Anderson Launches Jobs Offensive

The Dover Prospers Initiative from the Desk of Councilman David L. Anderson, Dover, DE

I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in major initiatives to make Dover even more jobs friendly. Here is a quick summary of the initiatives, one stop shopping, a citizen sunset committee, new economic incentives for the Downtown to put into law the work done by our staff.

I have long advocated One Stop Shopping to make it easy for to open a business in Dover. Every form that you need is in one packet and you can turn it in one place and we route it to the right department instead of you running around all day. Microbusinesses are the largest economic boom that we have. It is where the growth is most dependable and profitable. Sure we love adding hundreds of jobs at Energizer, which we are. We love Kraft adding jobs. We love having hundreds of millions in Calpine Construction or Uzin Utz and scores of permanent jobs. We love having new stores reclaim old store fronts. Two hundred businesses adding a couple of jobs each is just as big. Ensuring that a small business goes to the capital city and not a surrounding town is good. Ensuring that one decides to start, period instead of staying a dream is better. I am pleased that on the agenda for the Legislative, Finance, and Administrative Committee is One Stop Shopping.

Dover needs to stay modern. The global economy is flexible, fast moving, and dynamic. The ever changing nature of the global marketplace demands that our city government adapt to the demands of the marketplace regularly. This why I am proposing a citizen review committee which will give recommendations every three years to improve the business climate and recommend regulations or ordinances to revise or repeal to Council. Much of this has been happening successfully under the fine leadership of our City Planner and Community Development Director, Ann Marie Townsend. Likewise our City Manager and Economic Development Director also listen to those in the marketplace. This approach will ensure this continues and broaden the base of people involved in the process.

Councilman Wallace Dixon made a tremendous find with the Wells Fargo Grant. It funded the Restore Dover Initiative which was a citizen based needs assessment. We developed a path forward using the people’s concerns and priorities. This became the basis of our Downtown Development District application. I am pleased to sponsor with Councilmen Bonar and Slavin and Mrs. Townsend some significant changes to help restore Downtown. The heart of these are as follows:

Establish the DDD boundary as the High Priority Target Area (so as to differentiate from the other area identified in code); · Changes the homeownership tax incentives to align with this boundary; · Expands impact fee waivers to any project within the Downtown Redevelopment Target Area; · Establishes the transfer tax rebate for projects within the High Priority Target Area, available at CO if CO is issued within five years of property transfer; · Establishes the business license fee waiver for new businesses or businesses that expand to or relocate to the High Priority Target Area; · Changes the City’s Historic Property Tax Credit application to be administratively reviewed.

Other initiatives with these type of credits have been quite successful as I discussed in extending the business development credits that I originally authored. <p>Go to 24 minutes Go to 24 minutes.

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  1. Great post, taking the initiative and leading Dover to success. I think you’ve got the right idea. Leading by example!

  2. Councilman Anderson is the real deal. It is too bad the sleet storm cancelled last night’s meetings. Dover needs the leadership of David Anderson. It is not too late for him to file for mayor by 1/30.

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