Bush 41–American Titan

The President who represented the Greatest Generation has passed from the scene. He left a legacy of freedom and service for all Americans. President George H. W. Bush once said that he believed there is no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others.

The President who supervised the end of the cold war, guided a successful dissolution of the Soviet Union. and defended America’s ability to be independent from forces who would have kept us from the free flow of oil at market prices is naturally remembered for his foreign policy achievements. He had an admirable record on foreign policy before he even became President. He was the first American to be a functional Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. He personally stopped military death squads in El Salvador, according to recently classified documents. He changed our world. Without his leadership, the fall of the Soviet Union would have resulted in loose nukes and rogue dictators of republics with nuclear weapons. We guided the world to a safer future.

He will be remembered domestically for being tough and kind at the same time. He pushed himself and his administration to follow an ethic of service with honor. His family embraced that legacy. They realized that America’s strength is not its government, but it comes from individual Americans serving and innovating who together are like a thousands points of light in the night sky. He led a 70% drop in drug abuse in coordination with the nation’s first drug czar Bill Bennett. .

He formed a clean air regime based upon conservative ideas that is still the guiding policy today. He won a hard fought victory for the disabled and was a staunch advocate of civil rights. Bush represented the best of America and the best of the Republican party. He showed what a Christian leader does in political office. He stood for people, right to life, and freedom.

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