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Smitty’s Out!

First, thank you to Dave Burris for bringing me along with him way back in the First State Politics days.  I am not 100%, but I believe I may have been his first "signee" back at the launch.  Also, thanks for listening to ideas and dealing with my rebellious-to-the-party behavior at times, both on and off of the blogs.  Oh, and humble thanks to hearing me out as to why I thought "Delaware Politics" was a much better name to draw traffic from search engine look ups!  How many hits did we drop because of that change?  😉   Thanks Dave for bringing me along.  A blog by the lonesome, to me, is just that: lonesome.  Some are great at it, but for me, it demands too much of me to keep it afloat.  I certainly had fun, but I also had moments where I wanted to instantly hang it up.  Truth is, I did more hanging out in the background in the overall picture.  Call me the Bass Player of the Read more

A (Late) Father’s Day Post

I had a great day on Father's Day with my kids and my wife.  So great it was, that I completely forgot...about my own father.  So danged typical of me, too.  I didn't mean to, I never do, but the fact is, I did.  It wasn't until 9PM that I remembered.  I am the youngest of five, so I figured the other four covered it.  9:15 comes and I carry my oldest son to bed, him having lonnnng passed out on the couch to Phineas and Ferb - man, I very much love watching that with both of my sons, especially when I get to explain something that was funny to me, yet way over their heads.  Those are the small moments that I will keep, along with the bigger ones.  (after the jump, there is an embedded video so very fitting of this personal post - it will make a nice background - please enjoy this post, if you have the time) Back to my father, so at 9:15, as I am carrying my oldest son up Read more

Series of Emails – See the State Senator Pose and Posture

Last week, I received from Jud Bennett's Coastal Network email distribution an opinion from a Delaware citizen who claims that the state Legislature is intending to remove the senior citizen school tax exemption credit.  This opinion was written in a way that this was already a done deal and the Legislature was going to sneak it in at the end, so no one can stop it.  Leave the controversy on that aside, look at the responses that Jud forwarded: From Rep Dan Short (R-Seaford, House Minority Whip):  In March, Gov. Markell released a budgetary package containing dozens of items, including a proposal to "means test" the Senior Property Tax Program. This proposal would not eliminate the program, but would make higher income seniors ineligible for it. The proposal was estimated to generate $9 million annually for the state, although no details on the income threshold for eligibility were Read more

The Budget “SHOWDOWN” – Cathcart and Markell Both Working it Correctly

For the record, I am happy we have Dick Cathcart and Jack Markell, I really am.  These two are absolutely hardballers and having them in opposition right now over the budget is a great thing.  There should be fighting over this.  Never would I want to see happy bandwagoners supporting something as drastic as this budget will be, without asking hard questions.  No apologies to those who disagree with me, but you can not approve first and ask questions later. Others are leading you to believe that this is political grandstanding.  OK, but on whose part?  You can't single out either side, because, by acceptance of definition, they are all doing it! Markell and Cathcart, keep puffing your chests, because that is exactly what you should be doing!  All the pundits who ARE trying to curry favor to "their side" should hopefully come to understand that this is exactly how you get someone Read more

Question on North “We Got Nukes” Korea

Reports are coming fast and furious that North Korea intends to do an ocean launch of a test-nuclear missle aimed dead-on at Hawaii.  The PRESUMPTION, because we all should agree that anything that government puts out is propoganda (stealing their term), is that this is intended to fall well short of the Island-State, but the intent to flex muscle is there. Question: If North Korea follows through on this "test" from their ship in the Pacific Ocean, consider they are doing it from INTERNATIONAL waters, not their territorial area, and they are knowingly and willfully (and wantonly) doing it with Hawaii in their straight-line target-site, will.... ...North Korea have provoked or invoked a legitimate act of war, an act that the international community, including the UN, has already proactively condemned, thus making legitimate any military response against them? Smitty addendum: Read more

Guest Opinion: Joanne Christian on HB117

smitty-note: bumped this post up to give it a chance in the sun, rapid posting caused it to get pushed down on the page rather quickly passed an Onion not an Apple by Joanne Christian Let me applaud the 17 Representatives who "got it" in their decision to vote "NO" to HB 117. HB 117 has been presented simply as a "cost savings measure" to move school board elections to general election days. Sounds great, sounds easy, sounds right, and makes sense. Aaah but is it really that simple? If entire sections of Delaware code are dedicated to education practice and law from the Secretary of Education, to State School Board, through Superintendents, Administrators, teachers, and school boards, shouldn't that give one a clue of the major over-arching impact this presents, using this naive fix of a simple date-change? Move a wedding date, you get Bridezilla, move an election Read more

