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Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Cans Prime Minister and Cabinet

Fearing the riots and demonstrations in both, Tunisia and Egypt, Jordan's King Abdullah II fired his prime minister and cabinet.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which has its roots as far back as 1928 claims that the changes that King Abdullah II promised in 1999 when he inherited the throne from his father, the late King Hussein, did not go far enough.  King Abdullah has taken swift action seeking to stave off the demonstrations and riots that have taken place in Northern Africa Abdullah fired Prime Minister Samir Rifai, who was being blamed by Jordan's populace and the Muslim Brotherhood for the rise in fuel and food prices and slow moving political reforms, according to an Associated Press release on February 1st.  Abdullah appointed Marouf al-Bakhit as the new Prime Minister, with the responsibility of forming a new government.  Jordan's constitution gives the king the exclusive powers Read more

Delaware GOP And Why We Need Change At The Top

Since I've announced my candidacy to run for the Delaware Top GOP Position, I've been asked to expand and explain my platform of unity and administration transparency.  Fair enough! The problem that exists in Delaware's GOP is not a single issue but is the result of a, "Good Old Boy" policy that goes back farther than I can remember.  I remember when talking to one elected official in Sussex County some time ago, telling him that I supported him for a position that he replied, "Great, I'll put you on the "whitelist."  I took it to mean that I would be favored and not on the, "blacklist."  This shows a deep-seated problem of non-transparency in Delaware's governmental policies from the ground up.  Since then I've always wondered exactly who is on that "whitelist."  I know many people who are on the blacklist.  It causes serious division within the party. My thinking is exactly Read more

Kovach’s Win is Considered A Solid Show Of GOP Unity

Kovach's 57 percent win over win over Democratic opponent Tim Sheldon shows how much power a united GOP can have when they show in force to support and campaign for a candidate. People from all three counties supported and campaigned for Tom Kovach at various time during the campaign. It appears that groups from all counties have taken up the slogan of, "party unity," and found out that it really works. Not only was it a great win, but it was a solid percentage spread. Two factors were involve in Mr. Kovach's win, the first being that he is a great candidate and the people trust him to perform well in his new position of New Castle County Council President. The second factor is as important as the first. Party unity is a must, even with a great candidate. The Republican Party needs to unite as a whole behind the candidate that is vetted to run from whichever district or region Read more

God, The Republic and Civil Rights; If Not Now. When?

As a Sussex County Committeeman, I attended Monday night's GOP meeting that started in chaos and ended in chaos.  Instead of parliamentary rule, a dictatorship emerged and seemingly established itself over the cries of dissension of the the body of republicans.  People attempted to move resolutions to the floor and were disallowed and no reason given.  Sussex County Chairman Ron Sams soon lost control of the meeting and decided that he would allow no new business to take place that he didn't approve of. At 9:00pm someone raised a motion to adjourn without any business of substance taking place.  A vote was taken and the nays took the vote.  Ron Sams refused to conduct any business and shut off the lights.  a person yelled, "we'll meet in the parking lot."  The dictatorial manner that this meeting was conducted in, by Ron Sams was inexcusable and and out of line with the bylaws and Read more

Community Meeting At Bowers Beach Fire Hall

A Community Meeting to inform Delaware's residents on issues concerning, The Delaware Cap and Trade that is regulated by the EPA will take Place on: Saturday, January 8th at 9:00am to 1:00pm Bowers Beach Fire Hall A panel of experts will present information about RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) & RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) and its potential impact on all Delawareans.  This has the potential to drastically increase our electric bills and cost Delawarean's jobs. What is Global Warming What is RGGI What is Smart Metering What is Smart Grid How Has it Worked in Spain, Denmark, The UK and Australia How Will it Affect Me How Much Will It Really Cost me. Expert Speakers will include: Dr. David R. Legates, Ph.D. , C.C.M., Professor of Climatology, University of Delaware.  Dr. David Stevenson, Center for Energy competitiveness, Caesar Rodney Institute.  Richard Read more

The Choice is Kovach on January 13

Tom Kovach's desire to become NCCo's new voice for county residents will be decided on January 13th when the county's special election decides who will be the next New Castle County Council President. Kovach is a graduate of Brandywine High School and lives in Eastern Brandywine with his wife Sandi and three children.  "The people are best served when there are adequate checks in place in our system and the appropriate balance of power.  More than ever, residents of New Castle County need a strong voice on County Council to provide the necessary checks and balances with the executive branch," said Kovach. Kovach's stand against more ill-conceived development and higher taxes, along with more transparency in the county's decision making process, should attract NCCo Republicans, Independents and even a few Democrats.  "I look forward to a positive campaign on the issues, and the opportunities Read more

FCC Makes A Move Toward Internet Regulation

The FCC has chosen December 21, to take its first step toward regulating the inner workings of the internet  This step will bypass the Congress and defy a recent court ruling.  I say if  it's not broke, don't fix it. According to a Wall Street Journal article by Robert M McDowell, the Internet has been open and freedom-enhancing since its beginning when it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990's.  It's nature as a diffuse and dynamic global network defies top-down authority.  Ample laws exist to protect consumers already exists.  "Net neutrality sounds nice, but the Web is working fine now.  The new rules will inhibit investment, deter innovation and create a billable-hours bonanza for lawyers," writes McDowell. McDowell Writes: Last year, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski started to fulfill this promise by proposing rules using a legal theory from Read more

Decorated Army Doctor, Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin Convicted In Court Martial

