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O’Donnell Treasurer Resigns

The Campaign Treasurer for the Christine O'Donnell campaign, Matt Moran, has resigned as of 1-31-15. The COD campaign is currently facing charges of misappropriation of funds. The charges were filed by the Federal Election Commission. The decision to prosecute was made by a unanimous vote of the FEC commissioners. Both COD and Matt Moran have stated that Moran's resignation has nothing to do with the pending FEC litigation. At issue is approximately $20,000 that was paid to COD personally by her campaign for the use of her residence as a campaign headquarters. The issue of COD using campaign funds for what appears to be personal living expenses has been raised on several occasions. COD has stated that Matt Moran's is standard and a non-issue. In a written statement COD calls the move an attempt to "consolidate" her campaign. I'm not sure how much one can "consolidate" Read more

It’s Settled. Christopher to pursue write in

Sussex County Sheriff, Jeff Christopher has stated on this morning's Dan Gaffney radio show (105.9) that he intends to pursue the option of running as a write in candidate. Delaware election law requires that a write in candidate declare to election officials by September 30th that he/she is a candidate, in order for the votes to count towards his/her election. The prior law required no such notification. The write in law was changed so that poll workers and election officials would not have to count, record, and report the names of obviously fictional candidates such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Che Guevara, and Zippy the Pinhead, to name a few. Election officials have stated that the extra work involved in dealing with fictional write in votes cost taxpayers $50.00 per name. Mr. Christopher lost his run in the Republican primary for Sussex County Sheriff to Robert T. Lee Read more

Sheriff vote total upheld. Christopher considering write in

The Sussex Department of Elections conducted a recount of the absentee ballots in the Sheriffs Race. With both candidates in attendance, the vote totals from Tuesday were confirmed. Sheriff Jeff Christopher has indicated he may engage in a write in campaign. In the video provided by the News Journal, a woman, who appears to be Republican State Committee Vice Chair Nellie Jordan, is seen sitting next to Christopher and whispering in his ear. (Mr. Lee is sitting on the other side of the woman.)

Republican Primary Results

Winners: Kevin Wade Ken Simpler Jack Peterman Losers: Vance Phillips Jeff Christopher Don Blakey Biggest Winner: Ken Simpler Biggest Loser: Christine O’Donnell: How do you endorse only one candidate and then let him get clobbered 3 to 1 without giving him an ounce of material support? Carl is a decent guy and deserves better.

What was She Thinking?

Since her entry into the Treasurer's race in July, Sher Valenzuela has made some tactical gaffes in her campaign that have left observers scratching their heads. Last night's no show at the debate sponsored by the Delaware State Committee can now be added to that list. There has been considerable speculation regarding Sher's non appearance, which Sher had announced some time ago. I am not going to add to the speculation. I will however, repeat what State Chairman Charlie Copeland announced last night. Mr. Copeland stated that Mrs. Valenzuela had told him about a month ago that she would not participate. How Sher's cause could have been made worse by her appearance is hard to fathom. Regarding the event itself, Chairman Copeland handled the MC duties fairly and flawlessly. All the candidates ran over their allotted time at some point. But, with only 3 candidates speaking Read more

Deputy Treasurer Brenner still a State Employee

Democrat Chip Flowers, our current State Treasurer, has yet to fire Erika Brenner for her admitted misuse of State credit cards. The you know what hit the fan, when it was discovered, that Brenner spent over the top money in a tax payer paid trip to Alaska. The trip was supposed to be for a conference. Brenner managed to stay 300 miles away in a resort known for great views of the Alaskan wilderness and closed mouths. However, eventually the paper trail led to her. A suspicious mind might assume that, Erika Brenner got preferential from Democrat Chip Flowers. Ms. Brenner is an attractive young woman. Why one needs a Deputy Treasurer at a conference, when the State Treasurer is already attending, is a head scratcher. As the Deputy, should she not be back home in Dover minding the store? Maybe, she is not that important in the key functions of the Office. Now Ms. Brenner Read more

JFK Assassinated 50 years ago

50 years ago, an avowed Communist, and Castro sympathizer shot and killed an America President. I am not going to get into personal ruminations other than to say it was a shock at the time. There are many things I have to say about JFK, but today is just the time for some reflection on the sadness of death. I will have more to say later.

Death of a Parent

A respected member of the Delaware blogosphere has lost a loved one. Frank Knotts SR. passed away at the age of 87. Mr. Knotts spent his life working on farms. He spent his 35 years prior to retirement employed in potato farming outside of Little Creek Delaware. Below is the tribute of his son to Mr. Knotts. The entire post is printed with the author's permission. I Am My Father’s Son Read more

Roderick Scott the black George Zimmerman

The usual liberal race hucksters have been saying for at least a year that, if Trayvon Martin had been white, and Zimmerman had been black, then Zimmerman would have been convicted instantly. Heck, the liberals have implied that Zimmerman would have been lynched had he been black! Well, as usual, the liberals just can never get their facts straight. So, Meet Roderick Scott. Mr. Scott is a black man from the small town of Greece N.Y. which is outside of Rochester. In the early morning hours of April 4th 2009, Mr. Scott thought he saw 3 teenagers breaking into his neighbors' cars. Mr. Scott grabbed a handgun, for which he had a legal permit, and then went to the end of his driveway and ordered the teenagers to remain where they were and to wait for the police. At this point 17 year old Christopher Cervini allegedly advanced towards Scott and displayed anger. There Read more

