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Stein out of luck in PA? Election finally over

It looks like no Pennsylvania recount. Jill Stein missed the deadline for a Pennsylvania recount. Unless some court rules that a candidate with no chance of winning and who has no evidence that the vote was wrong, has standing to set aside the law. Frankly, the election is so far from being close enough in PA that a recount is one in a million to be optimistic. Wisconsin is not much different and Michigan is not one in a 100,000. No one believes that. The odds of turning all of them has to be 10 billion to 1. Hillary Clinton's campaign joining the effort borders on delusion. They admit that they investigated and found no evidence of a problem. If Stein wanted Clinton to win, she would not have run. Johnson took more votes from Trump than she did from Clinton. The Conservative/Libertarian vote would have been divided, Clinton may have gotten just enough votes to win as a minority President. Read more

Trump Administration Taking Shape

There is a lot of pressure for the Trump administration to dump its promises that offend the Washington establishment on trade, immigration, life, and a new approach to national security. If personnel is policy (Morton Blackwell), then the early appointments show that he is going full steam ahead. Watch out sanctuary cities.

If he appoints Dr. Michelle Rhee to Education and Mr. Robert Woodson to HUD, that would also signal that he intends to remake the political map for the long term. Trump is the second urban President of our lifetimes, but the first, President Obama, did nothing for the cities. Trump has a chance to truly make America Great from the cities to the countryside. He seems like he desires to take it. He is being bold and that is to his credit.

What is the Soros Agenda besides paid agitation?

Craigslist has ads offering up to $18 an hour to protest Donald Trump. I considered posting a link but it would probably disappear then be reposted as seems to be the standard operating procedure. They are so easy to find that anyone wanting to see them can. Why pay to protest and disrupt? At least some of these have been traced to George Soros front organizations. What is the purpose of trying to undermine and divide America in this way with astroturf protest? Is it because they are trying to spark more real protests and keep the left angry and afraid? Trump is the first Republican from a major city. He is proposing an Urban agenda that would put the party on offense and offer a chance to break the next blue wall, the lock on many cities. No wonder they want to hinder and distract. They would rather lives remain broken than Trump take away their power base. Of course, they Read more

Joy and Fear: President Elect Donald Trump

Joy and fear seem to be the two emotional poles that a President Donald Trump seems to evoke. May I say that the fear is overblown. The Democratic party has spent the last few months painting Trump to be a monster, KKK, sexual assaulter, and general bigot who is going to blow up the world. Some people actually believed it. He has to reassure them. He doesn't have to win them over right now, just show that he won't kill people, restore segregation, shutdown every mosque in America or round up people who look Hispanic. The 60 minutes interview Sunday was a good continuation of the tone he set with his victory speech and meeting with President Obama. Back when I was young, I was concerned about Reagan then in a month, he showed me that all of the media hype was wrong. Within two months, I was on board the Reagan train and never got off. He represented my values. I see a crack in Read more

The FBI Letter Reopening the Clinton Probe

Here is a link to the FBI letter which says new information found in an unrelated case has led to a reopening of the email probe.

Polls showed a 3 point race before today’s join body blows to the Clinton campaign. The Wikileaks pay to play and the FBI probe are indeed two devastating October surprises when combined with the Video showing the incitement to violence at Trump rallies.

Does Character still matter?

Does character matter in elections? The majority polled recently said no. I guess that explains the fact that both parties nominated a person with shall we say character issues. That leaves the rest of us underwhelmed. I agree that so-called character issues are usually private stuff that is just mud slinging. Issues matter more. We have no business trying to find out who worships where, who sleeps with whom, what someone's tax returns or credit reports are, what their elementary school record was or whom they had dinner with. There is a level where it does matter. If I can't trust you to ever tell the truth, how can I trust where you stand on the issues? If you don't care about people, how can I trust you to serve them? If you look down on people because of their faith group (I am not talking about radical ideology such as terrorism), if you treat people poorly based upon their Read more

Clinton Admits Guns Protect Good People

Trump was right, if Clinton is so against guns, start with her bodyguards. He was not suggesting anyone attack her or even seriously suggesting that they do give up their weapons. The reaction from the Clinton campaign that such words are inciting violence proves that deep down they believe that guns in the hands of good people are positive. So they trust SOME people with guns, just not you.

