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Media Expelled From Delaware GOP Convention

Two reporters, one of them the President and Managing Editor of the Midlantic Dispatch were expelled from the 2016 Delaware GOP State Convention without cause. The reporters who were openly displaying press credentials and assigned to cover the news at the 2016 Delaware GOP State Convention, were approached by a Dewey Beach Police officer who asked the them to leave on the grounds they were not credentialed. They were sitting quietly either typing , writing or taking photographs as their trade requires, until the uniformed officer asked them to leave at 1:45pm. The reporters arrived and 12:30pm and were admitted to the convention center. There was no known problem until that time. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of freedom of speech, Read more

House Junk-Yard Dog Steve Smyk On Schwartzkopf’s Leash

The Second Amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. < Del. Const., Art.1, sec.20: "A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State and for hunting and recreational use." The full texts of the bill is available at:$file/legis.html?open A synopsis of HB325 reads: This bill closes a loophole to our gun background check laws. The current loophole allows for guns to be given to a potential purchaser if the background check is delayed for 3 days or more. In some cases a gun is given to a person who should not be in possession of a firearm. This leads to law enforcement having to retrieve a gun from a person prohibited if the background check provides that Read more

Trump And The Mechanics Of His Campaign

New Folk Hero And Political Savior Everyone I know, whether they support "The Donald" or not, would agree that he is a persuasive successful businessman, and that his charismatic convincing manner of campaigning has won the support of a wide range of political ideologists. Trump offers a very important ingredient to the recently oppressed American citizenry. "HOPE" Hope, once given and accepted, gains the complete loyalty of a wide range of beliefs. Trump is not a master manipulator as many think, instead he totally believes that, because of his proven ability to lead the pack, he can perform and deliver what he has said he can, and the people believe him. There is much to be said about a person who will not be defeated, that people admire whether you agree with him or not. One of the many things that makes Trump successful, even when he appears to be losing is the fact that Read more

Trump Rocks Berlin Maryland

Authored By: Don Ayotte and Wolfgang von Baumgart Berlin Trump Rally Draws About 350 Protesters In a level of intensity and magnitude unknown since the 1960’s and early 70’s, last evening’s TRUMP 2016 Berlin, MD rally drew a relatively large gathering of protesters and counter-demonstrators in a designated area outside of Stephen Decatur High School. The protest was said to have started after a Salisbury State University students contacted her Facebook friends about the rally and it “went viral“, resulting in a loud but peaceful assembly of about 350 people, chanting slogans , with many waving improvised signs , consonant with First Amendment exercise of Free Speech. Some of the signs were serious while others were humorous. Scott Parker, 33, a Bernie Sanders supporter, carried a sign that read “WRONG BERLIN, MEIN TRUMP” while another sign read “ Trump and Read more

Colorado Caucus Sets Disturbing Precedent For Future Caucuses, Primaries And Elections

Will Colorado's voterless caucus set a dangerous precedent in America's election system? The National GOP's power is so great nationwide that Colorado decided to hold a caucus that no citizen of Colorado was allowed to vote for who they wanted to nominate on the republican ticket for president. In my opinion this type of behavior sets a dangerous precedent for not only caucuses, but also primaries and general elections. Although The State of Colorado and others claim this action is legal, it has left a bad taste in the mouths of most Americans and a foul odor in the air. Like myself, even if their favorite candidate loses an election or caucus, we like to know that we were given a chance to VOTE. Donald Trump has every right to scream to people on TV that he feels he was cheated, simply because he was. The fact that Trump didn't actively campaign in Colorado doesn't mean that Read more

Cleveland Plans For Mega-Riots, While RNC Plans To Usurp Trump Nomination

While RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his henchmen plot their deceit to defraud the will of the American people, Cleveland prepares for mass riots. As the RNC lays its foundation to skew and steal the GOP nomination from front-runner Donald Trump, the City of Cleveland has begun to prepare for what could be massive riots, resulting from the debauchery of a stolen GOP Convention. As it stands now, Trump is poised to lead the GOP delegate field by a wide margin, but will fall short of the 1237 delegates required to secure the nomination by 50 to 100 delegates. According to Priebus, this will result in a contested convention, which after the first or second vote on the floor of the convention, the GOP can bring in anybody they want, whether they were a candidate or not. While "The Donald" may well have the most delegates, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and GOP psuedo-elites are Read more

Will GOP Thuggery Thwart The People’s Will At The Convention?

