Carper Worries About Losing Delaware’s Federal Funding

By Don Ayotte

Don Ayotte

The Loss Of Federal Funding Will Be Delaware’s Stature as an “Ad Hoc” Sanctuary State.

Senator Carper should not be sniveling and whining about losing federal funding for environmental projects. He will lose our funding himself as well as Delaware’s Socialist Liberal Leadership for becoming an “Ad Hoc” sanctuary state.

The citizens of our state have had to pay the price far too long for illegal aliens that have entered our great nation, in spite of our laws, under the administration of an underachieving slack-jawed President Obama.

Delaware’s Liberal Leading Henchmen gladly jumped aboard the “Free-Wagontrain” of federal grants to our state, as long as they supported the “Sanctuary State” bandwagon that Obama forced on the American people. Well folks, the free ride is over for those of you who benefited in many ways at the Delaware Citizen’s expense. For any person that expressed a desire to move if Trump was elected, now is the time to take action on your promise.

As far as sanctuary states are concerned, all federal funding should be stopped to states that refuse to comply with federal law concerning illegal immigration and federal troops or national guard troops should be used to enforce federal laws concerning these matters if the states refuse.

Too harsh, you say? I and many others have expressed a desire to see this happen by electing Donald Trump as President of the United States, over the vain attempts of an unbelievably biased media. We are tired of paying welfare checks, food stamps and housing costs for people who haven’t immigrated here legally. I say this to Senator Carper, save the money Delaware is paying to support this sanctuary state debacle and use it to fund your precious EPA concerns. The EPA is worthy of the money

Agree or disagree, this issue won’t go away. Donald Trump is a strong president with a majority backing him and he will prevail. States like Delaware, California and New York, who believe they are sovereign countries will follow the federal laws or pay the price. The price is cheap for a free nation that will be secure. Yes we are a nation of immigrants, and all we ask is please follow our laws and don’t enter criminally and when you get here please don’t commit crimes.

4 thoughts on “Carper Worries About Losing Delaware’s Federal Funding”

  1. Great photo Don. Sock it to those Libtard a**holes. You tell it like it is and these idiots won’t listen and they won’t change.

  2. Go back to Russia. They will LOVE you there, bigly. Your rant is wrong, factually, on many levels. One example – “Donald Trump is a strong president with a majority backing him ” – Umm, no. He did NOT receive the majority of the popular vote, so no majority ‘backing him’. You are just another troll feeling you can spew your incorrect claims now that the orange, small-handed twitter child is POTUS. We’ll see how long it lasts…

  3. @Stan

    First: I have never been in Russia and don’t like Putin’s dictatorship.
    Second: Trump’s campaign promises were enough to get him elected. I would call that popularity!
    Third: you do a bit of trolling yourself!
    Forth: Thank you for commenting, everybody has an opinion and I don’t have to agree with those opinions.

  4. You sure told them. But I like it and it’s the truth. When Trump gets going he will knock those so-called sanctuary states out of the water. When they get no federal money, they will complain and blame Trump for all their woes. Instead of looking themselves in the mirror. The crap is about to hit the fan and their is a new alpha dog in town.

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