Is this beyond the bounds? Judge for yourself.

I am Not a Trump Fan, but the nonsense outrage about his reimbursing his corporations is bogus. It’s the law.

All of a sudden following the law is a scandal. The Press is either dishonest or dumb. As one who has been a senior staffer on Congressional campaigns and a state coordinator for 2 Presidential candidates as well as a local officeholder, let me explain why he did it right. Trump funded his own campaign--mostly, therefore, the money he put in was his. Federal law allows him to put as much as he desires into his own campaign with no campaign contribution limits. He saved money by using properties owned by his corporations. However, the corporations are viewed as different entities than Trump. Trump would have problems and have to prove that he and his wife owns them 100% which he may not because his children may own shares. Otherwise it could be an illegal contribution. If he rents the property or reimburses his flights, it is unlimited. Sure by the public view, Trump is paying himself, Read more

The Libertarian Moment: Could #NeverTrump conservatives fuel a three-way race?

Interest in Libertarian Party surges as alienated Republicans search for an alternative In the aftermath of the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of both Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich from the presidential race, effectively crushing a #NeverTrump movement working towards a contested convention, and handing Donald Trump the Republican nomination on a silver platter, an already divided Republican Party has begun tearing itself apart. Chaos reigns as influential members of the #NeverTrump faction decide whether their pledges to oppose Trump were merely a desperate bluff intended to steer voters towards Cruz, or, in fact, sincere pledges to oppose him, no matter what. Talk of third-party alternatives from liberty-leaning pundits like Glenn Beck was to be expected, but even House Speaker Paul Ryan has stated that he’s “not ready to back Trump.” Of course, many Republicans have Read more

America Spurns the Best

Americans have done it again. They seem to insist on their worst choices not their best ones. We are going for 3 bad choices in a row. Democrats didn't pay attention to Senator Jim Webb who would be 15 points up in the general right now. Republicans paid attention to, but in the end passed on several great people including Senator Marco Rubio who would be up 10 points in the general election right now. Effective leadership inspires people to believe that they can achieve the supposedly impossible then executes a strategy to achieve it. This is what we need in America. Inspiration, intelligent plans, and diligent action based upon sound principles are what we need. It is not in the cards for the national election. Both parties have lost their collective minds in a panic caused by the colossal failure that is the Obama Administration. Trump is too smart to make the silly mistakes Read more

Tiny Tuesday Big for Cruz, Sanders, and Trump

American voters will not have another Super Tuesday until April 26 when states including Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania vote, but meaningful votes are still occurring. Donald J. Trump won Arizona as expected. Cruz barely finished second to Rubio who banked a lot of early votes. Kasich finished 4th. In Utah, Trump had only his third time with a third place showing. Senator Ted Cruz was TrusTed by approximately 69% of voters which turned the contest from a proportional one to winner take all. Sanders had huge victories in Idaho and Utah with over 75% of the vote. Honesty matters in the mountain states. Clinton won Arizona with approximately 57% as of a recent count. Trump increased his lead in delegates by 18, but Cruz proved that he can keep pace. At this rate it will be an open convention with no candidate receiving a majority. Kasich will have to prove something in 2 weeks Read more

The Ugly Face of Socialism

Shame on the leftist hoodlums in Chicago for assaulting free political speech by violently stopping a Trump rally. This is tyranny on display. We, the People, will not tolerate it. The fact that it happened is wrong. The fact that powerful left wing groups like issued congratulations to the protesters is worse. Sanders needs to condemn this or look like a socialist strong man like Chavez because it was his signs being waved. I would be shocked if he had anything to do with it. The point is that this is common with socialism. In Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, we see that the resentment socialism breeds naturally leads to strong arm tactics or worse. If Sanders wants to lead a Danish style socialist movement, it will not happen by accident. He has to nip the radicalism in the bud. This is the moment that will tell us if Senator Sanders is the man who we believe him to Read more

