Attempted “Trump Roast” Backfires—Trump At Top Of The Pack

CNN leads On Wednesday’s debate with an attempt to pit all candidates against Trump Backfires And Brings Candidates Closer Together

It appeared to many that the CNN debate was being engineered to divide the GOP, instead of discussing important issues that concern America and her future. I agree with this view of many pundits who also viewed the unbelievably long debate.

As it turns out, during some heated exchanges, there was no animosity with the top eleven candidates, and important national and geopolitical subjects were discussed at the lengthy debate of over three hours. At times there seemed almost a camaraderie among the presidential hopefuls. A new respect for one-another was born out of the necessity for one of them to serve as president, thus ending an eight-year dictatorial “executive order” rule.

A genuine camaraderie apparently was born between Trump and popular candidate Ben Carson, when the subject of Autism in connection with mass immunizations at the early age of Two-and-a-half. Trump and many Americans believe that early mass immunization shots and autism are connected, scientists and many doctors do not agree they are connected. Carson agreed with Trump about the fact doctors are probably giving too many vaccines in a short period of time. Carson quipped, “He’s an okay doctor,” referring to Trump.

Carly Fiorina took a staunch stand on defunding “Planned Parenthood” and attacked the practice of selling body parts of aborted infants, especially during late-term abortions. She physically described, in a moving speech about “late term” babies being torn apart for their parts and sold to the highest bidder by Planned Parenthood. (good for you Carly)

When asked about Trumps comment about her physical appearance, “look at that face–Would anyone vote for that,” Fiorina responded, “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.” While She received loud applause for her answer, Trump said, “I think she’s got a beautiful face and I think she’s a beautiful woman.”

Although CNN,s host attempted to start a “round-robin” attack of candidates on Trump, at the onset of the debate, the candidates didn’t really rise to the bait, but instead insisted on discussing the issues instead of conceding to the moderator’s invalid attempts to destroy Trump’s credibility. It makes a person wonder why the democrats are in fear of Trump’s success and phenomenal rise in the polls. The candidates took a few potshots at one-another but during the debate, developed a genuine camaraderie.

My Opinion of CNN’s debacle of a debate is, if you oversell the advertising on your debates, don’t make the candidates and viewers watch a three-hour “attack Trump” show so you can boost your ratings. We need to have honest debates where important issues are discussed. I have to hand it to all of the candidates, they did not play into the liberal left’s debate hosts. They chose instead, to debate the issues that face America in a rapidly changing geopolitical and economic climate.

6 thoughts on “Attempted “Trump Roast” Backfires—Trump At Top Of The Pack”

  1. Up until I fell asleep and missed the last half hour of the debate I definitely saw some movement in the lineup. I believe Fiorina probably improved her position the most followed by Huckabee, Christie and Rubio in that order. Lindsey Graham did well in the first debate, but will remain an also ran. Trump looked a little off his game, and might have dropped some ,but only marginally. Carson remains unchanged.

    Top three

    1. Trump
    3. Fiorina

  2. fbh
    I haltingly agree with you opinion of the candidate’s standings. I was pleased that in the end they all decided to not attack one-another, but instead discuss the issues.
    I agree that Trump seemed a little off, and a bit more humble. Maybe that’s good!

  3. Yes, the Trump Roast failed, although Trump wasn’t outstanding, he held his own.

    I thought Bush was feeble, and while I agree with Carson politically, he is too low-key to win the nomination.

    I thought Christy was very strong.

    The winner was Fiorina, by a substantial margin. Very polished and articulate, she would eviscerate Clinton on stage.

    All in all, it was a fine performance in general for all of the candidates, with the possible exception of Jeb!

    1. Trump
    2. Fiorina
    3. Carson

  4. Fiorina did win the day Rick but let’s see how many points she picks up. Maybe 3 to 5 points. She kinda but not quite, put Trump in a humble position, if that can ever be accomplished. He will be on top of it within a few hours probably picking up more percentage points.

  5. What’s really funny is that we all know Trump was right about her face anyway.

    And then, as a “Secret Service code name”, she picks “Secretariat”, just to remind us she looks like a horse.

  6. @Nitpicker

    Not funny Nitpicker, and she is much more talented than you obviously are, and we all have imperfections.
    Because you are a coward, you can make disgusting accusations about others without any apparent retribution, using a pseudonym that describes you well. I think you are the ugly one here, because it permeates your entire being, not just your outer appearance.

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