America’s Political Abyss

In today’s world of political intrigue and multiple pseudo personalities, lurking behind every crevice of unforeseen gain, is party affiliation really a factor? Long gone are the days of simple ideological thought where right or wrong are simply defined. The global complexity of multiple hegemonic power grabs and local powerful personalities have muddied the waters of clear thought and twisted the reality of right and wrong. A world moves closer to a political abyss where right or wrong does not exist and defies definition, but instead are standardized by the machinations of powerful madmen who seek only power and personal gain by feeding a false sense of political candy to the hungry mouths of an eager and waiting populace who want something for nothing. America hangs in limbo, waiting for a leader to emerge from the Republic’s heart as a savior, but finds no satisfaction in its choices. Former ideological truths are cast by the wayside for a sad satire of reality, while confession of a higher power is on the lips of the new Socialist movement, to reassure their own place in the after-life. A false sense of security is to be easily had, while praising their own gains of perversion. False philosophies and arrogance are proferred froth by a corrupt government in anticipation of name recognition but their emptiness is their apparent and just reward. The sad emptiness in America reminds us of our forefathers sacrifice to provide and secure our freedom, but we are held captive by an evil administration and have deemed ourselves powerless to halt the downward spiral of our weakness, to secure our future. Will America’s conscience awaken the goodness within its people in time, or has darkness filled the land? There is a greater truth, but America’s people are held in limbo by their own inner prisons and lack of a sense of reality. The raw courage of America’s birth, although heralded by patriots has eluded the masses who are driven with the mentality of an entitlement philosophy. Will America wait until Armageddon is at the door to rise up and take back their great republic or will they fall as did other great civilizations? Cross-posted in

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  1. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    For six years after the killing of my neighbor I knew about the institutional racism and corruption in Delaware. The county planner liquidated the value of my land by fiat a few years later and still I was passive.

    It took a really really bad winter to get me active, to overcome my fear and confront the power structure here. Such is human nature.

    How do you awaken people? At the end of the day is it possible that people don’t care about much beyond themselves? If you allow them the illusion of freedom and a sense of security won’t most of them play along in self interest?

    One thing is certain, people will wake up. Voluntarily before it’s too late would be what I hope for. One thing I believe from experience, if you wait until it gets bad enough to motivate you into action that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

  2. Doug

    Thank you for the comment. I got up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep and with pencil and tablet in hand, wrote this in twenty minutes.
    The time is at hand for Americans that have a heart and soul to take America back from the destroyers of the Constitution.

  3. “A world moves closer to a political abyss where right or wrong does not exist and defies definition”

    We are already there, and the Benghazi episode will just go to show, that some people are beyond reproach, and above the law. We just have to get used to it.

  4. Note the recent involvement of uncle Ruslan in shaping the mainstream narrative of the Boston Bombing while the sheeple cheer, same as they did when Osama was “killed” to keep them safe. (Turns out that he didn’t have a cave complex that terrists could drive tanks in and out of like Rumsfeld said, after all.) Too bad that the Seals that killed Osama weren’t kept safe and they apparently all died in helicopter crashes or committed suicide, huh? Anyway.. until sheeple stop cheering long enough to deal with the fact that 911 was an inside/outside job of international mercenaries and globalists, the political abyss and the sense that a political/banking/corporate elite are above the law will only grow.

    Meanwhile… be on the lookout for any FEMA/DHS “drills” in your neighborhood and remember, $afety first! Look up “Citizens Action Network” on Facebook and check out their post on 63 terror drills that went live all around the world.

  5. See also: 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA by Webster Griffin Tarpley

    Because that was the main event, as far as drills go.

    Tarpley’s >>>>documentation of a plethora of 9/11 drills<<<< may prove as revolutionary as the thesis of controlled demolition – perhaps even more so. Many people have not been able to see that 9/11 was a false flag. They may seem immune to physical facts like the free-fall speed of the towers, as they take refuge in a lack of engineering qualifications. No math skills are needed to grasp the more familiar, common-sense fact that an act that is rehearsed is also staged. Moreover, understanding how drills are essential to conduit such operations helps us recognize many types of false flags, such as the London bombings, and not only building collapses. Finally, wider public awareness of the dangers and workings of drills could help prevent terror operations, by making them too difficult to carry out with impunity.

