Attention Democratic African American Friends

Please join me in a thought experiment. Is it possible that the Democratic party has not done anything useful for Blacks in 50 years since Johnson? I don’t think that we owe them any more. Especially when you consider Civil Rights was pushed primarily by Republicans like Rep. McCulloch and Sen. Dirksen. Johnson brought along enough Democrats to his credit. Can you think of anything they did since 1968? Fair Housing Act, no that was Nixon. Renewal of the Voting Rights Act, no Reagan and W. Dr. King Day, Reagan. Welfare reform actually helped and that was Clinton, right? Well didn’t he veto it twice then when he could not stop it, claimed Gingrich and Kasich’s work as his own? How about improvements in minority education–W Bush. Well go back to the historic Brown V. Board of Education, Eisenhower. In other words, with the exception of Kennedy and Johnson, no Democrat has accomplished anything major for us in the last 70 years. None in 50 years. Why does the media act like it is strange for people to say vote for the person?

Vote for the people who will best represent your values and interests. The party may vary. There are good and bad in most parties, certainly the two big ones with hundreds of thousands of elected officials in each. Do not be stuck 50 years back. Most of us were not even born then. My African American friends and family, let me ask you, how much better off will we be when the parties all compete for our votes? We are not married to a party. They exist to serve us not the other way around.

Change begins today. Vote your future.

David Anderson, candidate for the 31st Representative seat.