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Thank you to everyone

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Anderson for having his confidence that I could remain unbiased in moderating his blog.  To the contributing authors who were supportive I say thank you, you truly are all professionals.  Lastly to the many people who comment past and present, thank you for making my job easy. The majority of you refrained from violating the simple rules that we were expected respect and follow. Due to differences of what my role entails, including the prevention of comments  posted from known black listed IP numbers that are used for spamming, malicious attacks, and phishing, I will no longer be moderating this site. William Christy


The following is a guest article written by  Jonathon Moseley            The Republican Party has been clobbered in recent elections by a mythical “war on women” largely driven by abortion.  Hysteria about a war on women was fueled by a Republican proposal in Virginia’s General Assembly about trans-vaginal ultrasounds before abortions.  Conservatives who think people should pay for their own birth control were misrepresented as woman haters.  Rush Limbaugh’s inflammatory attack on flaky Sandra Fluke upset superficial people.          Somewhere in the last ten to fifteen years, the Pro-Life movement took a massive detour – for the worse.   Pro-Lifers stopped trying to educate the public and persuade people of the very obvious evil of abortion.   Or at least the movement greatly pulled back on those efforts.  Instead, conservatives in various State Read more

“Affordable Care Act” is Wealth Distribution

The following is a guest post by our newest contributing writer, Theresa Garcia. For those who may be unfamiliar with her name she is the leader of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots group, a wife, mother and grandmother. She epitomizes what the word conservative means and what we at Delaware Politics stand for. Please take a moment to welcome Theresa: Many  seniors had affordable private health care insurance prior to the so called "Affordable Care Act" or Obamacare. They could afford their health care insurance and lived a modest life. But recently that has all changed. Many are losing their affordable health care plans because  the "Affordable Care Act" has doubled their premiums and doubled/tripled their deductibles. For many, the new "affordable"  health care plans forced upon them is unaffordable.  Under the new law, you MUST have coverage. So if you are a senior 55+ and can't afford Read more


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I was asked several months ago to assist as a Moderator in this site because commenters were not following the basic rules of civility when posting. I have reviewed comments going back to the first of the year, I’ve taken appropriate action where needed with notations. Please be advised that personal attacks, use of profanity,  sexual innuendos, or any attempt by any commenter to reveal the identity of another commenter will not be tolerated. Violators will receive 3 warnings before further action is taken,  unless the violators comment is so egregious that it warrants them being immediately banned. While this will appear to be heavy handed to some it has become necessary due to the few commenters who refuse to follow the basic guidelines for posting. Thank You, Moderator1

New Direction

   I had planned to write a post this weekend talking about how there is currently a group of people who do nothing but run around with their hands in the air shouting about tyranny.   I was going to point out that they present themselves as both the voice of the GOP and the conservative movement. They are neither. They are small minded people who can never do more than challenge the ideas of others, while being unable to put forth more than talking point, bumper sticker rhetoric. They seek power, yet are unable to recognize that with power comes responsibility, not only to use said power to help people, but to be responsible in their personal actions.   I have instead, after some thought and after certain actions by others here at Delaware Politics, decided to go in a different direction, both with this post and with my so called contribution to the political conversation.    Read more

Credit, When Credit Is Due

   I have in the past been very critical of Rep. John Atkins(D), when I felt he deserved it, and I hope that I have been fair when he deserved that as well.    I have had conversations with Mr. Atkins that would be described as friendly, and some that would be described as tense.    I would like to thank Rep. Atkins and encourage him to keep doing what he did yesterday and this morning, and that is to be outspoken in opposition to the five point proposal of Governor Jack Markell to further restrict gun ownership.   When this issue first came up I was pretty sure that Rep. Atkins would oppose any legislation that restricted gun ownership, he has always been a defender of the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.   Yesterday he was on The Susan Monday Show on 105.9 and took time to explain his concerns about the Governor's proposals, as well as what might come from the Read more

Beware The Background Check

  As Delaware Governor Jack Markell unveiled his plan for so-called gun control we find that for the most part there is nothing new in the Democrat agenda to oppose the rights of gun owners.   Gov. Markell announced, with the help of Lt. Gov. Matt Denn and Attorney General Beau Biden, yesterday his five point plan, which includes the usual ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, a mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns, a restriction on possessing a gun within 1000 feet of a school, and finally background checks designed to close the so-called gun show loop-hole.   I have heard a lot of people voicing their concern over the ban on certain guns and the high-capacity magazines, personally I am more concerned about the background checks and how intrusive they may end up being.   In Maryland it is being proposed that anyone buying a gun be forced Read more


   Have you noticed the amount of fear in the world today? It seems that people are afraid of just about everything.    Of course we have the usual fears of being killed in a car accident, or dying of some disease.    We now add to these, the fear of wars and world destruction, and people are in a constant state of fear.    There is also the fear of opposition. The fear, that to stand for something in the  face of opposition is just to trying for some. Even though some people tout their own great ability to stand for their principles, they seem incapable of actually defending their opinions, beyond stating them and then saying something smart like, "oh yeah!".    These people, when challenged, will without doubt first attack with insults, and when that has no effect, they will simply decide to terminate contact and state that they are above those they disagree with, Read more