It seems our forefathers vision for a government, of the people, by the people and for the people, has little or no meaning for the pseudo-elite thugs of the National GOP. The hatred against GOP front-runner Donald Trump has grown like a cancerous tumor in the hearts and souls of these pseudo-elitist thugs. They conspire behind closed about how best they can take down their own candidate and cause enough division in the party to hand Hillary Clinton the election on a silver platter. Ironically, with each blistering attack on this seemingly impervious presidential candidate, he grows stronger in the polls and stronger in the eyes of his growing supporters. An increasingly vocal mass of growing supporters comprised of republicans, democrats and independents wait in anticipation for, "The Donald" to claim the magical number of 1237 delegates, thus fulfilling the people's will. Against Read more

Trump’s Reaction to Brussels Bombings

(CNN)Donald Trump reacted to the explosions that rocked Brussels Tuesday morning, describing the scene as a “disaster” and warning that “this is just the beginning.”

The Republican front-runner, who has made immigration and security issues central to his 2016 presidential bid, discussed the reported suicide attacks in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“I will tell you, I’ve been talking about this a long time, and look at Brussels,” Trump said. “Brussels was a beautiful city, a beautiful place with zero crime. And now it’s a disaster city. It’s a total disaster, and we have to be very careful in the United States, we have to be very careful and very vigilant as to who we allow in this country.”

Violence Perpetrated By is not Trumps Responsibility

The radical terrorist organization "" founded and funded by George Soros, and now led by terrorist bomber and far-left anarchist criminal Bill Ayers, is attempting to sway a presidential election using this extremely Left-wing hate group. Peaceful protests to make a point are one thing but violent attacks on a presidential candidate to stifle free speech and cause physical harm is quite another matter. With the Trump's presidential campaign taking on a life of its own, by becoming a national movement, extreme anger and hatred has erupted on the part of these left-wing hate groups. In a typical fashion the far-left now attempts to strap the responsibility for their actions to Donald Trump's back, in an attempt to force him to carry the burden for their criminal acts. The worst part of this is that the other GOP presidential candidates are also falsely blaming Trump for the Read more

Kasich Clear Winner In Thursday’s Presidential Debate?

While watching Foxnews last night, the only winner was clearly Gov. Kasich. He discussed the issues and didn't take the bait from any of the moderators. Too bad his experience is going to waste. The other three in the GOP republican race, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have long ago stooped to name calling and expressing disparaging comments about their opponents private parts and hands. John Kasich was clearly the presidential candidate on the stage Thursday night. I was suitably impressed at his abilities that included balancing a federal budget, his knowledge on foreign policy and amazing knowledge on how to fix a broken education system. He clearly articulated policy with substance and clarity, while not attacking any of his opponents. Kudos for Kasich! while the world was laughing at the new Thursday night clown act on the parts of Donald Trump, Little Rubio and Liar Read more

Pundits, Candidates And Loudmouths Vs Trump

It seems that daily these pundits, candidates and loudmouths prophesy Trump's doom. In the meantime Trump gains percentage points and delegates. The more percentage points and delegates Trump receives, the louder and meaner the adversaries get. This shows that the American people are not fooled, they won't accept the lies and rhetoric of GOP establishment insiders and refuse to take the bait. Watching Foxnews has lately become amusing as they give as much earned media time as Cruz and Rubio want and very little to Trump lately. Rubio's whole platform now has become a ranting and raving platform about Trump. It seems for the GOP that issues are no longer the primary concern of debates, nor are they important enough to debate I watched the CNN GOP debate on Thursday and watched half in amusement and half in horror as the debate never started. Instead, two rabid dogs attacked Trump Read more

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Planned Parent Video Activists, With Shocking Felony Charges

Abuse of Texas Justice System Using Partisan Politics. In an unbelievable move, a Texas grand jury indicted two people from the Center for Medical Progress, Founder, David Daleidon and center employee Sandra Merritt. The two were charged with tampering with a government record, a felony. Daleidon was also charged with a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs. It is paramount to acknowledge the Houston Grand Jury investigating Planned Parenthood stemming from a series of undercover videos on Monday, instead indicted the two anti-abortionists who shot the footage "We were called upon to investigate alleations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast," Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said. "As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation Read more

