Bennett: Public Enemy or Profile in Courage?

Rep. Andria Viola Bennett of Dover

There was one Democrat who stood up for reform, the middle class and against eliminating itemized deductions, real estate transfer tax, etc., Andria Viola Bennett of Dover’s 32nd district. She has been scorned by the left, the political establishment, and was brought to tears by her own caucus, but she never waviered. She not only was the deciding vote against the income tax, but cast more anti-tax votes for good measuer.

Democrats were shielded from a sure to fail tax vote in the DE Senate, yet they don’t appreciate it. She just listened to the people she serves, in some circles we call that leadership, in the majority caucus it is cause for scorn. That reaction just illustrates how shortsighted the Democratic leadership is. It could have been to their benefit to protect the Senate that holds by one vote, but they blew any possible gain. It is their way or no way.

Rep. Bennett is a good person and a friend, but she had other votes in this session that are disappointing such as the late term abortion vote so this is not a blanket endorsement in any way. It is an acknowledgement of a rare act of courage. I am proud of my Republican friends for taking a stand, but they had each other. She just had her convictions and stood alone against enormous pressure. That deserves a shout out.