    Obama didn’t close Gitmo, did he? They can’t. Too many “high value” detainees there… funny how he campaigned as an honest or principled politician but then once he got into office, his hair turned gray and he began to do what he was told to do. Apparently they all usually do. And now that his stamp of approval is on assassinating 16 year old Muslim kids without trial and so on and so forth he’s probably in too deep to do anything about anything significant if he even wanted to. (Time for another fundraising trip to Vegas… etc.)

  6. A world moves closer to a political abyss where right or wrong does not exist and defies definition, but instead are standardized by the machinations of powerful madmen who seek only power and personal gain…


    We probably don’t agree. But good post anyway…

  7. Waiting for a leader to emerge from the Republic’s heart as a savior?

    We have one. His name is Obama. Perhaps like the Jews in Jerusalem, your idea of a Messiah is not of the kind God intended?

    Lol.. we should nickname you Caiaphas. . 🙂

    That said, it was in all a pretty nice piece… Usually stream of consciousness writings jotted in the middle of the night are my best works too…. 🙂

  8. Kavips
    “We have one. His name is Obama.”

    I must have missed it, when did Obama become a leader, instead of a Republic destroyer?

  9. When he was elected your President, President of the United States of America. And before that, as some people are ‘born’ leaders.

    The question is, when will republicans, realize – they are the problem . Likely never, as that trait too, is deeply rooted and beyond their recognition.

  10. Anonymous
    ‘The question is, when will republicans, realize – they are the problem’

    You’ve got it wrong on both counts. First of all, Obama has no leadership ability and I’m not a Republican!

  11. Omaba will be gone in three years. That’s that. His legacy will be debt and nationalized (inferior) healthcare. That’s it.

    It’s only a matter of time until the heartland secedes from the union. It will be bloodless.

    Remember when members of Congress knocked over women and children in their frantic rush for the exit when someone mailed black pepper to the capitol? Those chickens#!t parasites could never orchestrate a ‘coup’ which utilized the National Guard, state police and army against the citizenry, simply because the citizenry is armed. Perhaps not armed enough to defeat a domestic army, but armed enough to wipe-out the chickens#!ts. Thus, conscience makes cowards of us all.

  12. No Rick. you may have small caliber arms, but you have no guts. You will put down your guns and say “yes sir master” to the first person of brown skin you see. White People’s time is done. You wish for rebellion perhaps, but your neighbors would rat you out in heartbeat, because unlike you, they know Obama is the best president we’ve had in our lifetimes. They certainly don’t want you to disrupt all their booming economic activity, that is now finally returning to normal since George Bush first took office in 2000.

    The heartland will change back to normal when the realize they’ve been lied to by everything conservative in the past 13 years. They are poorer, they have no retirement, they are more in debt, and all of it is because of Conservative policies that allow business to legally take money from “We The People”, and tie our hands when we try to get it back.

    The real problem in America has always been corporate greed. Voting Republican to eliminate any brakes to what damage they can do, will be the Republican legacy. All hope lies now with the IPOD party. Only they can instill conservative values afresh, because they in no way are tainted with those corporate villains who’ve destroyed both you and me… and brought this country down to its knees.

  13. No Rick. you may have small caliber arms, but you have no guts.

    Are you being paid to write about how Obama is like a messiah or does that come naturally to you?

    I would note that you seem to be confusing entertainment with leadership.

    In any event:

    Adam Kokesh, a 31-year-old former United States Marine who has long spoken out against military intervention in Iraq and other controversial issues, is planning what he calls an “Open Carry March on Washington” to “put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.”
    The march will be held on July 4, which would coincide with Independence Day activities in the District.
    Kokesh’s protest, which as of Tuesday afternoon had nearly 3,000 attendees, would involve he and marchers crossing the Memorial Bridge from Virginia into the District with loaded guns. Loaded guns, of course, are banned inside D.C. He says that if his group meets what he calls “physical resistance,” the group will turn around and leave the city. Link

    Does Cass Sustein have a racially divisive or a subversive plan for dealing with the 911 truth movement and even more unruly auxiliaries and oath keepers and all the rest of it?

    If only everyone was only interested in the bankster’s paper ponzi then you wouldn’t need all the racial divide and conquer stuff, huh? Note that it was a Hispanic janitor that basically began traveling the world after 911 telling people the truth about it. That was after Rove figured out that he couldn’t be paid and marketed as a “Hispanic Hero” for the Republican party.

