Anderson Garners Independent Party Endorsement

David Anderson, candidate for the 31st Representative seat.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 2018 Independent Party of Delaware Office of the State Chairman


The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) has unanimously endorsed David Levi Anderson for the position of 31st Representative, to Delaware’s House of Representatives.

Mr. Anderson has a long record of dedicated public service to the people of Dover and his endorsement is in recognition of his general dedication to the greater public interest, individual freedom, economic growth, greater opportunity and constructive independent approach to problem solving. He is a decorated war veteran and current city councilman.

“I am honored to be unanimously endorsed by Delaware’s third largest party in addition to my Republican party and will strive to represent all citizens fairly, not only those of my party,” stated Anderson. “This represents unity among government reform and independent minded voters”, he said.

Mr. Anderson has been an advocate of better public accountability and audits of government, and government agencies, to eliminate public waste, fraud and abuse. He was a co-founder of the Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition. In 1994, he was part of a successful citizen’s lobbying effort to pass a state law to authorize the State auditor to audit DelDOT and he also helped to obtain the first passage of a measure in the State House of indirect initiative and referendum in 75 years. The Independent Party occasionally endorses candidates based on their general public integrity, dedication to the public interest and support of its platform.

“Upon hearing of Mr. Anderson’s entry into the 31st District race, I was pleased to take the vote of my Board of Directors and endorse him as a candidate. Mr. Anderson exemplifies the word representative, and works hard to represent all the people, as a Dover City Councilman and I’m sure he will do the same at the State Legislature” said IPoD’s State Chairman, Don Ayotte. ###