Afghanistan: Obama Surrenders to the Liberal Base

I have now read the 3 part series of Bob Woodward’s book about Obama and his generals regarding Afghanistan.  (What I read on the Internet is not the complete book but it is illuminating.)  Based on this reading I am more fearful for the sons and  daughters of friends of mine who are currently serving in the military.  This president, who continues to display a woeful ignorance of military affairs,  clearly states to his generals that his decision making on military matters is dictated by the base (liberal) of the Democrat party.  So the success of our anti terrorism campaign in Afghanistan is now being held hostage by the usual anti-American and military hating suspects of the left wing of the Democrat Party.  Yo, Obama why not just appoint George McGovern as your Secretary of Defense and get this Chinese Water Torture Experiment over with!  (McGovern did serve in the Military almost 70 years ago.  This is better than most Liberals.  This is no doubt why Obama’s Secretary of Defense is a Republican. Just like Bill Clinton!!!!) Now the News Media spin on Obama’s decision making is that he did a comprehensive review and this proves how smart Obama is …. blah, blah, blah.  The spin proves once again that the liberal media is either deliberately dumb about Military affairs, just plain dumb, or shills of the Liberal left.  I will leave off the option of all of the above.  Commenters are allowed to insert it as a write in if they wish.  Any Military Analyst and Historian will tell you how valuable superior numbers are in a military operation.  Dwight Eisenhower stated that if you want to take an objective with lower casualties give me superior numbers.  If Obama really wanted Americans out of Afghanistan sooner with victory, he would have given his generals more numbers than were asked.  Instead Obama insisted on options that included no means of achieving the victory objective in Afghanistan.  In the end Obama cut down the minimum recommended troop option of his generals by 10,000.  While this is bad enough, Obama followed up his stupid order with a move that is guaranteed to have our military mission in Afghanistan to fail.  Our arrogant and ignorant president also insisted on pulling out these needed troops within 10 months of today.  Does anyone not believe that the Taliban and Al Quaeda can hunker down for 10 months when our surge troops leave???? The Military already know from intercepted communications that our enemy intends such a hunker down strategy. By the way what was Obama’s reason for the twin stupidity of sending too few troops and telling the enemy when these troops are leaving??? Obama told his generals he had to satisfy his whacko liberal base.  (Obama did not use these words nor did he use the Rahm Emmanuel accurate description of them as “F*****g Retards”.   My apologies to anyone who is offended by this.  But one cannot accurately quote Obama’s first thug chief of staff without offending someone. )  Someone needs to tell Obama that in war we sacrifice very real live human beings to secure objectives that allows the continued existence of the United States of America and its citizens.  If we commit the flower of the youth of this nation to wage war we need to do so with the expectation of victory and securing our nation’s objectives.  We have volunteers who have put themselves in harm’s way in order to make all of us safer.  Obama’s strategy does nothing to secure Afghanistan.  In July of 2011 Afghanistan will still be a potential base of terrorist attacks against the U.S.. This year we lost 500 in this war in Afghanistan.  Obama’s actions are a guarantee that these lives were wasted.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama has demonstrated that his campaign statements that Afghanistan was “the good war” and that he intended to win it was a lie.  Obama is from the blame America first school.   His antipathy to the brave men and women of our military is palpable.  If Barack Obama is not going to give our military the tools to achieve victory in Afghanistan than he needs to quit being a hypocrite and pull our troops out of this country.  Why should another 500 Americans die so that Obama can pretend he is tough when he is really more worried about satisfying his liberal whacko supporters.  (I could have used the Rahm Emmanuel description of the same group of people but this would be an insult to some very fine folks who have some developmental disabilities.) My sympathies to any military member who has to serve under this dishonest and ignorant so called commander in chief.

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  1. Are you questioning the bona fides of our commander-in-chief? He worked in the trenches as a community organizer. He was at the front in the bitter battle for socialized medicine. He fought hand-to-hand against destructive corporate greed. He led the charge up the long, dangerous road to social justice. And, with the help of his able staff, formulated the complex strategy that saved our beloved Gen. Motors from oblivion. In short, this man is battle-tested!

  2. Rick,
    I love irony, sarcasm, and anti Obama nastiness with the best of them.

    The fact is I do have friends whose sons and daughters are in the military. I feel more strongly about Obama’s total incompetence in this area because I have known these kids since they were born.

    Sacrificing our sons and daughters are bad enough in a cause worth defending. I do feel the pain of my friends who say their prayers and worry every night.

    Putting these same people in harm’s way for no discernible reason other than to allow Obama to be Politically viable makes no sense to me.

    Obama is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of young Americans for his political machinations. I know of no other president to be so cold and calculating.

  3. Obama is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of young Americans for his political machinations. I know of no other president to be so cold and calculating

    If you want 30,000 more troops, go ask these guys.

  4. What do you expect from the Coward in Chief. He doesn’t have to worry about it; he is not the one being shot at.
    His weak kneed stand for America has shown him to be a laughingstock around the world.

  5. Well if not a laughing stock, he has zero respect. The bad guys all know Obama can be had.

  6. At this point, I am choosing not to read it. It could be too depressing and too personal.

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