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Paul, Huckabee, and O’Malley Suspend Campaigns in the Aftermath of Iowa; Bush Campaign on Life Support

Governor Mike Huckabee, one of the finer men with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate has dropped out of the Presidential race. I have not spoken to him since last week, but people close to him say that he is in good spirits. He quipped, "I am withdrawing for reasons of illness, the voters are sick of me". Actually, polls show that he and Dr. Ben Carson are the most popular of the Republican Candidates along with Senator Marco Rubio. It just was not his time. In the past 8 years, he did everything right but one, he did not make relationships with a couple of strong fundraisers. He had the best plans, especially on economic and tax policy. It is a shame that he is out of the race, but it was the correct decision not to prolong the inevitable. Senator Rand Paul is a great American and a powerful voice for liberty. I am delighted that he will return to the United States Read more

3 Tickets out of Iowa

Iowa is usually about the first 3 finishers. Rubio has the momentum and proves it is a 3 person race, Cruz scores and breaks the inevitability narrative of Trump, and Trump does what he needed to do and proved he can pull votes anywhere in the country. He is not a flash in the pan. New Hampshire is about the top two choices. South Carolina tends to be about the winner. The real vote count is the delegate count. Remember, it is delegates that matters here not who wins by a couple of points but who is strong and gaining delegates. This race is going to go into at least April. Ted Cruz's victory in the Iowa caucuses means he'll collect eight delegates to the Republican National Convention. Donald Trump and Marco Rubio each get seven from the opening contest in the 2016 presidential race. Coming next is Ben Carson with three, followed by Rand Paul and Jeb Bush — one each. Delegates Read more

Post Debate Thread: Rubio Scores

UPDATE 12 million viewers tuned in at any given minute for the Foxnews Debate. Ratings were down but successful topping the last debate. Senator Marco Rubio dominated the debate according the instant Google polling and the Luntz focus group as well as my own eyes and ears. He showed why he easily dominates general election polling and is surging in Iowa. Will he surge enough to catch Cruz who also held his own? In the undercard debate, Businesswoman Carly Fiorina was the Woman on Fire. Governor Mike Huckabee shined and Senator Rick Santorum had a solid performance. Even Governor Gilmore had his best night, but compared to the others he will be mostly forgotten. As a veteran, I appreciate Businessman Donald Trump's championing veterans. He raised nearly 6 million dollars at his event for veterans' causes. It is too bad that he did not do it the day after the debate. Mr. Trump Read more

Trump jumps 10 points with Palin endorsement nationally and takes lead in Iowa; Now skipping next debate

Trump is not a conservative and does not have the temperament to be President say most conservative leaders. The National Review edition pulling together 2 dozen leaders who agreed with their long held contention. National Right to Life Leaders have also taken a stand today. Conservative hero, Glen Beck is for the first time touring and endorsing a Presidential candidate in a primary. Those efforts eclipsed by the iconic Sarah Palin. Her endorsement took Trump from 3rd to first with Evangelicals and moved him from 5th to a tie with Cruz with very conservative voters. He is now edging out a lead with tea party voters and moved to a 30 point lead in the latest poll nationally. Palin helped make Rubio and Cruz and now has abandoned them for no particular reason. Personally, I find this turn of events depressing because he is the person I would least like to see except for Jeb Bush who Read more

Who’s afraid of a lame duck Obama?

Even popular Presidents have challenges pushing their domestic agenda at this point in their Presidency. President Obama may have had his second best year despite a majority disapproving of his job performance all year, disastrous midterm elections, and numerous foreign policy setbacks. It seems inconceivable that Republicans did not keep their policy riders in the spending bill and force a veto. The take them out one at a time and make the President defend why refugees shouldn't be safe, why an unconstitutional immigration executive order should be funded when it is enjoined, why Planned Barrenhood should get money for less care and full service medical clinics shouldn't, and why power costs should be 50% higher to pay for his extreme climate agenda. Show him to be an extremist and make Democrats play or fight with him yet again. That has not worked well for them so far. Yet, Read more

Jump Ball One Year Out

One year out the polls are over rated. That does not mean that they are useless. The Generic ballot shows that even numbers of Americans want Republicans and Democrats in charge. The latest NBC/WSJ poll is making news because Dr. Ben Carson is winning and more importantly has 50% in the first and second choice category. He is the first Republican to pass that threshold. What I consider most interesting is the general election generic ballot. Candidate polls are merely interesting at this point. The generic ballot is what shows deeper underlying attitudes which will be the foundation of the next election. 45% want Republicans in charge of Congress and 45% want Democrats in charge. 44% want a Republican President and 43% want a Democrat President. The nation is truly divided. We see it in our entertainment. We see it in our culture. We see it in our elections. Both parties Read more