Exposing Hate – One Fraudulent Fool At A Time

First, big h/t to Pandora for including this on her post, pondering if hate talk can lead to murder (YES, IT CAN). Rev. Wiley Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif., is praying for the death of the president. It is important to note that the Southern Baptist Convention has quickly and emphatically disavowed Drake's comments as representing them and countered them with scripture that the mainstream of the convention recognizes as a commitment to praying for the well-being of the president. Read on, in this link to the Washington Post (my source of the paraphrasing above), as there is more to the story, but nothing good about this fool. It appears this "reverend" is serving his own feelings and not that of what he was given a charge. Also, make no mistake, this is hate-inspired (my best guess is it's political hate, but still hate) and probably fear-inspired. Read more

Litigation Specialist Suing Over Gender Discrmination at a Breast Cancer Awareness Event

I am not kidding. A male attorney makes a hundreds-of-miles trip to purposely put himself into a womens'-geared promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness and turns around and sues for gender discrmination. Apparently he's close to a half-million+ dollar settlement. My wife was almost was killed in 2005 by a negligent *itch who passed people on a curve, over a double-yellow, and hit her head-on at over 50MPH. We were "awarded" 30k before 33% + fees + subrogation. We are almost now at over $60k in medical bills plus massive financial problem that resulted from it. The insurance company was allowed to argue that a child we had two years later was to blame for the on-going medical issues. FTR, my wife had zero complications around the birth of that child. Yeah, tort law is totally effing fair. 👿 Here is the article on the litigation specialist. Prepare to puke. Read more

Comment Rescue: JC on HB117 House Passage

Friend and commenter, Joanne Christian, dropped a comment on Delaware Liberal in reference to the shocking and seemingly ignorant passage of HB117 in the house yesterday. 17 wise and well-thought-out Representatives voted no on this bad piece of Longhurst legislation. My focus being on Appoquinimink, I'd like to thank Rep Dick Cathcart for his no vote, but give loud jeers to Rep Quinn Johnson, whose yes vote is no surprise with his Appo. history. Additionally, I'd like to thank Rep Kowalko for his no vote. He doesn't overlap into Appoquinimink area, but he took the time to come here and comment in reference to the bill, so I felt the need to give him proper praise. To the other 15 representatives who voted no, thank you. Before we get to JC's comment, this bill now goes to the Senate. Senators Bruce Ennis and Bethany Hall-Long, big chunks of your district are Appoquinimink SD. As Read more

Name The Source of the Quote(s)

Time for a new game I am trying out here. You win nothing, so we will call that the Seinfeld prize, in honor of the show about nothing. It’s all about your pride. Oh, and that you may actually learn something you didn’t know. The inaugural question…. Who said the following:
Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.
and…. In 1996, our Mr/Mrs Doe told Bob Dole, whose presidential campaign received lukewarm support from conservative Republicans:
We’re the new liberals of the Republican party. Can you imagine that?
I will provide links after the answer is revealed (or successfully guessed) during the day, Tuesday, June 9th.

UPDATE 2 (due to Jud’s email): He’s (or She’s or It’s) Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

UPDATE 2: See comment #9, Jud clarified here and his email network. Thanks Jud! UPDATE: The Smitter (as Randy Nelson tagged me) is possibly being set up over this. Some of you are recipients of Jud Bennett's Coastal Network e-mail-blast distribution. Yesterday, I received one that said the cowardly and pathetic attacks by the sock-puppet postcard writer was my penmanship. If any of you recall how this all went down in 2007, you will easily remember where I was in this battle. Things to note about Jud's email: -1) The subject header has “FW” in it, indicating someone sent it to Jud, rather than Jud doing a copy/paste himself. -2) Parts of my post are missing, including the entire closing paragraph (which was replaced by “RSMITTY” making it appear as a signature), making it slightly altered. -3) Regardless, if anyone reads just the first paragraph of this post, you should Read more

RKarnacSmitty, The Magnificent

“Things will get better – despite our best efforts to improve them.” - Will Rogers Looking at my old blog, I came across two posts from then where I pretty much summed up the state of the GOP, and darn it, I may be able to take over Karnac's job (video link, and yes, I'd probably trip, too) at any time I want: From January 1, 2007 (the year that brought us the pink and other shades of postcards): OK, points four and five. This is setting up to be probably one of the most tumultuous years (at least in my lifetime) for the state’s GOP. There are a few ideological sides gathering masses right now. It will make for an interesting convention, that is for sure. If, and this is a big IF, the people that make up the leadership of all of the committees can harness this energy correctly, then we should be able to come out of this wonderfully. The arguing, bickering, and playground Read more