  14. Here you go, the 911 janitor… ironically, he’d probably be a better president than any of the scum in DC now. It has to do with a little thing called caring, i.e. caring about other people more than paper ponzi… etc.

  15. You will put down your guns and say “yes sir master” to the first person of brown skin you see.

    I grew up in Washington DC, moron, and not on Foxhall Rd.

  16. How do you stand up along side your President, Don A? Anonymous admits to being a citizen who expects the best from an outstanding leader, our President Obama. the President of the most powerful free nation in the world. Have you accomplished as much?

    Your President has been voted into office ‘by the good people’ of the nation, twice. By the good people of this great nation, twice. President Obama has the toughest job in the world, with problems to deal with, that most couldn’t comprehend. Don A’s loosing sleep over what? Obama’s leading a Nation of great diversity, acceptance; balancing varied cultures, religious freedoms; a country that still looks out for its’ young and old; providing safety, equality, opportunities, educations, financial stability, national security. A nation of great social and economic diversity, maintaining an economy of a nation of influence around the world, a powerful nation, the reason we are all here – just to mention a few of its’ gifts. Try to appreciate another day, brought to you by your fellow Americans, past and present, more than half of whom are democrats.
    America will always be a country looking for a better future, not stationary, and certainly not stuck in the past – or it would soon cease to exist.

    Think forward.

  17. Anonymous
    “America will always be a country looking for a better future, not stationary, and certainly not stuck in the past – or it would soon cease to exist. Think forward.”

    I am thinking forward to a better day without Obama who is nothing but a cheap con-man in an expensive suit. The sooner we’re rid of him, the better for America.

  18. some people are ‘born’ leaders.

    So you’re more of an “all men are created equal except the ones who are ‘born’ leaders” kinda guy?

    I gotta say your comments would be seriously hilarious if you were writing a script for a comedy-farce about Jonestown.

    As real thoughts they are so disturbing (and disturbed) it’s hard to focus on how offensive they are too.

  19. Born Leader

    If you are suggesting that Obama is a born leader, you are delusional and sadly mistaken. Like I’ve stated repeatedly, he is a “cheap con-man in an expensive suit.” masquerading as a clown. You are the one suggesting the horror of Jonestown!!!

  20. No, I’m with you 100% Don. My comment was directed at “kavips” and the scary cult worship these people have descended to.

    Bottom line is that Obama and his psychophants (yes I spelled it like that for accuracy) don’t themselves have the guts or the balls to take it as far as a Stalin or Hitler or Mao.

    All the totalitarian megalomaniac communists now running the Executive Branch and half the Congress, plus all their execrable dupes, will never amount to enough brown shirts to get their dirty work done for them.

    That’s the beauty of an armed populace in a country at least somewhat familiar with what liberty is and when it’s being savaged by savages.

    (Yeah, you heard me correctly all you lefty racialist a-holes, I said SAVAGE. Obama is a g**d**n savage, his worshippers are pygmies and his crooked collaborators are jackals.)

  21. Well, Kavips is a bit hung up on hero worship. he must have gotten his own special stimulus package, including a new car and a cell phone.

  22. Born leader needs to take off his blinders and check into a sanitarium. If he is comparing anyone to Stalin, Mao, or Hitler, it would be the likes of Jeff Christopher, and the Bungleroos who support him… Likewise, Sheriff Arapao is just as wacky Thinking you all can invent law off the top of your head! Ha! .. Constitution my butt… If you had your way, people like born leader, Jeff Christopher, and Sheriff Arapao would tear up the Constitution in one second if it would save themselves a trip to the store to buy toilet paper. 🙂

    And Don was right, even though it was in confusion… Born Leader may be an all right guy outside of blog world for all I know.. But here, Don called him out right…as delusional and sadly mistaken.

  23. Anonymous admits to being a citizen who expects the best from an outstanding leader, our President Obama.

    The janitor from 911 would make a better leader, you seem to be confusing an ability to read teleprompters with leadership. Without the media, it’s likely that Obama would basically be nothing but another lawyer… and certainly not a “hero” of that sort that would run back into a burning building. Nor would he be like patriotic CIA agents in Benghazi refusing to follow orders in order to try to rescue a fellow American and so on and so forth.

    But I’m curious, how has he demonstrated leadership in your mind?

