Budget a failure of leadership

Sadly, the latest state budget was a failure of current leadership by the Democratic led assembly. It avoided fundamental reforms such as providing better health care choices or prevailing wage modernization. No one looked at was to allow county wide consolidation of certain back office administrative functions of the school districts, which would provide savings without harming local control.

I consider it a failure of leadership because they would not even allow votes on reform measures especially from the Republican minority, but instead threatened what works best in this state, partnerships with nonprofits. They cut firefighters, paramedics, senior centers, homeless shelters and after school programs. Perversely, these cuts will create more of a demand for government action. Holding hostage public safety, youth and seniors for tax hikes is worse than irresponsible, it is cynical and deserves the scorn of voters.

I consider it a failure of leadership because the first response should not be higher taxes. It should be ensuring spending is efficient first. How else do you know how much you need in taxes? It is like finding a hole in the bucket and just turning up the faucet to fill it up faster than it leaks out. It works, but it is wasteful and doomed to failure at the next recession. Even worse, we did not even look ways to collect certain taxes owed us already, such as real estate capital gains before imposing new ones.

It is time to change the attitude of state government.