The big winner on Super Tuesday Was Clinton

The Democratic Primary produced a clear delegate lead for Clinton who by some counts is almost half way to the nomination unlike the GOP which went to Trump but less overwhelmingly. It is all about delegates. Trump supporters were hoping that he would have a third of what he needed so they could claim inevitability. He is strong. I expect when the counting is in that he will have more than 300 of the 1236 which is a very good position. Cruz out performed and will have between 180 and 200. Rubio kept it close and won MN. He seems to be around 100 which means he needs to do well this weekend or surely win Florida. He is rising in the tracking polls there and may win unless Trump and Christie can pull a Scott endorsement. The Republicans who are not Trump supporters have to be frustrated because no clear alternative emerged. Cruz may have won 3 states if Alaska joins Texas and Oklahoma. Read more

10 Reasons to vote for Marco Rubio

With the Virginia primary being today, I will give you 10 Reasons to vote for Marco Rubio. The campaign is becoming too much why not to vote for certain people. 1, he will fight for our Constitutional rights minus his failure to combat the NSA. He stands for religious liberty, free speech, the 2nd amendment, property rights, the tenth amendment and more. 2. He stands for life. 3 He stands for fundamental tax reform that will revitalize our economy and benefit our families/ 4. He has a sensible plan for encouraging paid family leave which is vital to the well being of our families in an age where both spouses work or many are not married. How? A 25% non-refundable tax credit for businesses that voluntarily offer at least four weeks of paid family leave, limited to twelve weeks of leave and $4,000 per employee each year. It would be: •Adaptable to all employee Read more

My View: Conservatives Need to Stop Settling and support our own

I am supporting Senator Marco Rubio for President. He is a true leader, a true Reagan Conservative, and one who will lead us to victory in November. You may support someone else. Cruz is a true Conservative. Carson is a true conservative. Even Kasich manages to get around to being a true conservative with 100% National Right to Life voting record and 92% American Conservative Union record. Though I would rather go for the 98% guy. I do not support settling for someone who throws us red meat like we are dogs under the table then does what he wants. We should not have a seat at the table; we should be at the head of the table because we built the table. We don't need another McCain, Dole, Romney, or Trump. People who tell us what we want to hear instead of what should be said. They just use us. Rubio, Cruz and Carson are one of us. Friends, if you know someone who is on the fence Read more

The Aftermath of SC and NV

Mr. Donald Trump is in the driver's seat, Senator Marco Rubio is rising, and Senator Ted Cruz is stuck in 3rd gear. Anyone who thinks it is over is the type of person that leaves a football game 3 minutes in or a baseball game after the first half of the first inning. 5% of the delegates are in. Trump has very high negatives but he has a good size block of voters around 35%. 25% is the low so far and 42% the high. The Nevada results are not surprising but Rubio is looking like a stronger second. PPP polling shows that Rubio wins a two way race. Donald Trump has an advantage, when will it be a two way race? The fact is that right now, Rubio just needs to have strong finishes because winning matters in bragging rights. Delegates are proportional. Trump knows that bragging rights matter because they can feed a narrative in the intellectually faulty press. Ted Cruz has some strong Read more

New Hampshire Aftermath

Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders dominated NH as expected.What is interesting is that the absurd press bashing of Rubio had an effect reversing his momentum but it did not do permanent damage. Bush and Kasich would have joined Christie in being out. Now we have Cruz in third, Kasich who is one of the best governors in America, reinvigorated with a solid second place finish, Bush limping forward and Rubio reeling but moving forward tied with Bush. For the first time in NH history 5 candidates beat the 10% mark so far. If Rubio does finish 400 to 1000 votes behind Bush--he is a few hundred behind now, that makes no difference in electoral reality and a little more he beats Cruz. They get the same delegates. It does make a difference in political reality. It freezes the race. A host of Bush backers had pledged to move to Rubio if he finished ahead of Bush. Now they will freeze until something Read more

Trump Has The High Ground On Immigration Policy

Open borders advocates attempt to show how foolish and dangerous Donald J. Trump's immigration plan is, they actually make his case for him. They claim that restaurants would shutdown, construction would grind to a halt, and food would rot in the fields. 11% of food service jobs, 14% of construction jobs, and 26% of farm jobs are held by undocumented workers according these advocates. Does anyone really think that one couldn't find workers to do construction or prepare food? If indeed illegals are taking double digit percentages of those jobs while Americans don't get work they seek or are given part time work to avoid healthcare mandates, does this not argue for controlling the borders? There are so many Americans who could fill those jobs. Ex cons who have given up because they can't get a leg up because an undocumented worker has taken their reentry job. People who are unemployed. Read more