  24. Thinking you all can invent law off the top of your head! Ha!

    Is it like one of Obama’s czars said… and the only way to form law is through the barrel of a gun?

  25. Off topic… but it has to do with ignorant people like Delaware Lemming and Kavips and the level of their abject ignorance and unfathomable stupidity these days. For instance, they tend to believe the bankster’s main streams of media with respect to “global warming”/”climate change” and yet can’t see that the corporate/government nexus has already been manipulating the weather and has plans to weaponize it too. Meanwhile, lemmings tend to believe that they can change the weather, lessen the power of storms and change the temperature of the entire planet… by buying a different car or buying some carbon credits from Al Gore. Seriously.


    Etc. Showed up in a news feed from “Alternative Journalism” on Facebook, look them up and like them and get what’s likely to be better information than anything you’ll find in the established/mainstream/military industrial media (inc.). Perhaps one possible way to prevent “global warming”* (cough, climate change) and so-called “frankenstorms” like hurricane Sandy… bring transparency to your government/corporations and their growing police $tate with REAL JOURNALISM. The elite are trying to blame you for what they’re doing.

    *You know that the corporate/government elite would have probably stuck with the “global warming” cover story for all their geoengineering (inc.) if they could have. Interesting to note that a scientist at the University of Delaware actually stood against the trends created in the mainstream media (inc.) because he was focused on the truth. That’s all it takes.

  26. More information for anyone interested:

    By all means, buy a different car to entertain yourself with the idea that you’re changing the temperature of an entire planet (if not the solar system) while preventing imaginary natural catastrophes in the future too.

    Just don’t pretend that anything you’re doing has much to do with reality.

  27. All that rambling nonsense kavips wrote back about Arpaio and whoever and whatever…I can only say WTF are you talkin about?

    Dude. Get a grip on reality and come on back.

    Obama is worse than Richard Nixon and much much more scary. Nixon fell apart in the face of his own lies and cover-ups. Obama parties with fellow celebrities and golfs…the man is such an utterly bloodless sociopath he makes the Clintons seem like just earnest, honest regular folk. Talk about a Nero complex…

    “He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to . . . cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.”

    — Article II, Section 1, Articles of Impeachment against Richard M. Nixon, adopted by the House Judiciary Committee, July 29, 1974

  28. For starters…

    Banking and Financial Reform

    Summary, toyed around the edges with credit cards and usury. But they forgot his bailouts, his silence with respect to the private banking cartel, JP Morgan’s booming food stamp business, Jamie Dimon’s new cuff links with the presidential seal of approval, etc.

    Civil Rights

    Summary, did some gay stuff. But they forgot maintaining the ability to assassinate people without trial, indefinite detention, the case of Bradley Manning and his unprecedented attempts to prosecute whistle blowers.

    Foreign Affairs and International Relations

    “Re-established the United States standing in the world.”


    Ok, ok… I guess we have different standards with respect to what leadership or “speaking truth to power” or bringing about real “change” and so forth is. You seem to prefer entertainment, while I would prefer leaving Afghanistan and doing away with American involvement in the hopium trade in order to prevent more terrism. After all, it’s getting pretty close now with 911 and the Boston bombing and it’s not remaining “over there” in some war torn country like the neocons might say. “Fight them over there, so it doesn’t come over here.” as they say. Meanwhile beware of drills, etc… actually there are developers working on apps for phones so that people can know where more compartmentalized “drills” are scheduled and Anonymous might get in on the act too. If our degenerate “leaders” and this entertainer in chief isn’t going to do anything about our totally out of control government agencies and their partnerships with multinational corporations and banksters, we will.

  29. Obama is worse than Richard Nixon and much much more scary. Nixon fell apart in the face of his own lies and cover-ups.

    I think you may be giving him too much credit. It’s unlikely that he’s like some evil and highly intelligent god that walks the earth. Imagine it this way instead… he’s just sitting at the head of a generational Beast that’s been growing for a long time, trying to ride it without getting eaten in the end. E.g… there’s a reason that he campaigned against Gitmo but then decided to leave it open after all, etc.

  30. Is Obama responsible for 63 terror drills that went live all around the world too? If there is anything to it, it’s probably all the work of Obama’s global minions, isn’t it?

    Yet for all that godlike power, apparently the entertainer in chief can’t control or even talk about the private banking cartel that finances it all from “33rd” Liberty Street in NYC. Imagine that.

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