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Biden – A Living Legend?

The good folks of Brandywine Hundred last month voted not to name their new elementary school after Delaware's long-serving and once senior-senator and now vice-president, Joseph R. Biden Jr; instead, opting for the more parochial Hanby Elementary School. Likewise, it's unusual to name anything after a politician or local hero until, well,  they've passed. For example, former Senator William V. Roth Jr's name was bestowed upon the new Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge, a few years after his passing. Mr. Roth was instrumental in securing federal and state funds for the Route 1 bridge and project. So too, did the good people of Delaware celebrate a great trailblazer and civil rights litagator with the naming of the City/County Building on French Street in Wilmington after the late Louis L. Redding (btw, he also has a middle school named after him in Middletown - Redding Middle Read more

‘Recall’ Reality

Recalls in American politics are a rarity. In fact, just getting an elected officials’ name on a recall ballot is as about as unlikely as the Phillies’ chances of only winning twenty games for this upcoming 2011 season. Thus, it must follow then, that if history and logic are juxtaposed, the angry partisan crowds in Wisconsin, hell-bent on recalling their most despised state senators, need to realize that minus divine intervention and odds as bleak as those offered on the back of a PowerBall ticket, must heretofore zero-in on recent political history. These contemptuous, yet righteous souls, should read the following statistics on successful recalls that occurred throughout U.S. history. Click here for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal online article.

The ‘New Age’ of Civility

Call me a skeptic, but somehow I saw this coming. A litany of death threats and other calls for violence and harm have started to make its way into the environs of Wisconsin amidst the aftershocks of the budget repair bill that passed Wednesday night in the Wisconsin state legislature. The State Department of Justice is investigating this specific threat (read entire e-mail in the above link). Here's an excerpt from the e-mailed threat: Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes  (sic) will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell. Read below for more information on possible scenarios in which you will die. Meanwhile, Read more

Wisconsin Republicans Out-Maneuver Exiled Dems

Gov. Scott Walker must have consumed a lot of Charlie Sheen's favorite beverage of late - 'Tiger Blood.' After nearly three tumultuous weeks of protests, 24/7 media coverage and national attention in and around Madison, Wisconsin, state senate Republicans decided Wednesday night to use a procedural maneuver to push through an otherwise unpassable budget repair bill amongst a throng of stunned Democratic leaders, media and onlookers. The bill's measure effectively eliminates collective bargaining for public-sector employees in Wisconsin, except for wage bargaining. Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans attempted to negotiate with the missing 14 state senators who had disappeared across state lines to Illinois. The state senators' AWOL antics denied the Republican officials in Madison the necessary quorum it needed to go forward with the budget repair bill. In the end, the Read more

The ‘Hidden’ Cost of Democracy

While the mostly peaceful throngs of citizens, activists and protesters alike have enveloped Madison Wisconsin's historic Capitol Building over the past two weeks, there's one cost that few Badger State officials would've predicted -- a $7.5 million dollar 'repair' bill. It's kinda ironic, huh? As it turns out, the thousands of pro-union and anti-Walker crowds have capriciously and without respect for public property, damaged an enormous amount of expensive marble, among other things, throughout Madison's Statehouse. Although this price tag, on its face, seems ridiculously high, the fact is, the building was not designed as a crash pad and rallying spot for an angry mob. There's a rule in the Capitol Building that 'no tape or other adhesive' may be used to affix items to any part of the building. In fact, when signs or communications are necessary, easel boards are displayed. Read more

Hucked Up!

I have always liked former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.  He's easy on the ears and has the calming effect of a erudite psychologist; his Southern Baptist charm and sensibilities reveal Huckabee's small-town cache. Music stars, Hollywood moguls, John Q. Public and of course - politicos of every persuasion - open up to him. However, the 2008 Republican presidential  primary candidate, and presumably 2012 presidential GOP candidate has a new public relations problem. It's actually turning into a nightmare. Huckabee, while being interviewed via radio by WOR's Steve Malzberg on March 1, 2011, had this to say regarding president Barack Obama: After news of Huckabee’s Freudian slip about Barack Obama spread, Huckabee went silent himself. He dispatched a spokesman, J. Hogan Gidley, to assert that Huckabee “merely misspoke” and that Read more

New Primer on Government Inefficiency – ‘Fed Style’

Remember when $10 million dollars meant something? Nowadays, such denominations are merely rounding errors for many of our Federal Government agencies and their myriad profligate spending programs. In today's Wall Street Journal, reporter Damian Paletta reminds us in his 'Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway' article of how millions quickly add up to billions. Thanks to the stalwart fiscal oversight of Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla), a report was commissioned on the Fed's cornucopia of redundancy, inconsistency and mismanagement -- also known as -- waste, fraud and abuse. According to the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, The U.S. government has 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, more than 20 separate programs to help the homeless and 80 programs for economic development. This GAO report unfurls some interesting tidbits and is merely a microcosm of a Read more

Is American Exceptionalism Dead?

Recall then-vice-presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del) pontificating the likeliness of an “international crisis’ that would “test the mettle of this guy” – referring to then-candidate Barack Obama during the campaign of 2008? Since the time Biden uttered those remarks at a Seattle campaign fundraiser event, he’s mostly been right. Who’d a thunk it? Yet, the irony of all of this premonitory soothsaying is that president Obama, along with his administration, still does not have a clear and cogent foreign policy strategy that gives meaning to what the U.S. stands for. Our guiding principle, as portrayed by the White House, is to wet one’s finger and see which way the wind blows. We all sat back in disbelief as a Green Revolution enveloped the streets and plazas of Tehran during the summer of 2009, only to be trounced by a megalomaniac nicknamed A-Jad and Read more

RE: ‘Transparency 101″ post

I have deleted the aforementioned post. I did not properly vett the ‘source’ of the linked article. I apologize to any of the commenters who responded to this post. I always strive for a high-level of standards for writing and reporting; however, the article did not meet that criteria.

Lead and They Will Follow: Governor Walker Shows Courage and Leadership in Battleground State

Bravo to Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) for standing up for all of the citizens of the Badger State, as a minority of public sector union workers, teachers, correctional officers and other civil servants foment demagoguery and fail to do their jobs. With a $3.6 billion budget gap as a backdrop, the Wisconsin governor must confront reality and re-tool the state’s fiscal problem before it weighs down future growth and crowds out investment. And, unlike the federal government, states are obligated by law to balance their budget. Thus, Gov. Walker is acting like the grown-up in the room. Wisconsin’s newly-elected Governor, in a press conference speech given late Friday in the rotunda of the State capitol, explained to the press and the audience that “We are broke.” He went on to say that the majority of workers and citizens alike in the state support his bill. He wants state workers Read more

Much Ado About Nothing

After a rescheduling and a last-minute location change, the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting got off to a hot start. However, the ‘hot’ start had more to do with the 450-plus persons who packed Room 529 in the Carter Partnership Building meeting site and the thermostat setting than it had to do with the high-drama and requisite acrimony that was expected but never materialized. With Chairman Ron Sams and Vice-Chair Bryan Shupe absent, Secretary Carol Bodine motioned to have a vote to see who would chair the meeting. Judge Bill Lee and District 5 County Councilman Vance Phillips were nominated to be the chairman pro tem with a secret ballot dispatched to see whom would lead the affair. At this point, more committeepersons (EDs and RDs) voted than the official roll call revealed; thus, a redo was required. The voting took at least 30 minutes (during this time, I was able to use Read more