Beau is Right

I have been concerned that a “global settlement” on the mortgage fraud issue would undermine the few hard fought gains won in recent legislation.  It would leave tens of thousands without justice and do nothing to get the big banks to abide by trade offs of modifications for trillions of federal money (bailout, federal reserve, and Fannie and Freddie bailout).  It is an outrage, but Governor Markell says let bygones be bygones.   I know who is looking out for the people and who put them on the back burner. I am not objecting to the idea of a settlement, but I am objecting to one that is 90% about covering up crimes that haven’t even been investigated.

4 thoughts on “Beau is Right”

  1. David
    I agree that the culprits that caused this mess and profited obscenely from it should be tracked down and made to pay the consequences.

  2. Many are concerned that we must come to some accommodation with the banks lest the litigation bring them down completely. My response: Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

  3. The crimes of the banks are long and severe. A universal settlement attempts to say “ooops” and not much more.
    Banks and other entities who acted professionally have nothing to fear, those who were irresponsible should be held accountable. Otherwise, we will see the same mess all over again.
    Remember good ole Franklin Raines? Nobody went after him either and Dodd/Frank does nothing to stop crimes in the future.
    Mike Protack

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