Biden’s crew imprisons Reporter

Joe Biden’s team decided to violate the rights of a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. The Vice Kidnapper in Chief didn’t want reporter Scott Powers to mingle with the rich hoity toity liberal big buck donors at an Orlando Florida fundraiser for Democrat Senator Nelson. Biden’s staffers locked the reporter in a closet. Remember when it comes to the First Amendment and transparency, Biden is a typical liberal hypocrite. His crew locked up a reporter and the local paper wanted to try and cover it up.  The reporter did take pictures of the room where he was imprisoned. Any bets that no one will be fired for this?

4 thoughts on “Biden’s crew imprisons Reporter”

  1. Our government has gone insane. Delaware must have been jealous of VP Biden getting to lock up a reporter, so it locked up a bunch of basket ball hoops to keep from feeling left out. If they can’t trample on one right it’s another.

  2. Biden is a walking, talking manifestation of the Peter Principle- he has absolutely reached his level of maximum incompetence. And, irrelevance.

    Speaking of Nelson…another gone Socialist-Democrat.

    Make the GOP Senate ledger +2.

  3. “Nobody messes with Joe!”

    Particularly if you’re a reporter trying to ask pointed questions.

  4. Any bets that no one will be fired for this?

    Someone ought to be fired – anybody who takes Drudge or DelawarePolitics seriously.

    From the prisoner himself:

    I was kidnapped.

    That was news to me.

    My paper and I conspired to cover this up, to protect Vice President Joe Biden and his staff from charges they had imprisoned me at a fundraiser last week.

    That was news to me too.

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