Carney is taking a second bite at the Governor apple

The untimely death of former AG Beau Biden has set off an expected musical chair experience. Congressman Carney is going again for the Governorship. Carney is touting his 3 decades of experience at the County, State, and Federal levels of government.

Through my three decades working in federal, county, and state government, I’ve seen how government works and learned how to make it work better. I’ve learned that you don’t get anything done by fighting, or demonizing your opponents. I’ve learned that Delawareans want their public officials to be honest and straightforward.

Many thought that Carney would have competition from New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon for the nomination of the Democratic party, but recent moves have made his intention a mystery. Republicans have two candidates already running, Ms. Lacey Lafferty who was first to declare and Senator Colin Bonini.

DSU Assistant Director of Aviation and former Mayor of Wyoming Delaware, a 20 year veteran of the Air Force Reserve, Hans Reigle is planning to announce his candidacy to replace Carney with a Republican September 30th. Those interested in meeting him earlier will have many opportunities including at Tuesday’s 31st District Breakfast at IHOP.

Democrats are lining up to replace Congressman Carney. State Senator and corporate attorney Bryan Townsend of Newark announced his candidacy the day after Carney made his announcement. Townsend is from the far left of the Democratic Party focusing on social issues in his short tenure of 3 years. He rose to fame by defeating in a primary the discredited President Pro Tem. Townsend may be out of the mainstream on issues such as making us a sanctuary state, but he is smart, kind, and engaging. Representative Byron Short who is more in the mode of Carney is also planning to announce. Many observers do not believe they will be the only candidates.

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  1. The Democratic Party already knew that Beau Biden would never be able to run for the Governor’s seat and this has been planned for over a year. Carney will run for Gov, and Markell for the House of Reps.
    These guys are so predictable.

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