My Take On Today

Uneventful (uncontested seats - wasn't bad, just routine). I got duped...or something changed. I will take some of both This is in reference to the two independent sources that told me that Mike Protack was going to be nominated from the floor for vice-chair.  One of those two is a committed-supporter of Mr Protack and for unknown reasons, thought I had remained so, until recently.  Apparently, the "dried gum on the bottom of my shoe"*** comment from Mike to me caused the clue to make it into the thinking-area of this person's brain.  The other source shrugged shoulders and said, "Oops."  Nice.  Kind of serves me right, though.  I should have verified, but I can't imagine Mike talking to a dried piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe.  If he did, he wouldn't be flying anymore, I'll tell you that.  BTW, why does he keep dried gum on the bottom of his shoe?  Anyway, the sexy Read more

Sickening: A Victim Punished Worse Than The Perp

I personally know of a case in Delaware where the true Perp walked after commiting what literally was vehicular homicide with a stolen vehicle, but the prosecutor (since shamefully dismissed for DUI) at the time was going for major symbolism and let that perp go. I am not kidding. That, given my personal knowledge of it, was what I thought was the absolute worst sham in our judicial system in a yield for glory points. Even though this next one didn't happen in DE, it's still part of our country's judicial system and it surpasses the one I just mentioned. This is freaking awful. I am all for rehabilitation and truly giving second chances (when we're not talking life terms), but this is utterly shameful. It appears that all the players involved on the Perp's end have found the inability to speak as well. With that, I will leave to the grand assumption that, since the perp was tooling Read more

Comment Rescue: Calling Joanne Christian! Calling Joanne Christian!

Joanne...need your input! Rescued comment from David A: Art brings up a point that is not lost on voters. Most of the decisions are already made at the Department of Education. Local control is a talking point not a reality. Most of the budget is mandated down to the line. For only the second time that I was in town, I didn’t vote in the school board race. Quite frankly, I didn’t feel like any of the candidates represented me or had any proposals. If they had them, they didn’t present them to the paper or campaign. It all seem like beauty pageant stuff (except for Ms. USA no offense to CP). I didn’t even get a feel that they understood the problems. Now I was away and did not make the forum so I figured maybe someone said something there. They may have been wonderful people with answers, but they didn’t respect me enough to share them and I didn’t feel like I needed to Read more

Not the “Party of No”, But the “Party of D’OH!”

All due apologies to Homer Simpson for tying his trademark quote into this equation. There is going to be a special session of the RNC! Goodness! Major policy shift? Sudden change at the top? What is it? It's gotta be good for an unscheduled, special session! From politico: an extraordinary special session next week, it will approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party.” now put up image of jaw shattering as it slams onto floor over the shock that we continue to not get what perception means in the world of reality To throw a bone to Jason, at least get the spelling correct. When referring to the political party, it is indeed Democratic. Then...there's more from the Politico article: When I asked if such a resolution would force RNC Chairman Michael Steele to use that label when talking about Democrats in all his speeches and Read more

Another GOP Moderate – What Do You Think Happened?

h/t to Salt Lake Tribune via John Cole via Pandora* * - Once again, I present my service of bringing Delaware Liberal to those too scared to visit A snippet from the Salt Lake Tribune article, linked above: Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s appearance at a Michigan county Republican Party event was scrapped this week after the county chairwoman said that hosting the moderate Utah governor would mean abandoning the party's conservative principles. Kent County Republican Party Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees abruptly canceled the party fundraiser scheduled for Saturday. "The voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our roots. Unfortunately, by holding an event with Governor Huntsman, we would be doing the exact opposite," Voorhees wrote in an e-mail quoted in The Grand Rapids Press . A Republican Governor with AN 84% APPROVAL RATING...did you get that, I said AN 84% APPROVAL Read more

From The Mouth (Keyboard) of Your Friendly Pilotician

If you live under a rock, you may not have known that Mike Protack organized the Wilmington Tea Party.  WOO HOO!  Good for you...except that you've managed to tell many people on your own that you organized it.  Usually, that's spread word-of-mouth from other people, but hey, it was still a monumental task and planning events, particularly large events, can be an arduous task, indeed.  That last part is genuine.  The rest, if you know my attitude towards the pilotician, is not.  I am as much as a non-Protack supporter as you can imagine (which you should know before reading the rest of this post), after having once been in 2006, including my contribution to his then-campaign.  Again, in fairness, before continuing further, if you don't know by now, the Pilotician and myself have zero love-loss for each other.  The only person lower on the Pilotician's totem pole may be Dave B, but Read more

Twitter/Facebook-Status Political Thought Of The Day

Is it time to junk the Democratic and Republican labels and go with Progressive and Conservative labels, instead? After having some time for deep thought about politics this weekend (and wishing I could get through Nemski’s desire to bulk-label people, with prejudice, pun intended), I’ve come to the conclusion that progressives from each party have far more in common with one-another, as do conservatives from each party have with one-another, than do Democrats have with one-another and Republicans have with one-another. I am dead-serious about this, too.  Suspend the thoughts of going beyond only a two-major-party system for a moment and consider, would we be better off with a Progressive Party v a Conservative Party, rather than what we have now?

