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Hi, I am pretty new to political involvement, but it seems to be coming on pretty fast, and I probably invited it. I am part of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots, a grass roots effort in the state that was started in 2009. I'll put them as my website for now since you already know about this one. That sums up my political life. Beyond that I served a term in the Marine Corps. Reserve, I am a part time student in accounting at Wilmington University, and I am sole proprietor of Pancoast Bookkeeping. I am also a block captain in my neighborhood watch, so I stay involved with my neighborhood, and I am very involved in my church. Politically I consider myself a full spectrum conservative; strong national defense, strong traditional families, and a strong economy. I can see other points of view, but I don't change my views lightly.

9-12 Delaware Patriots to host Candidate Nights for Kent and Sussex County School Board Elections

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots will be hosting two school board candidate nights, one for all of the Kent County Candidates and another for the Sussex County Candidates.   Each event will be conducted as a forum for the candidates, not a debate.  Former U.S. Senatorial Candidate, Kevin Wade will be the moderator for both forums.  The candidates will be given an equal amount of time to share their platforms, and an opportunity to answer questions directly from the audience.  They will also have table space to share campaign materials and interact with potential voters.  These forums are both free and open to the public. The 9-12 Delaware Patriots is a non-partisan organization and will not be endorsing any candidates.  These forums provide citizens with an opportunity to gather information on the candidates so that they can make an informed decision of who to offer their support and Read more

Sen. Carper Stands Alone

March 24th Senator Carper of Delaware was the lone vote in favor of President Obama's budget proposal. What's up with that? I am assuming that Sen. Cruz chose not to vote on the proposal due to his recent announcement about running for President, but something tells me he would not have voted in favor of it if that were not the case. U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 114th Congress - 1st Session as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate Vote Summary Question: On the Amendment (Cornyn Amdt. No. 357 ) Vote Number: 85Vote Date: March 24, 2015, 06:10 PMRequired For Majority: 1/2Vote Result: Amendment RejectedAmendment Number: S.Amdt. 357 to S.Con.Res. 11 (No short title on file) Statement of Purpose: To raise taxes Read more

Senate Debate Night

It's debate night.  Here is a link to a live-stream.  At least on my connection the live stream is a little jumpy so if you prefer you can watch it on C-SPAN 2 or listen on these radio channels WDDE 91.1 FM,  and WMPH 91.7 FM Congressman Carney was on first for an interview due to Rose Izzo backing out and 3rd Party candidates not being invited.  He didn't really do much to impress, but he did show up so that's something. The real show starts at 8 when Keven Wade goes head-to -head against Senator Coons.  Once again there will be no third party candidates, for better or worse.  However, I expect to see the two candidates that are on stage to bring their A-game. I'll be watching the debate so this post may be updated.  If you have an opinion or a post-mortem on the debate it is welcome here. Updates: Syria and ISIS are the topic of the first question... followed Read more

Kent GOP Candidate Video

The Kent County GOP has put together a video of several of their candidates so that you can hear from them in their own words.  The video could use a some fine tuning but this shows some initiative that I have not seen out of the Republican Party since I have been involved in Delaware Politics.   It is well worth a look if you live in Kent, and since it is on YouTube it is easy to skip ahead to find the candidates in your district.

A Little Constitution Goes a Long Way

Today's blogpost is courtesy of National Archive which provided the transcript. All credit goes to The Founding Fathers (listed at the end) and though some will disagree with me, our Creator. Happy Constitution Day!   "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Article. I. Section. 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Section. 2. The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and Read more

Education: It’s All About the Children

A tip of the hat to Shirley Min of WHYY for bringing to our attention this reminder from Governor Markell that education in Delaware is all about the children. I am not sure what happened here, but someone was clearly a little distracted.  I'd hazard a guess that the Governor's staff might be getting a little bit smaller soon and if it saves taxpayers a few pennies then at least something good came out of this. If you follow the link to the Blaze article it is clear that this was not the Governor's intended picture, but it is hard not to take notice when the slip-up is this spectacular.  The Markell administration has since corrected the picture and has issued a number of tweets in reference to it. When you consider the chronology of how things played out on his twitter feed it paints an amusing picture.  The misspelling of inadvertently in a thread about education becomes Read more

Iraq 3

When it comes to the pending third conflict in Iraq Glenn Beck seems to have done an about face from some of his past positions and suggests that we should not go back in there. We should not attempt to nation build, and past experience shows that we aren't very successful at it. We should stay out of their growing civil war, and now he even admits that he no longer thinks we should have gone to Iraq under President Bush. This is not our fight; we do not have a right to foist Democracy on them, or even freedom. I think he is right that we don't have any business there and we don't have any obligation to Iraq, except for one thing. We released the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdad from our custody back onto their streets to help mastermind this terror that has been unleashed on them. We had him in jail and then we released him. The moment we had Al-Baghdadi in our custody, he became Read more

