race. After 3 ballots with Truono falling short of the 60% threshold, the convention opted to pass on endorsing anyone The two now head towards a primary with the party remaining neutral.

Why Gene Truono–Guest Post

Why Gene Truono? The founders whose wisdom gave them the ability to form the Constitution had an understanding of human nature. When reading the Federalist papers we can see that these great writers and leaders of the time laid out in their writings what was in their heart, mind, soul, and that included their personal and historical Biblical knowledge. It’s amazing how the formulation of the Constitution made this country a Republic and not a Democracy and gave us freedom with responsibilities. It was also noted by Benjamin Franklin how delicate such a government is and how easily it can be destroyed, and that fear drives me to work within the system of political parties. One should not seek out candidates just to win on name, gender, or financial status. It is not ethical to do so and I have only supported candidates that I believe in. Not all have won, but I thought they should Read more

Anderson Garners Independent Party Endorsement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 2018 Independent Party of Delaware Office of the State Chairman IPOD ENDORSES DAVID ANDERSON FOR 31ST DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) has unanimously endorsed David Levi Anderson for the position of 31st Representative, to Delaware’s House of Representatives. Mr. Anderson has a long record of dedicated public service to the people of Dover and his endorsement is in recognition of his general dedication to the greater public interest, individual freedom, economic growth, greater opportunity and constructive independent approach to problem solving. He is a decorated war veteran and current city councilman. “I am honored to be unanimously endorsed by Delaware’s third largest party in addition to my Republican party and will strive to represent all citizens fairly, not only those of my party,” stated Read more

Rep. Sean Lynn endorses Carper Primary Opponent

For Immediate Release: Lynn's Stunning Far Left Turn blasted by opponent, Anderson "Representative Sean Lynn has dropped any pretense of moderation. His endorsement of Kerri Harris, who is the darling of the progressive fringe in the Democratic Party, shows that mainstream Democrats like Senator Carper no longer have a place in his mind. Senator Carper certainly has his faults, but being too far left is not one of them", Dover City Councilman David Anderson stated. "This is further evidence that Lynn does not even represent my Democratic friends, let alone Independents and Republicans", said Anderson. Anderson has endorsed and is endorsed by Gene Truono. Truono is a former Paypal executive and current philanthropist who is bridging the fissures in the Delaware Republican Party by his devotion to the Constitution and common sense policies. "Anderson has worked with Senator Read more

Boyce and Neuberger Leave Races

Senate Candidate Chuck Boyce announced that he was leaving the contest to replace incumbent Senator Tom Carper. In a Facebook post, he announced that he was leaving the race for health reasons. Republicans now have one announced candidate, businessman Gene Turono who is a former paypal executive.

Attorney General Candidate Thomas Neuberger, a famed civil rights and civil liberties attorney decided he could do more on the outside. He withdrew from the race, leaving the Republican Party with no declared candidates. Several candidates are eyeing the position.

Anderson Campaign Launch Party on March 10

David L. Anderson files for 31st District Representative Seat DOVER – David L. Anderson, Dover 4th District Councilman, will announce his bid for the 31st Representative District on Saturday, March 10, at noon at is the Solid Rock Community Outreach Center 109 N. West Street, Dover. Anderson formally filed for the seat February 15. The location is particularly significant to Mr. Anderson because he supported the center before it opened by helping it receive $25,000 in grant funding with the cooperation of Senator Brian Bushweller and participating in efforts that contributed to an eighty-seven percent reduction in crime last year. The honorary event chairman is former Rep. Don Blakey. The host committee includes State Representatives Lyndon Yearick, Charlie Postles, and Rich Collins; Kent County Commissioners Jim Hosfelt and Glenn Howell; Sheriff Jason Mollohan; and Kent County Read more