Education on Firearms Courtesy of Jesse Duff I originally had drafted a post on explaining what an AR-15 is. This is the class of rifles that the liberals wish to ban as assault rifles. The fact is the military definition of an assault rifle is an automatic weapon capable of firing multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger. In short, they are mini-machine guns. These weapons have been unavailable to the general public since 1986. (One can purchase an automatic weapon provided one gets a permit from the FBI.) Semi-Automatic weapons are the same, in function, as your standard revolver. Most of the AR-15 types of weapons are .22 caliber weapons. This is the type of weapon I shot at Boy Scouts Camp. Jesse Dunn demonstrates in this video that the potential damage done by a .22 caliber round is far less than that delivered by 12 gauge shotgun. Joe Read more

RIP Dear Abby

For decades one of the cultural icons in the U.S. was the one and only Dear Abby. If one bought an English newspaper in a foreign country, you would not find most of the standard American fare of comics and sports. However, You would find Dear Abby or her sister Ann Landers. They both wrote advice columns which were syndicated throughout U.S. Newspapers. Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers were the daughters of Jewish immigrants who emigrated from Russia. Their parents came to the U.S. early in the 20th century. Her parents settled in Sioux City, Iowa and were successful enterprenuers in running, what was then a new industry, a movie theater business. For the record, Abigail Van Buren was born Pauline Friedman. Her identical twin sister, Ann Landers, was born Esther Friedman. Ann Landers passed away a decade ago. Dear Abby was the more flippant of the two sisters. Read more

The Jerry Wood I knew

I first met Jerry Wood in 2007. We had a meeting with a staff member of Mike Castle. Many conservative Delawareans, including myself, were concerned and upset with Mike Castle's vote on the carbon tax in 2007. There were downstate Republicans at this meeting. We expressed concern that Mike Castle did not get it. His votes were killing him. After a somewhat frustrating exchange. Jerry Wood announced that if Mike Castle did not change his positions, then he, Jerry Wood, would primary Mike Castle. Up until this time, Jerry had said very little. Jerry's challenge was not taken seriously. This was a mistake. I told the Castle crew that Jerry was very serious. I informed them that they were in deep trouble. I informed them that Castle was already losing the Republican base in southern Delaware. Jerry and I next got together in 2008. We toured Minneapolis. Jerry moved Read more

Now sick babies go on death pathway

When conservatives and those of faith opposed abortion on demand, they argued that the acceptance of this type of procedure would eventually lead to infanticide and pressured euthanasia. Liberals responded with "Oh that would never happen." Well once again liberals are wrong. It is coming to pass in Great Britain. Sick children and babies are being having food and hydration withheld because their cases are "futile". My experience is that any baby will die after not having food or water for a period of time. Conservatives have also argued that the supposed cost savings for Obamacare would eventually lead to Death Panels. This would be in an effort "save" the government money. Actually, In socialized medicine Great Britain, it is not called Death panels, it is called the Pathways to Death. Gosh, that sounds so much nicer. Testimony by doctors and nurses are showing that Read more

Use Your Gun Save Your Life

An overnight clerk at a store in Columbia South Carolina warded off three (3) armed robbers by pulling out her gun and returning fire after the robbers began shooting in her store. The clerk says she was in fear for her life after the 3 armed thugs began shooting in the air in her store. The 3 armed robbers had demanded cash and lottery tickets. The clerk hit one of the robbers in the upper body and is believed to have hit another. The third robber got away. Remember if you need help in seconds, the police are just minutes away.

Glen Urquhart Statement

To unify the Republican Party, I wanted to share with each of you that I am working hard to support all the Republican nominees for elected office in Delaware, including Ernie Lopez. Since the primary I have reached out to offer my support and help candidates in multiple ways. Of course, I am also urging others to support all our candidates as well. I know most of you are working very hard and I am thankful for that. With appreciation, Glen Urquhart

Pint Sized 1 Per Centers

YOU STOLE MY CANDY! It seems that if you find kids, that have not spent enough time being indoctrinated by Liberals, you will find they don't care for the "Redistribution" Policies of Liberals. There is a certain obvious sense of fairness that comes with the concept of getting to keep what you have worked to earn. Comedian Steve Crowder tested this theory out at a neighborhood trunk and treat at a local church. At these events one shows up with a trunk full of Halloween goodies and hands them out to the little munchkins that attend. Crowder, who appears dressed as a monkee, then proceeds to "redistribute" the candy along Obama Liberal lines. Of course, the Obama administration’s official stance on tax policy is based on the belief that the rich aren’t paying their “fair share” in taxes — despite the fact that the nation’s top 10 percent of income Read more