Subsidy Transparency

Your utility bill does a lot more than simply pay for your electricity. It also saves the world, at least according to some. How could a utility bill save the world? When you pay for your utilities you also "contribute" to the Green Energy Fund, to expand what the administration considers renewable, non-harmful sources of energy, but that's not all. Your utility bill also helps the poor. Part of your power bill goes to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to cover the cost for those that can't afford their own utilities. Wait, there's more! When you pay for your electric bill you are also helping to subsidize the clever people and companies that had enough money to buy solar panels for their house or business. Someone has to pay for those Renewable Energy Credits and that someone is probably you, unless you happen to be one of the winners on the receiving end. Not to mention, Read more

Persons of Interest

One of my favorite TV shows is Persons of Interest on CBS. It is a series about a computer program that is constantly spying on us, so it really plays into the concern that many people have with the surveillance state. Of course the program was installed for a good reason, to track down terrorists and prevent them from carrying out attacks, but since the program tracks everyone it could also be used to prevent murder and crimes on a smaller scale, but that was outside the scope of the governments interest so the programs designer created a backdoor to give him access to the more personal crimes so he could do something about them. He gets a former military/government operative to help him do the heavy lifting and BAM you have a really intense and engaging story. Well, rather than science fiction, I think people will look back on this series as a thriller, but also as a historical fiction. Read more

Delaware’s Prayer, Regardless of Religion Should be for All of Us

From those that were able to attend the opening session of the Legislature today, I hear that there was a slight controversy over the prayer that ushered in the first day of the Session for the Senate. I was stuck at work and unable to be there myself but from what I gather the opening prayer was one of the most impressive prayers our legislature has witnessed. It was offered by a leader of the Sikh faith in Delaware. It started with a brief prayer immediately followed by a song in another language that lasted about five minutes in which he was joined by 15 to 20 other Sikhs that were sitting in the balcony. Then after sitting through the pledge they all left. Unfortunately this song was not translated into English for the majority of those who were present that were not of the Sikh faith. That oversight is not something I blame on the Sikhs. I am sure that the Senator from the district Read more

Kudos to Red Clay School District

Way to go students, faculty, residents, and businesses of the Red Clay School District! You put Delaware in the news for a good reason. We may not have any mountains or notable skyscrapers in Delaware but at least for a few days we can lay claim to the world’s tallest Lego tower. At 11 stories tall it easily clears the height of most buildings in Kent and Sussex Counties. I hope that these kids are inspired to move on to bigger things in the future, perhaps even bringing the title of world’s tallest skyscraper back to the US. I heard this announced on the radio in the morning and I am really excited that they succeeded.

I Didn’t Build That

Conservatives remember the famous campaign quote, "you didn't build that." I thought the President was just being clever, and trying to pull together some smooth lines to wow his fans and bamboozle the public. However, in light of the recent scandals I see that he lives by that statement. The IRS is part of his administration, the people who run the IRS are appointed by him. The State Department is part of his Administration. He appointed Hillary Clinton, then John Kerry as Secretary of State, as well as many of the people working under them. The Justice Department is part of his Administration and he appointed AG Holder. The Green Jobs Czar was part of his Administration and he appointed Van Jones to that post. All of these departments and more are under President Obama's Administration, and most of the key positions were appointed by him. Their corruption is also part of his Administration, Read more

2013 Delaware GOP Convention

Today is the 2013 Delaware Republican Party Convention at the Double Tree Hotel in Wilmington. It is an off year and the biggest battle for party officers appears to be for the Vice Chair Position. It could be a real snoozer of a convention. However, I have heard some whispers that there could be a few surprises in the works. Either way I'll update this post later this afternoon with a quick summary of what happens. UPDATE:  As has been mentioned in the comments Nelly Jordan is the new Vice Chair of the Delaware Republican Committee.  Chairman John Sigler and Treasurer Bill Smith retained their positions by acclamation, and they are joined by Carol Bodine as Secretary, also voted in by acclamation. The only minor dustup was partly due to the sound system, which ranged from on, to off, to muffled, to screeching throughout most of the convention.  Thankfully it was finally fixed for Read more

Legislative Hall Thursday April 18, 2013

Here is a look at Legislative Hall in Dover today.  HB 75, about same sex marriage will be voted on in the House, and HB 35 about universal background checks will be voted on in the Senate.  The citizens of Delaware are watching both votes very closely and it is certain that today will be critical in the next election.             UPDATE:  Just for laughs these are the results of the Senate Vote on HB 35, and this is the vote on the motion to table the bill.  Almost a mirror image. Read more

2nd Amendment: Citizens vs Celebrity Appeal

Wednesday is a busy day for Committee hearings at Legislative Hall in Dover. 2nd amendment issues are going to be among the hot topics being discussed by our State Legislators. In this debate there are two distinct camps. One side is for gun control, headed up by Governor Markel and a fleet of Democrat Legislators. They are joined by concerned and frightened citizens that hope to make this state safer by limiting our ability to procure firearms via legal means. They do this with the hopes that if there are fewer guns in the hands of law abiding citizens that will result in fewer firearms available to criminals. This side has the full power of the Governor's office, the polling firm of the State Democrat Party, and now they are adding a touch of celebrity (Mark Kelly) to the mix. They are by far the better funded and better organized side, and they came into this debate on the offensive, as Read more