I Am Not A Criminal

   I am not a criminal, and so I am asking President Obama, Vice President Biden and every state legislator who are now rushing to pass legislation to further restrict gun ownership, to please not make me a criminal.   There has been a constant battle cry from the anti-gun lobbies since the Sandy Hook shooting, for there to be action taken by law makers to pass laws and restrictions in an attempt to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.   Unfortunately, in my opinion, there is no law, no restriction, that can stop a person from killing another person if they truly want to do so. Let us remember that Abel was murdered with a rock.   What I find most troubling is the rush to act, to do something, anything, no matter if it is the right thing, or if it will actually do what it is proposed to do.   The fact is, nothing that I have heard proposed would actually stop even Read more

What Is A RINO?

   Recently someone posed the question of what exactly constitutes being a RINO?    I have thought about this since that question was put forth and it was suggested that a post should be written to answer this question.   First for anyone who is not aware that RINO is an acronym for "Republican In Name Only", meaning that while someone may be a registered Republican, in someone elses view they are not a "TRUE" Republican.    The phrase RINO is most often used by those who have decided that they are the keepers of the conservative flame, and it is used much in the same way that racist use the "N" word "Jew" as a pejorative. It is ment to be-little the person being attacked, to end discussion and to draw a line of degrees between the self-righteous hurler of the phrase and the person be disparaged.  First let me say that I have in the past used this term RINO, and for the Read more

With All Due Respect

   Let me start this post by saying that I had and have a great respect for all that Jerry Wood did for the GOP, both before and as the Chairman of the Sussex County GOP committee.   Some may feel that it is too soon to start talking about who will replace Jerry in that position, but since Jerry had made the announcement that he would not be seeking re-election due to health concerns, we would be having this conversation anyway. So with all due respect, I would like to talk about the up coming elections for the Sussex County GOP committee.   It is no secret that the Sussex GOP is an organization that has several differing factions, and even so, we were still able to elect Republicans to office here in Sussex. Due in some part to the quiet leadership of Jerry Wood.   So what should we be looking for in our next chairman?    Let me start with what I feel we don't need in Read more

Does This Help Anyone?

    I am going to go out on a very thin emotional limb here. I know that this may not be a popular opinion, but I have to put this question out there anyway.    It is being reported that, quote, "the first legal action", has been filed in relation to the Newtown, Conn. shooting.     A $100 million claim on behalf of a 6-year-old survivor, identified as "Jill Doe", claiming that the child heard, "cursing, screaming, and shooting" over the school intercom when the gunman opened fire, according to New Haven-based attorney Irv Pinsky.   The claim states, "As a consequence, the ... child has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature and extent of which are yet to be determined,"   The claim was filed on Thursday with state Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr., who will decide whether the claim can be filed as a lawsuit against the state.    Read more

If We Had Only Known

   Like so many people in our lives I didn't take the time to get to know Jerry Wood, if I had only known that his time was so short, I might have taken the time to find out more about him personally.   That being said I won't now attempt to say that I knew him well at all, at least not on a personal level.   I first saw Jerry at Sussex County GOP meetings that I was attending as a visitor, at that time Jerry was just another of the older gentlemen across the room. My first conversation with Jerry was at a meeting to organize volunteers for Christine O'Donnell.    On a personal level what I remember most about Jerry is that he was one of the quiet ones at meetings, but when he did have something to say it was usually of a positive nature, always it seemed with an eye towards moving the GOP in a more conservative direction.   I only knew Jerry for a short time, however Read more

2013 Cut Backs

  It has been announced that due to rising healthcare cost that will be imposed on small business owners as the health care plan now known as Obama-care is implemented, some small businesses will be forced to make deep cuts into their work forces and to make changes to the full-time status of many employees.   Unfortunately this will include the small business known as North Pole Enterprises, also know as Santa Claus.   Santa has announced that in the coming year of 2013 he will be forced to cut his elf force in half, and the remaining elves will be cut to only 38 hours a week and no longer considered full-time employees due benefits.   This of course will put a great burden upon the remaining elves to fill the growing demand for toys. It is believed that Santa will most likely have to pick up a hammer himself and possibly even Mrs. Claus will be forced out of the kitchen and Read more


  Just in case all of the talk about the end of the world is true, I just wanted to say goodbye.   Most people have at least heard something about the world ending related to the Mayan calendar. The way it goes is that because the Mayan calendar doesn't project beyond Dec. 21, 2012, well the world will end today.   Actually it has come to light, but has not been reported as loudly, because a good end of the world story rocks, the calendar actually does project past 20112, but hey, let's not ruin their fun.   I tried to tell my wife I didn't need to buy Christmas gifts, well because the world would end before Christmas. She wasn't having any of that and said if there were no gifts, then the world would actually end.  So let me say that it has been fun knowing you all here in blog land, and if the world doesn't end, I'll see you all after Christmas.  I hope that the holidays Read more

Jeff Cragg For Chairman?