After a three day military trial and five hours of deliberation, Army Doctor Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin was convicted for disobeying orders.  Lakin failed to board a flight that would have eventually led to his deployment in Afghanistan. Lakin who had aligned himself to the "birther movement," which disputes the legality of Obama's Presidency said that the Army was the wrong place to raise his concerns about Obama and asked to keep his job, saying he was now willing to deploy. The" birther movement," questions whether Obama is a natural born citizen.  The Constitution requires the American President to be a natural born citizen."I don't want it to end this way," Lakin told the jury Wednesday, according to Jessica Gresko, an Associated Press Reporter.  "I want to continue to serve." Military  Prosecutor Capt. Phillip J. O'Beirne asked the jury to sentence Lakin to at least two years Read more

The Intentional Destruction Of An Empire

Sitting at my desk as a reporter in the fall of 2006, I wondered at this first term senator, who had been a community organizer and why he was becoming so popular.  I had barely heard of him before that. I knew even back in 2006, he was considered a possible contender for the presidency; he had stated his desire for the office in February of that year. This man, Barak Hussein Obama, that mainstream America had not yet become fully acquainted with, had most Americans obsessed with the thought of electing their first black president.  America took little notice of his lack of qualifications for the presidency and a sense of rock star mania about this well-spoken first term senator seemed to gain uncontrollable speed. Obama’s penchant for redistribution of wealth was America’s first clue that we might have a problem if this man was elected to the highest office in the land.  Read more

Ideological Civil War In Delaware

A polarizing ideological civil war has broken out in earnest in Delaware.  It has been brewing for some time and any sense of civility has long since evaporated along with the lost elections. Delaware is now as ideologically divided as it was at the beginning of the civil war, when interestingly enough, Sussex County found both, local northern and southern troops marching fully armed and preparing for war in full sight of one another. The differences that exist between the far left democrats and the conservative republicans, have exploded into an extreme polarization that has severely affected that state and can no longer be ignored. The far left seeks to exploit the opportune moment to push their liberal agenda towards socialism before finally admitting their true agenda of Marxism and a two-class society.  They seek compromise from moderate republicans, who are willing to concede Read more

Conspiracy To Bury O’Donnell In Legal Fees

Christine O’Donnell received a legal challenge by a Soros-backed crew as well as Senator John Cornyn’s,(R-TX), counsel, Mike Toner, who joined in to attempt to swamp O’Donnell with legal fees.  Cornyn retained Toner, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, to serve as outside counsel during the 2010 election cycle. “We hear the Biden democrats are going to throw more at her just to tie us up in court.” Wrote Matt Moran, O’Donnell’s Treasurer, in a communiqué, Monday morning. It seems that while the Delaware Republican Party, while  attempting to recover and rebuild from the  carnage from Castle’s loss, that major players are in full revenge mode and disgruntled republican icons are joining ranks with democrats to make sure that O’Donnell knows, “her place”. It seems that the National GOP is not pleased with the Tea Party Movement and is Read more

Dust Still Flying, While GOP Party Building Begins In Earnest

Figuring out all of the problems of why Delaware's GOP is losing elections is an exhausting but necessary job.  Without knowing all the details of what went wrong, there is no solution that could fix the problem.  There is no doubt that election politics has become real warfare in Delaware.  Character assassination used to happen occasionally in our small state but was shouted down by people with common sense.   Circumstances have changed and Delaware's politics have taken on the national flavor of, "Take no Prisoners," with the emphasis of demonizing the opponent. After reflecting on the GOP's recent failures, starting with the senate race and trickling downward to heavily affect state House and Senate Races, I've decided not to discuss the failures of the past but instead, forge ahead and discuss what we need to accomplish to change the results in 2012.  We have about 18 months Read more

An E-Mail To Karl Rove

Sat, September 18, 2010 5:43:50 AM Mr. Rove: My name is Donald Ayotte, a retired journalist and hard news reporter.  I am a grass roots conservative and DO support Christine O'Donnell and have written articles on blog sites, stating why I support her.  I must include that I am an Elective District Chair in Sussex County Delaware. I know she is not perfect but she is real.  I have spoken to her many times and and I know where she stands on the issues.  She is a staunch constitutional conservative and a "breath of fresh air," for our state.  O'Rielly is correct on this one and you are wrong.  You have chosen to stand against the choice of the people of Delaware, and we don't appreciate it. I can tell you from a professional point of view and also that of a politically savvy writer in Delaware that she will absolutely Read more

Wade Endorses O’Donnell and Urquhart, Call For Party Unity

By Don Ayotte Former Conservative Congressional Candidate, Kevin Wade has endorsed Glen Urquhart and Christine O'Donnell in phone call Wednesday.  Wade's run for the US Congressional Seat ended four weeks after the Republican Convention, when he announced his withdrawal from the race on Founders Day in Old New Castle. Wade calls for party unity, "the people have spoken," wade said in a phone call on Thursday.  He has offered his support and help to Uuquhart and O'Donnell in any way they may deem appropriate to help ensure their victories on November 2. When Wade withdrew from the congressional race, his team remained a steadfast unit that has been giving support to many republican candidates in State Senate and Representative races.  The goal of the Wade Team has been to help regain republican control of the State House of Representatives and pick up seats in the Senate.  The Read more

The Advantage Is Ours

By Don Ayotte Will the Delaware Republican Party cleanse itself from its obvious elitist composition or will the conservative base rest on their laurels of the primary victories? My experience tells me that the current GOP leadership will attempt to outwait the intense conservative fervor by placating and agreeing that they may have been mistaken in their recent decisions. Do not be deceived by their attempt to retain their power base, it is only a smoke screen to outwait their opposition.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! Our Senate and Congressional candidates have not yet been elected.  Yes, we’ve made a great start but that is all it is.  Let’s stay the coarse and win the ultimate victory. Let’s leave our petty differences behind and fight the good fight at the ballot box.  We learned on Tuesday that we can overcome against overwhelming odds and that victory was sweet Read more