Privatize the Children

I support the privatization of children. Now I know this will probably draw as much blowback as the idea of even partially privatizing social security did, but someone has to say it. Until they become adults they should belong to their families. A mother and father should have the rights and responsibilities to raise their children. They should be allowed to choose where their child lives, where they go to receive their education, if and where they attend church, what food their children will eat, and where they will go on vacation and how they will use their free time. If a parent wants to home school their child that should be their right, if they want to send them to a public, a private, or a charter school that should be their right. No matter where they choose to have their children educated parents should have the ability to influence what their children are taught. Unfortunately, Read more

Four More Years – Gov. Pete Du Pont on the Presidency

Former Delaware Governor, Pete DuPont makes a great case in the Wall Street Journal for why the contest over the Presidency this year is so important.  Making gains in the House of Representatives and the Senate is not enough. His editorial got me thinking, President Obama has restructured the operations of our government in such a way that if re-elected, no matter what the composition of Congress, he will be able to continue on with many, if not all of his policy objectives.  The highlights of his reasoning for holding President Obama to his one term proposition are that with major pieces of legislation like "ObamaCare", insane deficit spending (over a trillion dollars deeper in the whole every year of his time in office), and regulations in areas such as energy policy even in a "lame duck Presidency" the Obama Administration can continue to damage the US and lead us closer to the precipice. Read more

Gingrich vs King

The Thursday CNN debate in South Carolina started with an exchange between the moderator John King and Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife's ABC interview claims.  King carefully placed the ball on the T and Newt smashed it out of the park while the audience ate it up. Here is my theory behind the exchange. I think that CNN set up this opportunity for Newt on purpose, but it has little or nothing to do with who they want to win the nomination or the Presidency.  The media has an interest in a long and active primary campaign.  Political campaigns are a treasure trove of news stories.  If you wish to be more benevolent in your attitude towards the media you could take the argument that a long campaign is also beneficial to the voters, and the media is simply looking out for our interests.  For the voters, a long primary gives more of us in the later states a chance to be a real part Read more

The Man Who Would Not Be Governor… Yet

The following is an email response from Eric Buckson (R - 4th District Kent County Levy Court Commissioner) to the whispers about his potential campaign for Governor of Delaware: Fellow Republicans, Last week, I was asked the question, would you consider running for Governor? My answer, yes I would, but why are you asking me? Don't take this the wrong way. I am confident that someday I will seek a state wide office and I will win. I look forward to the day when individuals scrutinize my record as a commissioner and realize that I am a lot more republican than I am given credit for. I say someday because that someday is not today. In the meantime, I am content to do my small part in Kent County and enjoy the life that the good Lord has blessed me with. So the Republican party still needs to find itself a candidate for Governor this cycle.  Eric Buckson did go on to suggest Read more

Rep. Kowalko’s Leak Problem

Uh oh, Rep. Kowalco's office has a leak and it is dripping all over the Delaware Liberal website. . . I guess it is good to know that when a citizen contacts the elected officials of this state that their email and contact info is subject to review and publication by the Liberal Media and blogs in Delaware, some of which lack the ethical discretion to redact personal information. . Oh well, if you follow the link and look at the mailing list it is the list of Delaware's elected representative's official emails taken from the State's official website.  If Rep. Kowalko wants to be removed from that list he knows what he needs to do.  Then again if he [any] elected official continues to leak un-redacted emails sent from private citizens to his [or her] official State Representative Read more


The Occupy movement seems poised to be treated much the same as Communism.  Intellectuals will discuss its merits, and how it has value.  Some scholars may pontificate about its good ideals in theory, while bemoaning the fact that it started to fall apart when the theories began to hit the street.  The decent people among the Occupy movement will say that you can't judge the whole movement by a few members, or a small number of signs and that many of the people are there for good reasons that you and I probably agree with, or at least we would if we took a some time to seriously to think about them. I on the other hand have no sympathy for the movement, and very little for the people that have been sucked into it.  This is not the Tea Party, or 9-12 or even close.  This is not a movement that was co-opted, but rather one that was instigated and aided at every step, by some of the Read more

Earthquake: Open Thread

Who felt it? Did you see any damage? Was it your first time? For me it was a novelty, kind of fun and all. But I did hear the fire sirens shortly afterwards so it may not have been fun for everyone. I know that some of the people I work with were a little freaked out, but on the whole my experience has been pretty tame. Feel free to comment about your experience with the Great Delaware Earthquake of 2011, or other earthquake experiences that you have had.

Gov. DuPont on: Change for the Worse

I just wanted to link to the monthly editorial in the Wall Street Journal by former Delaware Governor Pete DuPont. He paints a pretty accurate picture of President Obama’s current situation in office, and what he has done to “fundamentally transform” America for all of us, in a bad way. This editorial also ends with what looks suspiciously close to being and endorsement of, or at least support for,  Texas Gov. Rick Perry.