Behind the Veil of the NY Gun Law

You had to wonder why a Republican led senate let Cuomo bully them into rushing through legislation in the opening days of the session that was so poorly drafted that it already has to be amended. Now we know of the bullying tatics used. Pay attention, this is a guy who may want to be the next President.
Three days ago, the New York Times described the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pressure Democratic Governor Cuomo put upon the State Senate’s Republicans to join his gun control coalition, including Gigi Bowman’s upcoming opponent Marcellino. ‘First, there were threats, delivered in phone calls or through intermediaries,’ the Times reports. Describing what would happen to any Republican Senator who didn’t back the gun control measure, the publication continues, ‘He would seek to dissolve their fledgling coalition by pressuring his fellow Democrats to reunite; pummel recalcitrant Republican senators for months with a seven-figure advertising blitz backed by national groups like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; and campaign on Long Island, where 9 of the 30 Republican senators live.’

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  1. I forget the name of the little weasel, now mayor of Chicago, who said something like ‘always use a crisis to your advantage.’

    Well, that’s what they’re doing. This has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with disarming America. This is because they know, as did the Founders, that an armed population is the best defense against tyranny.

  2. Bottom line. It was a Republican Senate that passed the bill. Blaming the governor is pretty silly. It is like me answering the Biblical question of “Who took the cookie from the cookie jar” by saying: “David made me take the cookie from the cookie jar..”

    No, Republicans voted for gun control because unlike Sussex County Republicans, or those from Arizona, or those from Kansas, or those from Alabama, the ones on Long Island can read and formulate opinions.

    Putting themselves on the “right side of the law” is what these Republicans did. The wrong side of the law is spelled…. NRA.

    Remember, these are your guys… REPUBLICANS!!!!!

  3. Putting themselves on the “right side of the law” is what these Republicans did.


    The wrong side of the law is spelled…. NRA.

    Not really, it’s like David Brooks said at the beginning because he seems to be a corporate “RINO” type sellout just like Bloomberg. Interpreting but he said something along the lines of: “Bloomberg and NYC bankster types would be the worst people to lead the charge for gun control…” In other words, having the collection of NYC/Wall Street moral degenerates that keep trillions of dollars offshore while being protected by a growing police state trying to market gun control to their serfs in rural areas isn’t a good idea.

    Better for them to stick with the ignorant “sex in the city” vote, it would seem.

    Remember, these are your guys… REPUBLICANS!!!!!

    Well, Bloomberg was a Republican too… but it probably matters little at this point. The central banks are making significant moves and it seems to be due to the point of no return and all that.


    Rich individuals and their families have as much as $32 trillion of hidden financial assets in offshore tax havens…
    The study estimating the extent of global private financial wealth held in offshore accounts – excluding non-financial assets such as real estate, gold, yachts and racehorses – puts the sum at between $21 and $32 trillion.
    The research was carried out for pressure group Tax Justice Network, which campaigns against tax havens, by James Henry, former chief economist at consultants McKinsey & Co.
    He used data from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations and central banks. HuffPost

    It’s interesting because the sooper dooper secret society networks and so on in which $atanists are often involved are being exposed. It’s always the private banking island or the house on the hill or “districts” of dubious sovereignty where the “vampires” are. In any event, it seems that Sandusky and Saville were thrown down among “main stream” lemmings. But maybe they were always low level types:

    We are still waiting for operation Yewtree to investigate Savilles links as a procurer for a high level paedophile ring with links to the heart of Government and powerful people. The Daily Mail mentioned that officers were following up other leads about a possible organised paedophile ring. Why do you think so many Children vanish from the face of the earth each year? Murdered by sick satanic ritualists for sexual gratification and power (see my post missing children).

    Saville is the tip of a very large iceberg, not even a major player, the real Evil lies at the top of the pyramid, a certain ex Government minister is known to wear a strange ring on occasions that from the top looks like a normal ring but palm side is a double headed black eagle, a well known esoteric image.
    The biggest lie is that Satanism is a myth but it goes on in full view, hidden in plain sight for those that have eyes to see. Google

    I would provide links but more than one goes to moderation.

    Anyway.. keep on keeping your eyes wide shut, if you can.

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