The Top Ten

The Ten and even the 15 Republicans running for President are all stars while the 3 stooges on the other side are pitiful, pandering politicians. There is more leadership in the undercard of the Republicans than the entire Democrat farm team. The primetime debate showed it. The thoughtfulness about the real problems facing the nation was on display. No wonder the media is afraid to give them real questions and let them run. I have hope for the Fox Business debate on November 10. I think the media has gotten the message that we want to deal with the issues not petty games. The Debate winner was the Republican field. Rubio and Cruz shined the brightest, without question, yet everyone acquitted themselves well. The Republicans have 10 people who would make a fine President on their stage. Contrast this with the other party. The Democrats lost their only plausible choice when Read more

Hillary Clinton: Smooth as Slime

Secretary Hillary Clinton was smooth during the Benghazi committee hearings. She lost on substance, but temporarily, style is what matters more to the pundits. She was so smooth that pundits fawned over her. It is no question that she strengthened her position in the Democrat's primary elections. She looks 95% certain to be the nominee. She had a great week. Biden bowed out of contention, Webb went independent, and we discovered that Chaffee takes political advice from Wolf Blitzer of CNN. The potential field is halved. She is facing a socialist and an underfunded, under organized governor who is not popular in his own state. The problem is that Clinton made eye opening statements that should have been the focus on the media coverage if they weren't so busy trying to find excuses to "move on". We know that she lied to the American people definetively. Emails showed that she knew Read more

One Adult on Stage

The Democratic debate last night featured one adult, Senator Jim Webb and 4 scary people who would make the White House scarier for our future than any haunted house. The chaos and power vacuum in the Democratic party was on display for the world. They brought an outdated, proud socialist out of the museum with Senator Sanders. This pacifist said, in between his railing against millionaires and billionaires who are the demise of America, that if America was attacked we need to get a coalition together to protect ourselves. I understand coalitions to deal with other people's problems, but if we are attacked, we need to act immediately not consult with everyone else. Secretary Clinton tried much of the night to out socialist the socialist until the question came, Are you a capitalist? She correctly stated that the people on the stage shared the same objectives as Sanders but had different Read more

Dr. Ben Carson Outlines His 1st Hundred Days in office

It is time to get back to the issues. Dr. Carson gave a very thoughtful outline of our critical issues. Sadly, most of the media is stuck on the irrelevant Meet the Press answer so let's address it. Anyone who has spent time in Muslim countries knows that once they get 51% control they start to fundamentally transform a society. I could support an Islamic Modernist or Mystic being President who lined up with me on the issues, but it would be a critical mistake to support many Muslims as President. Dr. Carson is right. In his full answer he nuanced that more properly, but in the clip most often shown, that was left out. Look around the world and tell me that countries are freer where the Islamists won. I defy you to give me one. There should be no legal restriction based upon any religion. No one's religion would be a disqualifier for me, but it would play into the overall philosophy Read more

The First Caucus is in Delaware

Update: Fiorina Wins! Rubio, Carson, and Cruz have strong showings. Update: Still time to come out. 31st District Republican Committee Announcement FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 14, 2015 31st District Republican Committee Annual Breakfast The 31st District Republican Committee Annual Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 am at the IHOP Restaurant, 21 S. Little Creek Road, Dover, Delaware 19901. Tickets are $15 and can be acquired via Eventbrite or David Anderson. This meeting will feature updates from about our party leaders. The Keynote speaker will be Senator Colin Bonini. Congressional candidate Han Reigle will also speak. The event will also have an Iowa Caucus style straw poll for the Presidential race. Participants will be able to give a two minute Read more

Fiorina’s Star Rising– Biden donors rally

In the race for President the ebbing of the fortunes for some equate to the rising tide of the fortunes of others. This far out polls shouldn't matter, but they do. Why? People don't understand that they do not matter and are surprised with upsets. They do matter because people are kept off the debate stages based upon polls before the campaign has fully engaged or a vote has been cast. They matter because big money donors are following polls that mean so little because they want to buy into a future administration and not be left out in the cold. They matter because the press has so cut back on staff levels that they often do not cover candidates who they think are not going to get traction which they determine by polls. Polls this far out are a factor of name recognition and momentum. They are valid for what they are. They are a snapshot in time. They are nothing more and nothing Read more

Trump Being Attacked for What?