   There has been some quiet talk  about former Republican candidate for governor of Delaware,  Jeff Cragg, as a potential challenger for the GOP state chairmanship.    It would seem as though many of the party's members are less than happy with the current party chairman John Sigler, and also less than happy with state-wide election results in this past election cycle. Of course no matter how popular a person is when taking the office of party chairman, the person will soon be blamed for everything that goes wrong and little that goes right.   That being said there are some who again feel it is time for a change at the top of the party's leadership.   One name that has been spoken of as a replacement for Chairman Sigler, is Jeff Cragg. Mr. Cragg ran against Jack Markell for governor of Delaware this year and though he was unsuccessful, he did manage to make Gov. Markell Read more

Tragedy Or Opportunity

   One has to wonder how some of our political leaders see the recent events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Town, Conn..   Do they truly see it for the tragedy that it is, or do they merely see it as an opportunity to again push for gun legislation?   I was listening to news reports the day of the shootings and the clamor for gun legislation began immediately from both the media and Washington, including the President himself, who pushed for it in his news conference, even as investigators were trying to piece the crime scene together to discover what may have taken place and why.   I am not insensitive to those who were murdered, I am not blind to the added emotions that are brought into play when so many of the victims are children. I understand the emotional knee jerk reaction to attempt to find a way to stop this from happening again. But can we?  I am not Read more

Ayotte Loses Again

   Well I haven't written about a monthly Sussex GOP meeting in quite some time, but I felt tonight was worth relating.    At last months meeting there were several names put into nomination to become Election District Chairs. One of the more notable names was Ron Sams, former county chairman. Mr. Sams has always been a person who has worked to elect Republicans and I guess he feels that it is time for him to step back into the fray.   Ron Sams was run out of his position as chairman after the elections of 2010 because some felt that he had not supported certain candidates as forcefully as he could have.  There was also a lot of criticism about how he chaired the monthly meetings.   Well it would seem as if some people are still holding a grudge against Mr. Sams, in this case that would be former councilmatic candidate who was defeated by Democrat Joan Deaver, Don Ayotte.  As Read more

Beebe Doesn’t Care About Patient’s Health

  Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Delaware has announced that as of January 1st they will no longer hire anyone, I repeat, anyone who uses any form of tobacco products.    Beebe will institute a screening policy in their hiring process to determine if an applicant is a tobacco user. The policy,  according to a Beebe spokesperson is to see that Sussex County is the healthiest county in the nation, starting with the medical center's own staff.  Current staff will, for now, be exempt from the zero tolerance policy, but would anyone be surprised to see in the future an attempt to force people to stop smoking?   Now of course this has drawn the usual cries of outrage and accusations of discrimination from smokers and non-smokers alike. Many are calling on Delaware legislators to pass laws protecting the rights of the potential employees to use what is still a legal product on their Read more

Looking Ahead

  This will be my second post on the recent elections. Again I will focus on a local race here in Sussex County.   My previous post was titled, "Looking Back", since it was looking at a race that the Republican, Don Ayotte, lost to Democrat, Joan Deaver, for the 3rd councilmatic district of Sussex.   I have titled this post looking ahead because it was won by the Republican, a man who many feel will be the future of the Republican party, and a positive influence in Delaware politics for the citizens of the district he ran for, and for the citizens of the county and the state.   I am referring to Ernie Lopez in the new sixth state senatorial district, who first won the GOP primary against fellow Republican Glen Urquhart.   As I did in my previous post, I am asking for the views of those outside of the race as well as those who may have had a hand in helping Mr. Lopez win.   Read more

Veterans Day

Though Veterans Day has been overshadowed by Memorial Day and is not celebrated to the same extent, I would encourage all citizens to take a moment today to stop and quietly reflect on the sacrifices of those members of our great nation who sacrificed time with their families, and sometimes their very lives to protect us and keep our nation safe and free. If it is your way then offer a prayer for the fallen and those left behind, and also a prayer for those still in harm’s way and the ones at home waiting for them. If it is not your way then simply reflect on the debt owed to those who have put on a uniform and stood a watch. May God bless and keep all of our brave veterans who are still with us and cradle those who have passed on. God Bless the United States of America !

Did I Miss Something?

  I purposefully waited before posting about the recent elections. I was afraid that if I wrote too soon, anything I said in my excitement over the outcome would sound like gloating.   I wanted to be able to give due credit to those who deserved it, for the hard-fought races and the wins, and to recognize the efforts of those who were unsuccessful without demeaning those efforts.   I went to my first Returns Day ever yesterday, this is a two-hundred year old tradition here in Sussex, where the winners and losers come together to "bury the hatchet", and to show that even though one party won and one party lost, that they recognize that to be able to govern effectively for the people, that they will have to work together in the coming days, months, and years.   So after experiencing this tradition first hand, I was finally in the right state of mind to write about the elections.   Read more

Congratulations !

 I just want to congratulate all of the winners, in all of the races.  I will be putting up a more in-depth post later, but right now I am operating on about eight hours of sleep in the last forty-eight hours.   I will just say that between the local wins and the state and national losses, it is a bitter-sweet day, but we are Americans and we will get up go to work, we will see our mistakes and attempt to correct them, because after all, we are still the greatest nation, with the freest system of governance in the world.  God Bless us all and the United States of America !