Neo-Feudalism In Delaware

Co-authored by Don Ayotte and Wolf von Baumgart What are the laws that dictate forced eviction and seizure of property for non-payment of land rent in Delaware and their emergent issues? Recently, Debbie Reed and her husband Paul, who owned a manufactured home on land leased in the development of Pot-Nets Dockside on Long Neck RD in Sussex County were evicted, after a twenty-four hour notice, pursuant to an order of Justice of the Peace Court, No. 17. It is interesting to note that the Eviction Notice did not, per se, specifically and clearly cite the applicable statutory authority by relevant sections and the Reeds were not notified that the clock was ticking on eviction and possible dispossession other than by posting on the unoccupied home. However, the story is not quite that simple concerning the eviction of these two elderly and disabled ex-citizens of Pot-Nets. Their dockside Read more

Merry Christmas and God Bless You All

The reason For the season is the celebration of the birth of the Christ.

This is Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. We will not be politically correct and print “Happy Holiday,” even though it is a holiday.

Delaware Politics wishes EVERYONE a Merry Christmas and may you prosper and be in health, even as your souls prosper.

Plantation Politics Or Institutional Racism In Delaware, OR Both?

Is Delaware a racist state, practicing "Plantation Politics," or are all of the following incidents just coincidence? The last few years I've been writing for Delaware Politics I've noticed a worsening trend that disturbs me greatly. I've written articles about the obvious lynchings of African Americans at or around Silver Lake Park, in Dover, that the Dover Police claim were suicides. I wrote two articles that can be found here in the archives of Delaware Politics, called "In Delaware, They Lynch Negros" Part I and Part II. I've written about the recent election of Kent County Recorder of Deeds, When Kent County NAACP Chairman, Dr. Lamar Gunn ran against a white female incumbent and apparently won that race. As I recall the race was so close that a recount was invoked according to existing laws. In fact, election officials counted the votes four times until the count finally favored Read more

The Need for Recall in Delaware

The Preamble of the Delaware Constitution explicitly states that all government power ultimately stems from the People. This simply means that government is a public trust and our elected officials are our servants and not our masters. The question arises as to what remedies are available to the People if an elected official seriously violates his/her oath of office by failing to uphold the US and state constitutions, commits other gross malfeasance or scandalous conduct in violation of the public trust. In Delaware options are limited to impeachment by the General Assembly and voting them out in the election at the normal expiration of their term of office. In exceptionally bad cases of public corruption or incompetence, these are limited options. Accordingly, another option is needed to restore a proper balance of power between the electorate and elected public officials. This mechanism Read more

State Rep. Smyk to Governor: “Reassess Your Position” on Syrian Refugees

State Rep. Smyk to Governor: "Reassess Your Position" on Syrian Refugees Date: November 24, 2015 The following letter was recently sent to Gov. Jack Markell... Gov. Markell: I truly understand your compassion in indicating that you favor accepting Syrian refugees into Delaware, should the federal government wish to place them here. It is likely that the vast majority of Syrian refugees are peaceful people who were forced to abandon their homeland due to the strife of civil war and the scourge of terrorism. Both the U.S. and Delaware have a long history of welcoming such people and providing them a safe haven and a chance to be contributing members of our society. However, my research indicates the Syrian refugees present us with a unique challenge. With the chaos caused by the Syrian civil conflict, and the hostile relations between our nation and the Syrian Read more

A New Republican Party, At War With Itself

Can the Republican Party hold itself together enough to win in 2016 or will the left of center republicans implode the party? Nationally as well as locally the republican party is bursting at the seams, and can't decide whether is wants to stay conservative or go further to the left for the sake of political correctness. The question is, the conservative values of the party have been severely compromised by both national and local infighting, to the point of becoming radically dysfunctional. National Leaders like Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, along with many other more moderate republicans have sought to defeat so-called "Tea Party" candidates or run primaries against them. Some examples in Delaware are Christine O'Donnell, and myself locally and now nationally Donald Trump, and Ben Carson, because they aren't the "Moderate Republicans" choice, or in other words; they want to represent Read more