Shorter Delaware Liberal Commenter commented by a contributor... Yes, I am labeling The Republican Party as racists. You can keep on pretending otherwise, but that doesn’t change their modus operandi. One...I just don't get the moral-OK with passing the highly-charged word "racist" around like it were candy on Halloween night.  It runs the risk of diminishing the imapact and importance of the charge and possibly becoming more cliche than substantive. Two...Republicans: while he's not totally correct, he's also not totally wrong.  All parties have problems with members that fit this charge.  We do, they do, all do.  That's a fact.  My question is, what will you (we) do about it?  It's a very real image.  Being pre-emptive, if one person dare try to defend by stating Michael Steele's race, you will get cyber-slapped, because you don't get it.  This is indeed a very real image and we need to wrestle it to Read more

Today’s WDEL Talkback: Legalize Sexting?

I called in response to this question, but the window of opportunity is incredibly small, relative to the time it demands.  It's based on the State of Vermont considering "legalizing" the practice of sexting.  What is sexting?  As WDEL describes it, it is basically the practice of sending sexually-suggestive, or even pornographic images of one's self to another person, very typically that person's dating-partner.  OK, married/civil partner, too, but really, how long have you been married?  Back to point, the motivation of the basis of this question is the black-and-white application of the Child Predator law.  You either did it, or you didn't, period.  There is no consideration of consent.  Yeah, consent.  16-year-old to another 16-year-old really is an entirely different set of psychological circumstances than that of, say, a 30-year-old interacting with a 16-year-old.  I may Read more

Comment Rescue: It’s Time To Give Up This Outrage

I am rescuing my own comment from Elbert's "Elbert With an 'E'" blog post. Linked above, pasted below: OK, it's time to give up this outrage.  The name given to this event was developed by bloggers (possibly DD, I believe), not Governor Markell or any of his staff.  It was indeed a MISNOMER by calling it a "Delaware" Bloggers Roundtable.  Maybe A-Selected-Few-Who-Happen-to-Live-Locally-to-Panera-on-Main-Street-in-Newark-Delaware-Bloggers-Roundtable would have been much better, or maybe a Whole-Bunch-of-Loony-Liberals-and-a-possibly-Libertarian-and-a-Progressive-Republican-almost-Independent-But-Still-in-Vicinity-of-Panera-on-Main-Street-in-Newark-Delaware-Bloggers-Roundtable would have sufficed, too. Point is, this appears that it will be just the first of more.  Problem is scheduling, so future dates may take a little time.  Obviously, I am not the scheduler, so I can't say for Read more

Yeah, I Was There-The Bloggers “Rectangle” Table

...and I was late. Pictures from the event (after the jump, but please look them over): Above, this action shot was taken when Liberalgeek asked the question about Why Vince Meconi? ...check this out...arrived via secret carrier pigeon to my car when I was departing... Here, (above) we have the spurned Sussex County Righty Bloggers Alliance.  They aren't happy. ..more action... This one above was an early shot of the event before all arrived (way before my 20 minute late arrival).  As you can see, the attendance was very diverse. Seriously, though, one thing I must say is that Governor Markell's predecessor would not have so much have been caught dead at something like this.  Friendly group or otherwise, she would not have done this. I absolutely would like to see this repeated for other bloggers in the state, Kent and Sussex Counties, specifically. Given Read more

Tackling A Myth of Gay Marriage

Yesterday, El Som put up a post about SB27, a marriage-protection act over on Delaware Liberal.  Interestingly enough, on a side note, Rep John Atkins, the very one that Rep Schwarzkopf propped and elevated himself this past cycle is a co-sponsor of this bill.  Interesting in that Rep Atkins is a staunch opponent of one of the bigger platforms of Rep Schwarzkopf, virtually guaranteeing Rep Schwarzkopf of a cancellation of his very own vote each time on these issues important to his platform.  It's an interesting quandry.  I've always found political masochism an interesting study. Anyway, back to the point of the post... I concede that I don't know all of the arguments opponents to gay marriage stand on. I am, however, familiar with one of the more common and vocal arguments, that being how the church will be forced into honoring and/or performing gay marriages. This argument Read more