Another Victim of Socialized Medicine

Liberals are always telling us how wonderful ObamaCare is. They also tell us there are no death panels. Tell that to Caroline Cassin who is pictured above. Ms. Cassin is a victim of a particularly cruel disease. She has Cystic Fibrosis. She is also the victim of the United Kingdom's National Health Service. Ms. Cassin is currently 29 years old. Back in the 50's and 60's her life expectancy would have been 13 years old. Much has been done in the last 40 years. Research and development in drug therapies have enabled Cystic Fibrosis patients to live into their 30's. While this is progress, it does not bode well for a young woman who is 29. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic illness and genetic research has established the gene that causes it. The symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis cause a markedly increase in mucus and fluid matter in the lungs. An American drug firm Read more

Eric Bodenweiser indicted for 113 counts of Child Rape and Sex Abuse

Eric Bodenweiser has been indicted by a Sussex County Grand Jury for 113 counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child. According to the Cape Gazette: Bodenweiser, 53, faces 39 charges of first-degree rape and 74 charges of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree. According to a press release from the Attorney General's Office, Bodenweiser turned himself in to Delaware State Police at the Sussex County Courthouse, was arraigned in Superior Court and was committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $250,000 secured bail. The Attorney General's Office's press release says the investigation that led to the charges was initiated by Delaware State Police several weeks ago after police received information that Bodenweiser had sexually abused a child. As a result of the investigation, prosecutors sought the indictment, which charges Bodenweiser with the sexual abuse of a Read more

Sussex Gop Files Supplementary Nomination Certificate for Pettyjohn

The Sussex Gop has filed the neccesary Supplementary Certificate of Nomination to place the name of Brian Pettyjohn on the Ballot for the 19th Senatorial District. The paperwork was filed on Thursday October 18th. I believe Pettyjohn has an excellent chance of being on the voting machine ballots on November 6th. Most election case law gives deference to giving the voters a choice. The language of Title 15 subchapter 3306 is sufficiently broad to allow for a determination that a vacancy exists in the candidate slot of the 19th Senatorial.

Representative Don Blakey is still……….ALIVE

Camden Republican Don Blakey has been the focus of some rumors that he passed away. One rumor was that he had a Heart attack while driving a school bus. This was something he has not done in decades. The other was that he passed away last night at home. Kent Republican Activists wisely responded in two directions. One direction was to determine what was true. The other direction was to develop a short list of who would be the best candidate in the event of a vacancy. In the second case the top name was readily apparent. That choice was the effusive wife Delores Blakey. One activist stated "Heck, we should have been running her for the last 20 years. She sings better, is better looking, and must be 25 years younger than Don." According to the records the last assertion is not true. But, I think the records should be checked when Delores competes in Senior Olympics. Read more

Brian Pettyjohn could be the Republican Candidate

§ 3306. Supplemental certificates of nomination. (a) Whenever it shall be determined, subsequent to the dates specified in § 3303 of this title, that a duly nominated candidate will be unable to serve if elected because of death, physical, mental or other incapacity, the state, county or city (if a municipality holds its election at the time of the general election) committee shall convene within 24 hours of said determination to authorize the filing of a supplemental certificate of nomination for a substitute candidate, or to decline to issue such a certificate. However, in the case of the death of a candidate, said committee may convene within a reasonable period of time sufficient to have the new candidate's name placed on the ballot, but in no case later than 5 days from the date of death. (b) Such certificate, if issued, shall be delivered to the officer or officers to whom the original certificate was submitted no later than 12:00 noon of the day following that meeting at which the certificate was authorized. However, if said meeting shall occur within 5 days of the day of election, the certificate shall be delivered immediately Read more

What We are up Against

I have been interested in the case of CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan for some time. I have had family members stationed in Egypt and have had friends who lived there for several years. Based on their descriptions, I had no illusions about Obama's Arab Spring. For those who are unfamiliar with the situation of Lara Logan, Logan was stationed in Cairo during the so called "Arab Spring" demonstrations. Logan went out to document the Arab Spring demonstrations for CBS News. This was her job. The Arab Spring protesters did not take kindly to a blonde western woman in their midst. (For the record, Logan is from South Africa.) Logan was accosted. She was stripped by the Arab Spring Egyptians. She was sexually assaulted. Thankfully, she has recovered from her injuries. Liberals, including her CBS employers, have put her story on the very back burner. This is because, Read more

News Flash: Biden tells the truth!

So much comes out of Joe Biden's mouth that is either inane or an outright lie, that people have become immune to what he says. But Yesterday, Biden actually said something that is factually correct. Biden being factually correct is so rare that it is newsworhy. Here is what loud mouth Joe actually said yesterday in North Carolina: "How they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried in the last four years," Now the statement in and of itself contains half a lie. No Republican has any proposal that will raise the taxes on anyone. It is the democrats, starting with Jack Markell, who are intent on raising taxes. But, Biden did tell the truth in that the Middle Class has been buried in the 4 years of the Obama regime. Give Liberals power and in the end the Middle Class suffers. We saw this in the Carter administration. During 2010 and parts Read more