A Fitting Ode To John Sweeney

Guest Post By: David C. Graham Many long time readers of the editorial opinions, "Our View", artfully composed by John Sweeney, Editorial Page Editor, may have finally noticed they no longer grace the pages of the News Journal. On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Mr. Sweeney cleverly and quietly announced his retirement in his final editorial comment, and fitting ode to his father. To this I retort, "Not so fast, good and faithful servant!" Back in the middle of September, John published his commentary about Facebook's struggle with creating an " unlike" button due to bullying concerns. In response, via a letter to the editor, I suggested a "read" or "noted" button, As usual, Mr. Sweeney properly re-titled it "Facebook bullies", and posted my submission as the lead letter to the editor within a day or so. Frequent users of Facebook may have noted within the last week that inserted Read more

Veterans Trust Fund Dinner, A Gala Affair

The Gala Trust Fund Dinner held at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover honored America's veterans in a formal gala dinner and fundraiser, with all the extras. Keynote speaker, Major General Francis D. Vavala, who serves as Delaware's Adjutant General gave a rousing speech in support of our veterans and the Veterans Trust Fund. General Vavala is responsible for mission readiness of all Delaware Army National Guard units to support federal and state missions. General vavala is the longest serving adjutant general in the nation. Major General Vavala's speech: How can we allow those who have taken up the mantra of defending our nation and our beliefs to live in uncertainty, often times without the necessities of life; You agree with me when I say that it’s inexcusable. It's a series of life events that sometimes is related to their service that promotes the despair that results Read more

Sons Of The American Revolution Unveil Patriots Plaque.

Delaware Society, Sons Of The American Revolution unveiled a memorial Plaque honoring the forty-eight patriots who are buried at Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery. A ceremony Sunday of the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter of the Delaware Society Sons of the American Revolutions met at Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery to honor the forty-eight patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War and are buried here. A dedication ceremony was also held for past President of the Delaware Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Mr. Kevin Charles Rolph for the dedication necessary to completing the research for this plaque. Mr. Rolph was very active in the organization, where he was past president, treasurer, and historian of the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter, as well as the historian of the Patriot Graves Committee Chair, for the state society. He personally researched over 150 patriot graves Read more

Independent Party Ready For 2016 General Elections.

Reorganization and expansion were the topic of discussion in a meeting of The Independent Party of Delaware’s (IPoD) State Executive Committee. Board of Directors, as two new members of the party’s board were voted in. Don Ayotte, a former candidate for Sussex County Council and later for 20th District Representative seat was unanimously elected as IPoD’s new chairman, and Wolfgang von Baumgart was elected unanimously as Secretary General. Two new members were unanimously elected to IPoD’s Board of Directors. David C. Graham, is a former candidate for Delaware Attorney General and a C.P.A., working as a tax enforcement technical supervisor for business taxes. The second new board member is Steve Washington, M. ED, an educator, in the Brandywine Middle School Special Ed program. Mr. Washington intends to file as a candidate for Mayor of Wilmington as an Independent. Read more

Attempted “Trump Roast” Backfires—Trump At Top Of The Pack

CNN leads On Wednesday's debate with an attempt to pit all candidates against Trump Backfires And Brings Candidates Closer Together It appeared to many that the CNN debate was being engineered to divide the GOP, instead of discussing important issues that concern America and her future. I agree with this view of many pundits who also viewed the unbelievably long debate. As it turns out, during some heated exchanges, there was no animosity with the top eleven candidates, and important national and geopolitical subjects were discussed at the lengthy debate of over three hours. At times there seemed almost a camaraderie among the presidential hopefuls. A new respect for one-another was born out of the necessity for one of them to serve as president, thus ending an eight-year dictatorial "executive order" rule. A genuine camaraderie apparently was born between Trump and popular candidate Read more

Senate Could Have Votes To Lift Ban On Oil Exports

Senator John Hoeven R-N.D., while speaking at a National Journal forum Tuesday morning stated, he thinks his entire caucus and at least seven Democrats would approve a standalone bill repealing the 1970's era ban on exporting crude oil. He also said, it's unlikely such a measure would come in a standalone bill, but if it happened, the repeal would make it through the upper chamber, according to the Washington Examiner. "At the end of the day, what we're talking about is making sure our industry gets a level playing field, gets a fair shot. Isn't that what America is all about Read more