Bachmann Wins Delaware GOP Straw Poll

Hundreds of people participated at the Delaware State Fair straw poll 18% favored Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Governor Perry and Governor Romney each had 15%, third place was non candidate Chris Christie  the New Jersey Governor and U of D graduate, at 12%.

15 thoughts on “Bachmann Wins Delaware GOP Straw Poll”

  1. I worked the Fair, but I forgot to vote before I left. It would have been either for her or Cain.

  2. “Christie was in 4th place.”

    Yes and like Perry he is an unannounced candidate.

  3. You can call it that. The statement was there was a tie for 2nd percentage wise. Both Romney and Perry had 15%. It is fine if you want to say Christie received the 4th highest vote total, but place wise, he was third and the other two were tied for 2nd. If I had exact vote counts, I would know who really was second and third.

  4. I was surprised by the Bachmann vote. I figured it would be Romney, but I’m glad. That would just create a problem in Sussex since Don would raise money to primary one, just because. (sorry buddy, but I had to and you know who you are)

    If you want to delete this comment after you read it, i would not have an objection.


  5. I admire Bachman, but don’t think she can win.

    I think Rick Perry is the one to beat and that he’ll soon throw his hat into the ring.

  6. I like Rick Perry. I was really feeling good about him, but I want him to join Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum in signing the Marriage Pledge to support a Constitutional Amendment first. We should have listened to Teddy Roosevelt and passed this an 100 years ago.

  7. “I think Rick Perry is the one to beat and that he’ll soon throw his hat into the ring.”

    I believe he is waiting for the huge favorable impact his prayer event at Reliant Stadium will have this weekend.

  8. I’m really against the Marriage Pledge, it is utterly disrespectul. There is supposed to be a clear devide between church and state as defined in the constitution. And besides we live in a progressive world, I think its time we just grow as a nation…for example, if I can’t get married then I don’t think women should have income, or furthermore if I’m not allowed rights like everyone else then why should I have to pay taxes? Or heck let’s abolish inter racial marriage and bring back slavory..its common civil rights. I’m an educated American just like you, I pay taxes, I work every day, and I love unconditionally. I didn’t choose my fate, I’m born this way. I just hope people can concider how many Americans lives are going to be hurt by this rediculus endevour. I’m your child, your neighbor, your best friend, I’m gay. Thank You.

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