Anti-TRUMP Resistance Breaks out in Georgetown,DE


Approximately  300 people gathered on the Circle in Georgetown DE, earlier this afternoon in protest of President Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions for US Attorney General, his executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven predominantly Islamic countries and the proposed wall along the US-Mexico border.

After the rally, many people packed Sussex County Democratic Headquarters on nearby Pine Street, where a resistance strategy session is ongoing.

[ A photo feature and in-depth article will follow this transmission. ]

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

8 thoughts on “Anti-TRUMP Resistance Breaks out in Georgetown,DE”

  1. Not sure who was counting but they most certainly need some remedial basic math. There were closer to 50 people. I was there. This some fake news if I e ever seen it!

  2. I was there also there and saw about 250 to 300 people in my quick estimation. We differ on what we saw. Not uncommon but not fake news!

  3. Sorry…..We haven’t purchased a photo- capable drone yet for detailed crowd sizing. Perhaps you would like to make a contribution.

    I was standing next to seventy five people in one quadrant of the Circle, so you may have been there at a less dense stage.

  4. At least 2 alternate news sources site “dozens”. Perhaps that drone would be a good investment for accuracy. Doesn’t do a cause (or the reputation of a reporter’s integirty) much good to embellish a story, only to be contradicted by alternate news sources. Just sayin’.

  5. At least two people and some others saw what we saw. I didn’t see any of the other media do any counting of people. They were too busy doing their jobs. I think you’re full of crap.
    I’ve noticed that you won’t reveal your identity; that’s the sign of a coward that can’t be taken seriously.

  6. The article is correct, I was there with a sign and their was at least 250 people at this rally.

  7. @ “Truth Teller”:

    Crowd undercounts by various news media are very common as are misquotes and imprecise word usage.

    Looking at local TV coverage, the crowd can appear sparse, when viewed though a narrow camera angle.

    Semantics and prevarication aside ,
    300/12 = 25 dozens, so there were ( imprecisely) “dozens” of demonstrators on the Circle. The number of scores was about 15.

    There were easily more than 100 people in our wide angle camera shots, so your estimate of 50 is a gross undercount of the peak period (pun intended).

    My initial estimate of 250 – 300 people was made by counting the number of people in 1/10 of the assembly area and multiplying over the entire surface area, allowing 50 for influx. I could have used a digital counter Android app, but my hands were full taking photographs.

    You are entitled to your opinion but don’t expect anyone to believe you in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

  8. Wasn’t there, don’t know the count, but if the signs in the pictures typify the mood of the crowd, the number that comes to my mind is “5”, as in rule #5 under Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” – use of ridicule and irrational, slanderous statements, all designed to bypass rational thought and go directly for the emotions.
    Claims of “hate” and “fascism” which I saw in the signs are typical radical left wing accusations: full of exaggeration but relatively void of reality. That hyperbole gets boring after a while. It certainly would be nice to see some decent, rational counterpoints to an obvious problem. But I guess that’s the nature of protest: it doesn’t have to be truthful, just visible.

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