An Elected Sheriff Working For The People

If the Sheriff’s only duty is to serve court documents and conduct foreclosures, why have the Sheriff’s powers and responsibilities diminished over the years since office the was established. At the inception of the Sheriff’s office, he and his deputies had the power to arrest criminals, collect taxes, conduct surveys and in some cases, serve as judges. Was their power purposely and slowly eroded away to become what it is today; If so, to what purpose? Others have said, they don’t really care what duties Sheriff’s have in other states, however since the Sheriff in Delaware started with such broad powers at its conception, I believe it is a legitimate topic of discussion. I believe that the original intent of Delaware’s founding fathers, who wrote our constitution are clear and I believe that intention was that the sheriff would indeed be the, “Conservator of the Peace,” with law enforcement power in the county in which he lived. An elected Sheriff with law enforcement powers would be responsible to the voters, who elected him and in substance be working for the people of the county. The State Police, on the other hand, are state employees that are beholding to the Attorney General’s office and ultimately the Governor. Many have also made the point, if we the people are paying a sheriff and his deputies to deliver papers in the entire county, wouldn’t it make good sense for the sheriff to also have law enforcement powers? The county would make much better use of the resources that it is already paying for. In my opinion, this is a constitutional issue and the appropriate court should decide on the lawful duties of Delaware’s Sheriff’s office. Being a resident of Sussex County and heavily involved in its politics, I have heard almost every argument on both sides of the aisle on this issue and can see absolutely no reason that the Sheriff’s office should not have the power to arrest and detain when they witness a crime taking place. If their job is to protect life and property and be conservators of the peace, why would we the people expect our sheriff to stand idly by and watch murders, robberies and assaults take place without intervening. The current attitude on the part of the county and state, concerning the duties of Delaware’s Sheriff’s offices defies common sense and rational comprehension. There must be much more involved, with this issue, than meets the eye.

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  1. Anon
    I was not present at the meeting and can not dispute anyone’s account of what happened but I’m sure that all four men told a slightly different version.

  2. Don
    Im sure they were slightly different but again if you read the AG’s report you will note that three men told stories that matched up. The only person who had a different version was the sheriff who tried in vain to exploit this for his own personal and political gain. The man is a liar, I know I can’t change your mind or anyone elses but he has lost whatever credibility he had. Hopefully he learns from this and does the job he was elected to do, and quits trying to do whatever he wants, because it’s pretty clear by the report where the AG stands on the sheriff playing cop.

  3. I know for a fact that the two mediators at the meeting (witnesses) were Vance supporters in this altercation and it’s possible that their version is more than slightly skewed. But of course, nobody’s lying.

  4. Don
    I have never once seen someone dig a hole deeper and grasp at straws at the same time. Kudos to you for that.
    Did the two witnesses lie to the sheriff’s doctor about him being choked and “cold-cocked” with a fist? Or did that really happen and the AG is in cohoots with Mr. Phillips and the two witnesses? Or did the doctor lie to the AG?

  5. Anon
    That’s the first time I heard your version. Until your version, I’ve only heard of the notebook eye scratch and the ever so famous groin kick, and those are heresay.
    I’m going to retire on this subject for the night, its pointless because neither of us were present.

  6. When George Bush said he believed there were WMDs in Iraq, that wasn’t a lie. He was mistaken, but he didn’t lie. When the Sheriff told his doctor he had been hit with a fist, he was telling a lie.

  7. what do you mean his version of it? are you telling me youve been shooting your mouth off this entire time and you havent even read the AG report??

  8. Don
    This goes back to my first question. Can you read? If you can I suggest reading the AG’s full report. WGMD has a link to the report in its entirety. If you do you will see, this isn’t insider information or “heresay” that I am talking about. It’s what the sheriff told his doc that he was choked and cold-cocked and according to the report he was hit with what sounds to be post-it notes, not a notebook or binder. While I respect your loyalty to the sheriff and your point-of-view, if you would read the report I don’t see how you can say the sheriff is not a liar. Hell someone should call the fire department I think his pants might be on fire.
    I’ll also call it a night and I appreciate the dialogue, but please do yourself a favor and read the report instead of taking public stances based on heresay.

  9. qfd 111
    Until this evening I had not read the AG report. You seem so eager at every chance to prove your superiority by denigrating others. I watched on another thread while you attempted to claim that the thread was successful simply because you mentioned Christine O’Donnell. qfd, you are just delusional.

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