America Spurns the Best

Americans have done it again. They seem to insist on their worst choices not their best ones. We are going for 3 bad choices in a row. Democrats didn’t pay attention to Senator Jim Webb who would be 15 points up in the general right now. Republicans paid attention to, but in the end passed on several great people including Senator Marco Rubio who would be up 10 points in the general election right now.

Effective leadership inspires people to believe that they can achieve the supposedly impossible then executes a strategy to achieve it. This is what we need in America. Inspiration, intelligent plans, and diligent action based upon sound principles are what we need. It is not in the cards for the national election. Both parties have lost their collective minds in a panic caused by the colossal failure that is the Obama Administration.

Trump is too smart to make the silly mistakes that he does. I hope Kasich can pull a miracle, but I believe the fate of the nation will likely be in the hands of Donald Trump. He has to step up and unify this nation. He claims that he will be Presidential. When I see it, I will believe it. His style is contrary to everything that I value. It is contrary to way I was raised. It is contrary to what America needs. We need civility, honor, and dignity. Cruz was such a classier individual, it is a crying shame that sometimes the best person doesn’t win. I just don’t like Donald Trump in my gut.

After this election, if we don’t abolish open primaries, we are mad. Democrats and Independents raided the party. Republicans in Indiana have capitulated to a hostile takeover of the GOP by malcontents and outsiders. It is sickening that 60% of Republican voters are being ignored in favor of a minority composed of malcontents, independents, and Democrats. 40% are the tail waging of the dog of majority. There is something wrong with that system. It gave us John McCain and now Donald Trump. The Conservative majority has not had a candidate since Bush who was a consensus not a movement conservative. He was a good President. Now the house that Reagan and Bush built is being taken over by someone with little respect for the Constitution, social conservatism, or liberty. I am sadden. If Trump wants the support of those of us who are true conservatives, it is his job to win us not our job to go to him.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are completely unacceptable choices. One is a criminal, national security risk and on the take from foreign interests. The other is a socialist. Hillary Clinton has been wrong on almost every major policy in the last 20 years. She even opposed her husband’s welfare reform. She leaves in her wake death and destruction from her time as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton cannot be President.

In the end, I will support the Republican nominee. If it is Donald Trump, I will wonder what went wrong with America, but at least it will be America. Hillary Clinton’s America is not one worth living in. It is impoverished, politically correct, weak, and sold out to foreign powers. She is the worst of America. Donald Trump at least represents what is great about America, Americans caring for Americans. He favors a secure border, a strong economy, a real national defense, and common sense approach to debt. In 2016, I will vote to make America Great Again. I doubt Donald Trump is the one who can do it, but I know that Hillary Clinton cannot do it. #neverclinton

12 thoughts on “America Spurns the Best”

  1. In the beginning I thought Cruz would be a good candidate. I respect that he is one of the only Senators who actually takes a real stand against the administration.

    I even liked that he looks like Grandpa Munster from The Munsters.

    What turned me away was his sort of fire and brimstone evangelical tone.
    It just seems unnatural, like he’s narrating some scripted melodrama .It reminded me of when Al Gore tried to change his speaking tone by sort of making his voice crack in a gruff fashion to accentuate his points.
    It just seems phony and labored to me. It makes him sound like a snake oil salesman, who in his spare time, handles snakes…. if you know what I mean.

    Kasich just needs to bow out . He got his taste of the national spotlight
    The ego train has reached it’s final destination. He’s enjoyed the ride , and now he just needs to disembark .

  2. Both the D and R parties are dead from the neck up. Paradoxically, relative “outsiders” Trump and Sanders are their life support.

    Gary Johnson is the Libertarian outsider alternative for those who are tired of the “lesser of two evils” cliche’.

  3. Americans have done it again. They seem to insist on their worst choices not their best ones.

    That’s your opinion, which counts as one. Jeb, Cruz, Rubio…they had their shot and got hammered.

    I hope Kasich can pull a miracle…

    Brilliant. Hope another sure loser like Romney gets the nomination.

    After this election, if we don’t abolish open primaries, we are mad.


    Hillary Clinton has been wrong on almost every major policy in the last 20 years.

    Agreed. On Mubarak (now ISIS Egypt), on Gaddafi (now ISIS Libya), on the 3 am hangup leading to the murder of a US Ambassador in Benghazi, on the play for pay vis-a-vis Arab oligarchs and her “foundation” through a personal State Department server and on her support for a “deal” which was really a circumvention of the treaty power of the Senate, and on her no-show legislative achievements as a US Senator.

    And trust me, Trump will open and scrutinize all of her baggage- thoroughly.

    In the end, I will support the Republican nominee.

    And in the end, so will any other rational person. The next president will nominate two to four Supreme Court justices- a generation of jurisprudence.

  4. democrats and independents did not cause this because of open primaries. trump (who is not conservative) hijacked the party infrastructure and everyone was afraid to challenge him. turn out for the democratic primaries was much higher than turn out for the republicans.

  5. So, Rick, when Trump nominates his sister – a pro-choice federal judge whom Trump said would make a fine Supreme Court justice – you’ll be okay with that?

  6. No, I’d rather see him nominate another New Yorker- Al Sharpton (Sharpton’s real last name is Washington).

  7. David, you’ve pointed out the wrong culprit for the success of Donald Trump. The GOP is to blame. Joe Six-Pack has turned his back on the pompous asses he’s voted for in the past who have consistently ignored him once elected. Joe SP has placed his faith in this charlatan and his populist message. Trump is the PT Barnum of our time. Politicians are only the face of the insiders everyone rails against. Trump and his moneyed ilk are the real insiders. They pull the strings that move the arms and legs of our political prostitutes. He has gone out of his way to tout his acumen and complete lack of character in playing this game. Sadly, you are quite correct in that our options for the most powerful position in the world are very inadequate. Trump is a bombastic clueless bully with no moral compass. He has never answered a policy question with facts and figures. He relies on his flamethrower temperament to carry the day. Sadly, I will hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two very real evils.

  8. Well, we’ve read your screed describing the lesser of “two evils”…., now, what about Hillary?

  9. I’m sure that the next 6 months will show the problem with the failure that is Crooked Hillary. She is not the real deal

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