Biden in Russia

This is not a big deal, but imagine if Huckabee, Pawlenty, or Romney did this.   If it were Vice President Palin, the media would be calling for impeachment.  My point is very simple.  Do not let the left wing media tell you what is important or make mountains out of mole hills.  Don’t worry Vice President Biden,  most of us would have run the chance of doing the same thing after jet lag.     We won’t laugh like the kids in the University did.   It happens.  I just wonder when the gotcha press will talk about real issues when it comes to Republicans.

2 thoughts on “Biden in Russia”

  1. Biden’s international trip aside, I find it enormously ironic that president Obama promised many of the Senate Democrats a few days ago that Biden would sit down and talk with them regarding their unease with the lack of seriousness with respect to the budget cut proposals.

    Biden met with this Senate group (Joe Manchin (D-WV), Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and others) for a paltry 30 minutes! He then said, “sorry folks, but I have a plane to catch.”

    At the same time, Obama was in Boston during a campaign stop, and when asked by a reporter about the many rumblings going on within the Senate Democrats (at least 10 are concerned about the minuscule budget proposal), he said, “don’t worry, my VP (Biden) is on it.”

    Really? Biden was actually on his way to Russia, Sweden and a few other European countries as Obama answered the reporter. This has been BO’s MO. He delegates without follow-up; he did this incessantly during the HCR debate.

    It shows a genuine lack of leadership and provides a window into how unimportant he thinks our debt and budget crisis is, not to mention the red-headed step-child treatment the Senate Dems must’ve felt.

  2. Okay, now the Russians know what most Americans (SOSNCC excluded) have known for decades- that Biden is an idiot.

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