Castle Helps Centrist Democrat’s Retool?

This is an interesting twist. Since most of the Blue Dog seats are being replaced by conservative Republicans not liberal Democrats, why would Mr. Castle, the former Republican Congressman want to help them rebrand? It is a free country so he has a right to do whatever he thinks is best, but I have a right to say the dreaded… I told you so.

5 thoughts on “Castle Helps Centrist Democrat’s Retool?”

  1. 1) Supporting corporations’ push to reduce the corporate tax rate.
    2) Coming out against the EPA rule with the support of 207 Republicans to limit greenhouse gas pollution from the coal.
    3) Supporting the Republican balanced budget amendment.

    These are the goals of the group, not so bad. I get the rebranding rub but……
    Mike Protack

  2. Wow. Now this blog is sourcing Daily Kos for material? Second, if he is involved what is so detestable about the goals set forth? Sheesh, is it any wonder we continue to lose?

  3. As usual Moseley is proving that he has no clue. So Castle got some Democrats to agree to Republican goals. Well we can’t have that. According to Jon Moseley, anytime we find a Democrat who agrees with our principles we should shoot the person who does the persuading. Mike Protack and John Steam are correct on this. And David if this is your I told you so then maybe you should stop trying to work with Democrats on the City Council to come around to your ideas.

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