Bipartisan Statement by Delaware Statewide Officials and Legislative Leaders on Charlottesville


AUGUST 14, 2017

A Joint Statement By Elected Leaders of Delaware

We join together to denounce the intimidation and violence perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, and to make clear that such conduct will not be tolerated here in Delaware.

We come from different backgrounds, different parties, and different parts of the state. Some of our colleagues have relatives who served and died fighting the Nazis in World War II. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were imprisoned and killed in Nazi-run concentration camps. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were enslaved and oppressed when white supremacy was permitted by law here in the United States.

All of us, together, reject the white supremacist and Nazi views espoused last weekend in Charlottesville, and condemn the behavior and violence that accompanied it. It will not be tolerated here in Delaware. We are a state that rejects hate, discrimination, and violence.

Governor John Carney Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long Attorney General Matthew Denn State Auditor Thomas Wagner State Treasurer Kenneth Simpler Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro

President Pro Tempore David McBride, Majority Leader Margaret Rose Henry, Majority Whip Nicole Poore, Minority Leader Gary Simpson & Minority Whip Gregory Lavelle of the Delaware State Senate

Speaker of the House Peter Schwartzkopf, Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, Majority Whip John Viola, Minority Leader Daniel Short & Minority Whip Deborah Hudson of the Delaware State House of Representatives ###

8 thoughts on “Bipartisan Statement by Delaware Statewide Officials and Legislative Leaders on Charlottesville”

  1. Nice
    Sadly, our site had technical issues when this was released. We now have a larger virtual server and will be ready for growth.

    This statement was too important to leave out.

    I agree with it.

  2. When statements as such come out from so-called leaders, I cringe. I cringe because it is nothing more than the belching of feel good pablum by those seeking to leverage a recent event into personal exposure. To suggest these people are making the statment:

    “All of us, together, reject the white supremacist and Nazi views espoused last weekend in Charlottesville, and condemn the behavior and violence that accompanied it. It will not be tolerated here in Delaware. We are a state that rejects hate, discrimination, and violence.”

    Shall we assume from this that these so-called leaders of Delaware are in agreement with & support of the Antifa and BLM Groups hate? Or, the Violence that would have not existed if they chose not to be there & confront the White Groups protesting? If not, why do they choose to ignore the actions of these groups. The same groups who attacked Boston Police this past weekend seemingly because they could not get to the NON-White Supremacists speaking at the Free Speech event! Where is the Outcry concerning these events from these hypocrites? I guess the violence is acceptable if it is from a group that agrees with your ideology or if you are too much of a wimp legislator as to be afraid of being called a racist so you jump on the Blame Train. Sort of like the media chasing for any reason to bash The President Yet turns a blind eye to actual treason & criminal acts of the DNC and their leadership and candidates??????

    The Herd is expanding too rapidly for good people of common sense to keep pace.

  3. I have direct ancestors who were made to flee their homes and were robbed of wealth by an advancing Communist army, of which, the core ideologies of Antifa and other radical socialists are bedfellows. In fact, so radical are these socialists that, worldwide, they are responsible for an estimated 80-100 million deaths in the 20th Century. Figures that, if one were to compare the numerical impact of this basket of evils, far dwarf the number of deaths caused by Naziism and North American chattel slavery, combined. Point being, the combatants at Charlottesville were from different sectors of the same side of the coin. They both occupy equally illiberal spectra opposite of Western-style individual liberty and freedom. That our so-called leaders in the State of Delaware made this glaring omission is of no surprise. I’ve long since lost faith in our elected officials of either party to not miss an opportunity to pander to the Narrative, while missing the full contextual breadth of an issue. Thereby, signifying nothing.

  4. I think the narrative is determined by the fact that a terrorist from a rally dominated by two particularly dangerous groups that would like to reemerge killed someone and injured 20 others. It is silly to act like one has to focus equally on a lesser threat in order to condemn the historically greater threat. It would be like having a school assembly where a drunk driver killed or injured 2 dozen and focus it as much on the tardies. Then wonder why the kids don’t take the leadership seriously.

  5. I believe the trouble caused in Charlottesville was a combination of all factions involved. Although some factions may bear more responsibility, everybody involved in the violence was responsible, and President Trump was absolutely correct in his statement.

    When a protest turns to violence and becomes a riot to express its views, causing injuries, deaths and severe property damage, those responsible for the damage and death must pay the price.

    I disagree with the general statement issued by our pseudo leaders and dismiss it as blind rhetoric that will make people falsely believe they are correct to riot. It is totally discouraging to see Delaware becoming a socialist state.

    I believe that white supremacy is wrong, along with any form of slavery but nobody alive today in America today has legally owned slaves and owes NO restitution of any kind.

    The only responsibility we have toward one another, is respect and kindness toward our fellow citizens. we should all judge others by the “content of their character and not by their ethnicity.”

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