Another Victim of Socialized Medicine

Liberals are always telling us how wonderful ObamaCare is. They also tell us there are no death panels. Tell that to Caroline Cassin who is pictured above. Ms. Cassin is a victim of a particularly cruel disease. She has Cystic Fibrosis. She is also the victim of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. Ms. Cassin is currently 29 years old. Back in the 50’s and 60’s her life expectancy would have been 13 years old. Much has been done in the last 40 years. Research and development in drug therapies have enabled Cystic Fibrosis patients to live into their 30’s. While this is progress, it does not bode well for a young woman who is 29. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic illness and genetic research has established the gene that causes it. The symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis cause a markedly increase in mucus and fluid matter in the lungs. An American drug firm has developed a treatment for Caroline. The problem for Caroline is that she lives in the United Kingdon. This is the land of Socialized Medicine which many liberals see as the model for medicine in the U.S. An American drug company, Vertex Pharmacueticals, has developed a drug that would allow Caroline to lead a normal life. The drug has been available in the U.S. since January. However, in the British version of Obamacare, this drug is not allowed. This is despite the fact that the drug manufacturer is offering this drug free of charge to Caroline on compasionate grounds. You see, when the government is involved, one has to set up numerous hoops to jump thru and ain’t it a shame that a girl has to die first. Not only will Caroline Cassin die. It will be a slow and painful death of suffocation as her lungs inevitably fill up with fluid and mucus. But hey, the British National Health Service workers will still get their weekends off . After all they are public employee union people. Her parents watch this every day. This is what Neil Cassin had to say. Caroline’s father, Neil, 72, said:
“Caroline has struggled for 29 years and it has been horrendous at times, but the last year has been the worst. “She has always been a good girl, but she is very low now. She knows that she’s dying. “She has been given the golden crown, then had it snatched from her. “The NHS Trust is sitting by while we are watching Caroline’s health deteriorate at an alarming rate. How much longer can this go on? “To have this one chance of life taken away after a lifetime of suffering is cruel beyond belief.”
Look at Caroline and consider her future. If this were your daughter would you want to watch her die while the government does nothing? Handing over health care to the government guarantees the deaths of the Carolines of the world. Read more here:

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  1. Yet spending is all imaginary anyway. Money is simply a means to avoid lugging around stuff that folks consider valuable in order to trade for what they want. Wiping out the debt is as simple as eliminating the dollar.

    That’s true of real ‘money,’ but that’s not what we use. We use a currency, backed by nothing, that can be printed indefinitely at the government’s whim.

    Inflation is a tax.

    When I was a kid, silver dollars were still rather commonplace. If one were to have accumulated $5000 silver dollars in 1965, they could have bought a brand new, loaded Corvette. If instead, they had put those 5,000 silver dollars in a shoe box, and placed them on a shelf in their closet until today, they could still buy a brand new, loaded Corvette.

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