Bonini Goes Bannanas For Pot

Bonini announces on the senate floor, he is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

After announcing on the senate floor, that marijuana should be made legal in Delaware, he stated that he would co-sponsor legislation to legalize marijuana if asked. This action would be a first for a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Delaware.

The leftward drift of Delaware’s GOP has been apparent to many for years and could be construed as a vain attempt to engage soft democrats and unaffiliated independents to their ranks. Delaware’s GOP has seriously followed the national GOP’s leftward drift causing a split in conservative ideology with the more conservative and growing “Tea Party groups.”

In recent elect election cycles, Delaware’s GOP has repudiated and even campaigned against so-called Tea Party candidates. The rift has seriously splintered Delaware’s Republican Party with nasty infighting and rancor. The Republican Party, both locally and nationally appears to many as abandoning their values to gain votes or influences.

Sen. Bonini’s separation from traditional GOP values is no surprise to many middle or “left of center” republicans and signals a major shift in the Delaware GOP’s, Ideological paradigm, in a vain attempt to gain House, Senate and even the gubernatorial seats.

Can the national and local GOP so easily sell out their principles or have they already given up and sold out. The real question here in Delaware and the nation has been and will be decided by the national presidential election. It is my opinion that if Trump is elected as POTUS, America will once again be thrust in prosperity and nationalism, and our global political presence will once again be honored. Our borders will be closed and immigration laws will be enforced.

<>The United Kingdom has just taken back their sovereignty by exiting the European Union. Kudos to the Brits. Now it is Americas turn to take back our sovereignty and enforce both the Constitution and the Bill of rights! Will Americans step up and take back Their nation or will they cower to the Democrats, and receive a free living until the nation collapses in poverty.

13 thoughts on “Bonini Goes Bannanas For Pot”

  1. The United States- and much of the West- is lost. We are becoming a drug-addled society. It is a cultural problem, and there is no political solution.

    Naturally, politicians react to this cultural phenomenon with appeasement. “We must accept reality.”

    The reality is that the left’s relentless attack on the Judeo-Christian ethic and America’s institutions is working. As Marx and Engels wrote, the foundations of a capitalist society must be incrementally undermined, so as not to shock the population.

    These traditional institutions (family, religion, competition, private property, self-reliance and so on), gradually decimated, can then be replaced by the Almighty State, administered by elite bureaucrats.

    Social chaos (crime, economic anxiety, drugs, ethnic enmity) helps accellerate the demand for “change,” and is actually promoted by the left’s political elite.

    American traditionalists have been under attack by socialist politicians and academia since the time of Woodrow Wilson, William James, Franz Boas and FDR and his Commie Cabinet.

    The Heartland of America must secede or be drawn-in to the cesspool of collectivism and tyranny. You cannot mend a vast cultural schism politically.

    Sic Sempter Tyrannis

  2. The real deal is that the war on drugs has been waged more on liberty and property. A true conservative would not waste taxpayer money on a lost war on drugs. We need a new focused war on drugs that fights what actually hurts people.

    Score on for Bonini.

  3. Agreed that the “war on drugs” is a waste of time and money.

    The real problem is that such a high percentage of the population feels the need for mind-altering substances at the expense of reality. It is merely an extension of bread and circuses, emblematic of a decaying society.

  4. I agree with both commenters. We need to refocus the war on drugs. Banning weed is nonsense. I also agree that doesn’t mean that it is good or should be encouraged for nonmedical purposes.

    A society on drugs is a weak one.

  5. @David

    I agree that we shouldn’t be giving our young folks a criminal record for smoking pot, but I’m not sure about decriminalizing it.
    I think we have filled jails with people who should have never been jailed for smoking pot.
    I have mixed feelings about making it legal to buy and smoke, except for medical use.
    I believe pot is the first stepping stone a person takes toward serious addiction.

  6. Is there any truth to the rumor that Collin Bonini has appointed Doobie Brooks as his press secretary?

  7. In Huxley’s Brave New World, society is addled with “soma,” a drug with “all of the benefits of Christianity and alcohol, and none of the defects…”

    Habitual drug use is indicative of moral, physical and psychological weakness, and a society inured to such ubiquitous pathology is ripe for the picking.

    Drugs and violence are the tyrants allies. Put the people to sleep, then build the police state to “protect” them from themselves. The ideal society for a despot, or Socialist-Democrats.

    “Food Stamps and Drug Stamps !”

  8. @Rick
    An interesting and highly probable concept Rick. Very interesting, as it is in the socialists best interests to have a compliant populace, regardless of the means used. A great way for them to build a society of slaves to pick the cotton, so to speak.

  9. You know I am so bothered by this debate. It is one thing to have a reasoned discussion about policy. But if there are any people anywhere in jail for smoking pot, I will eat my straw hat. It’s complete nonsense. Virginia is one of the most hard-core, harsh, law and order states, to the extent that they create a whole new kind of nonsense. But if someone is charged with possession of marijuana, they get a fine and a slap on the wrist. There is NO CHANCE of jail time — NONE. It is not permitted under Virginia law for someone to be sentenced to even 1 minute of jail time. Back in 2010 (before recent relaxation of drug law enforcement) I studied all the criminal statutes in detail with an eye to sending out advertisements to for criminal defense work. I decided not to send out advertising letters to anyone charged with possession of marijuana or other drugs because the penaltis were so light that I couldn’t make any money defending people. They could go in without a lawyer, get a slap on the wrist, and walk out scot free and go to that night’s party Being a DEALER involved serious charges, but not being a user, not even in Virginia.

  10. Jon, if being a user didn’t involve criminal charges, then why are they being “fined and slapped on the wrist.” Does the state need the money that badly. What hypocrisy!

  11. I don’t see Colin Bonini’s support of increased individual freedom and decreased government intrusion into matters as a “leftward drift”. Bonini’s position is completely consistent with conservative values.

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