What in the world is the issue with attacking Donald Trump for a question asked by someone else? He answered it properly. He laughed at the premise and answered the real question about the training camps. It is not his job to defend President Obama. You dismiss it and make him go to the real question or move on to the next person. You never engage the silly prefaces and get into arguments over nonsense. It is silly season. He could have said let's talk about the future or I made him produce his birth certificate so I know he is a citizen, what is your question? The fact the question was the musing and grandstanding of a radical is not a reflection on the candidate. As you know, I do not support Donald Trump. I have problems with some of what he actually says, but this attack is so outrageous that all fair minded people should defend him. He wasn't even asked about the President, Read more

CLUB for Growth Blasts Trump

The Club for Growth thinks they are the arbiter of who is a conservative. I don't believe they are. They are part of the problem with trade and encouraging an atmosphere of nitpicking and distortion. They undermine the best ideas with an orthodoxy that favors big business over American families. I do not support Donald Trump. I do not think he has the right temperament, constitutional understanding, or experience. I would vote for him if he were the nominee. Unlike the Club for Growth, I think he would be a huge improvement. Any of the 16 would be. I do think the idea of parsing every statement for the last 30 years and only highlighting the ones you want even when those positions have been repudiated publicly for years is why we are in such a mess. Purity tests and purges destroyed the French Revolution. If we allow the Club for Growth types to do the same to Conservatism, it will Read more

Senator Marco Rubio on Education

Senator Marco Rubio, who is running for the Republican Presidential nod, released the following. It’s an exciting time of year: Our kids are heading back to school and millions of young adults are going off to college. But the schools they’re headed to aren’t nearly as good as they should be. And the burden of going back to a mediocre school is borne most by those who can afford it least — the least fortunate kids, who most need a better shot. Year after year, Democrats just want to throw more money at our outdated, inefficient system, trying to fix the problem by legislating from Washington and paying off their political backers who want to protect the broken status quo at all costs. I want an alternative, based on three important principles: Restore local control and stop Common Core. Modernize our higher education system. Give parents a choice. Stopping Common Read more

Trump not popular with Hispanics, but some in GOP Field are gaining Favor

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump's hardline immigration stance is not gaining him towering levels of popularity in the Latino quarters. Pundits who with hand wringing, warn that the "Republican brand" would ever be damaged by having a spirited discussion and fight within the party are so far wrong. According to Gallup, Bush and Rubio have gained in popularity with Hispanic adults. You see Hispanics are not shallow and uniformed, as some seem to presume. They can decide who they like and don't without looking at labels. Trump should stay true to his beliefs. It is working for him. I would also submit that Bush and others should stay true to theirs. It may be working for them in the long run. Let's engage in a battle of ideas. It is good for America. I wish the numbers where broken down by registered voters as many of the adults are not registered and a few may not be citizens. Read more

Is Clinton Student Loan Program Meritorious?

How long should people be paying student loans? Why did the government ban refinancing at today's lower interest rates? Why ban student loans from being discharged in bankruptcy? The student loan program was rigged by government to benefit the lenders, the colleges, bankers, and the bureaucrats. It became such a disgrace that President Obama got away with nationalizing the 1.3 Trillion Dollar boondoggle. Sadly, except for some common sense reforms to help people who cannot pay their loans, it just changed who took the money. Students and families did not benefit greatly. How is that a surprise? Senator Elizabeth Warren stumbled upon something that is just plain common sense. People are being forced to pay loans at 8% interest. Just let them refinance like every other borrower at today's lower interest rates. This idea would be beneficial to taxpayers who guarantee the loans Read more

Rubio Is the Worst Nightmare for Progressives

If the election were yesterday, what would a Rubio v. Clinton election look like? Rubio would win by 2 or 3 points, but would have a strong showing in the electoral college giving Clinton the doubt in VA, NH, MN, and Rubio IA and OH where he leads within the margin of error. New polling puts him solidly ahead in MI and PA. Map created at By Comparison Donald Trump is not at that level currently. Map created at A Bush v. Clinton race would be unpredictable. Map created at Read more

Delaware Reaction to the Debate

GOP Executive Director John Fluharty took issue with Donald Trump’s refusal to pledge not to run as a third party. Local public radio says he is dissing Donald Trump, but I think he is taking substance disagreement with an issue he cares passionately about, the ability of the Republican party to be united in saving America. Decide for yourself.

Our Facebook page had various reactions. People liked Carson and Huckabee. Cruz got great reviews. Trump and Walker were declared winners by one and others said Trump sunk. Bush was universally panned. One person attacked Huckabee. Paul had supporters and detractors, Christy had no support but a lot criticism.

What are your thoughts?

Carly Wins! Carson Surprises! Huckabee Scores big! Rubio strong! Paul Rocks! Cruz reemerges!

The clear winner of the first debate round was Carly Fiorina. Those of us who have seen her in person, on C-SPAN, and in interviews are not surprised. She is a powerful force but in a focused way. She had real answers to every question. Governor Rick Perry and Governor Bobby Jindal showed up and did well. Perry redeemed himself from 4 years ago but has a way to go. Everyone had a moment in the second debate round of the top 10. No one really lost. Donald Trump held his own. He looked like he could win it in the first hour, but faded and stumbled in the second half. Republicans are very protective of their party. Not pledging to support the nominee started Mr. Trump off on the wrong foot, but you have to give him credit for courage. The winner of the debate was Governor Mike Huckabee. While I thought that because of his substance, wit, and passion, the Frank Luntz focus group Read more