Beau covers for DeLuca

Senator Anthony DeLuca must really be able to pull some strings. Attorney General Beau Biden knuckled under to pressure from the DeLuca clan and decided that when he works on his state job and when he works at the Legislature is none of the public’s business.   It seems that revealing this bit of information could expose Delaware to a terrorist attack.  According to the News Journal.
Disclosing when state Sen. Anthony DeLuca arrives to work at his two state jobs could endanger his life, the Delaware Attorney General’s Office has determined, citing a law intended to prevent terrorist attacks against state-owned buildings.
So there!!! Some of you guys thought DeLuca was just some Union thug Democrat Machine Politician, it turns out he is important enough to be a terrorist target.  I guess we really did get a wealth of information from those hard drives we captured when we cappped Osama Bin Laden.  Let’s see what a transcript of Osama’s discussions on potential targets for the jihad.
Osama bin Laden:  Ok let’s see which of the infidels we should kill. Osama Lackey:  Well we should kill Obama,  but not worry about Biden. OBL:  I agree but I have already said not to worry about Biden. Lackey:  Then we should Kill the big Infidel Bush and his Father. OBL:  I agree can we kill the Bush daughters so they can be part of the 72 virgins for our martyrs? Lackey:  Yes and we are looking into Chelsea Clinton and that brunette Kate who is marrying the British infidel. OBL:  Very good, The British girl  she is quite  striking and we need to send a message to the lackeys of the Great Satan.  Anyone else? Lackey:  Yes, and we need to take out Anthony DeLuca. OBL:  Who ???? Lackey:  DeLuca is the President Pro tem of the Delaware State Senate. OBL:  Oh you mean he is a Senator.  I have never heard of him. Lackey:  Well, he is not a United States Senator He is the leader of a State Senate, Delaware. OBL:   So Delaware is a great and powerful state like Texas. Lackey:  Well no it is the 2nd smallest state in America.  But it is the home state of Joe Biden. OBL:  I thought I said Biden was not important enough to kill.  Lackey:  Well DeLuca is a trained electrician. OBL:  So he would know how to torture our brave jihad brothers in Cuba.  Nice work.  
It’s a good thing the Delaware authorities are on top of this.  One would worry if they were botching child abuse cases by pervert doctors or wrongly charging and imprisoning 4 individuals for murder but here once again they are getting it right. By the way the decision by the Attorney General Beau Biden totally rejects the prior position of the Department of Justice.  Again according to the News Journal.
Butler’s opinion comes five years after the Attorney General’s Office ordered the Capital School District to release attendance records for then-Rep. Nancy Wagner, contending disclosure would not violate the teacher’s privacy.
For the record Nancy Wagner is a Republican and DeLuca is a Democrat.  In addition we all know terrorists aren’t afraid of teachers.  The entire News Journal article.

10 thoughts on “Beau covers for DeLuca”

  1. Ahhhh . . . how refreshing to be able to agree with Tennessee Walker. Trying to keep attendance records secret is ridiculous. My guess is AG Biden will realize how stupid this looks and intervene on behalf of the public’s right to know.

  2. “Well I can say that it is refreshing as well to agree with you. …. My guess is AG Biden will realize how stupid this looks and intervene on behalf of the public’s right to know.”

    I do appreciate you agreeing with me as well. But do you really think Charlie Butler did this without the prior approval of Biden?
    This was the result of a News Journal (Our state’s largest newspaper) FOIA request about the sitting President Pro Tem of the State Senate. Charlie Butler is nobody’s fool. He has run for office before and is fully aware of the political ramifications of this situation. I don’t for a minute believe that Beau was not in the loop on this and signed off on this situation.

  3. The idea that terrorists shouldn’t know when DeLuca is at work is so ridiculous as to be beyond any comprehension.

    THE SENATE SCHEDULE IS PUBLIC! So the terrorists already know where that corrupt bastard is going to be.

    This is beyond the pale, even for the Delaware Democrats.

    How’s that one-party rule workin’ out for ya, Delaware?

  4. anon I am just having fun. The liberals are trying to say DeLuca is not one of them but like a bunch of weinies they have never run a primary against this guy and they will fall in line and support him in 2012. I am laughing my rear off. This guy is part of the Gene Reed, Tom Sharp school of corruption. This is what liberal politics always is about and the fact that Biden is trying to take a powder here is hilarious.
    Liberals will always vote for a DeLuca over any decent Republican. The hypocrisy is well evident.

  5. The outrageous thing about it is how blatant it is. He gets “cleared” by Oberly and his records are unavailable through FOIA, but JFC had to separate the offices within DOL? To fix something that the US Attorney and AG say wasn’t broken?

    How obvious can a coverup be? And the funny thing is that unlike the other evils of state government (DPC, DelDOT), the FBI won’t come in and investigate, because the US Attorney has already cleared him.

    How’s Colin Bonini feeling right about now? He’s as much an enabler of this corruption as Oberly and Biden are.

  6. anon technically he was cleared by Charlie Butler. I do agree with you that both Biden and Oberly were in on this.
    One could say that DPC and DelDot were the result of incompetence and therefore not having criminal intent.
    This one has no such defense.

  7. Well there Tennessee we were getting along just fine until you get into the twilight zone where liberals are more corrupt prone than conservatives. Issues like this are non liberal conservative. It just plain non-partisan Ethics 101.

    You’re probably right about Butler knowing what he’s doing re the AG, I don’t know much about either one. But this is so stupid I’d really be surprised if they don’t realize the extent to which they made ordinary people liberals and conservatives crazy with this kind of stuff. Homeland Security says we can’t see a guy’s time card? Hello? Merit employees are different than blah blah blah. Ridiculous no matter what your politics are. If BB doesn’t intervene on behalf of the people he’s sure to lose a lot of well wishers.

  8. Butler’s name is all over this because Biden knew exactly how bad it looked.

    TW: Liberals will NOT vote for DeLuca over a decent Republican. Upstaters vote for Republicans provided they are the sort who will toss bones to Democratic constituencies, particularly labor. That’s how Spence and Oberle got elected year after year despite unfavorable registration statistics.

    As someone above noted, Colin Bonini voted to keep DeLuca in place because, depending on which excuse he was using at the time, DeLuca isn’t as “liberal” as Mike Katz would have been, or DeLuca is better to run against (because of his ethical problems) than Katz would have been. So any conservative who wishes DeLuca was out as Pro Tem should take it up with Bonini.

  9. Geezer I agree. I believe that DeLuca will only be beaten in a Democrat primary. I don’t think that will happen either. Everyone has already said their piece to Bonini. In a way his vote did benefit Republicans. This decision leaves DeLuca in place as the poster child for Democrat corruption.

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