A New Year’s Wish List for Congress

1. Tax Reform: I would love to see fundamental tax reform, but that can’t happen with the current White House. Still there are areas of potential reform. Some simplification of corporate taxes and lowering rates seems to be a consensus. Maybe a special low 5% tax on money parked overseas with that money going into an infrastructure bank. 2. A comprehensive energy policy based upon all of our resources, carbon based and renewable. I do not understand the sudden opposition to the wind and renewable tax credits by some conservatives when those were our ideas. It is good policy favored by both Republicans and Democrats. I just think that we should get something for renewing solar and wind credits. I think a domestic solar panels should get a higher percentage tax credit. China will challenge it in the WTO and has a 50/50 chance of winning, but by the time they do or we trade it for taking down one of their barriers, we will reestablish the domestic industry that they purposefully bought out or our regulations drove out. Two years may save what’s left of it. We need to ensure the Keystone Pipeline is approved which is also bipartisan, but the hard left opposes for purely feel good reasons at the cost of 40k jobs, national security, and goodwill with our Northern neighbor. We need to stop crazy new EPA regulations. Defund them. The trade is that you don’t shut down coal and we won’t shut down wind and solar. Everyone wins. Put them in the same bill. 3. No abortion funding. Need I say more. Abortion is an intrinsic evil that intentionally kills a helpless human being for being inconvenient. Nothing is more wrong headed. 4. Reaffirm DOMA. Only one part was ruled unconstitutional. It was the weakest link in the law. How do you tell people legally married in a state that they can’t transfer benefits they earned by working to their spouse? It was no surprise that fell. The important part of the law was to ensure people of the states made that decision. Congress needs to remind the courts that it was removed from their jurisdiction under the power granted to Congress in Article 3 to set the jurisdiction of the courts. Only the Supreme Court can overturn these marriage laws. Congress needs to rebuke the courts. 5. Put forward a new Health Care law instead of trying to fix the old one piecemeal. 6. Pass reform of the regulatory state. We are governed by an administrative regime no matter who is President. The fault is that of Congress. Congress needs to set up a Sunset committee with sub committees for the different departments. Part of the review process before any regulation takes effect should be review by Congress to see if it stays with the intent of the legislation. 7. Stop the “internet giveaway” to the new international organization, oppose local taxing of interstate internet commerce, and moderate net neutrality instead of gutting it. The internet has been one of the engines of economic growth. We seem intent on changing that. Taxes bad, equal access good.

3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Wish List for Congress”

  1. It’s a great wish list. On most wish lists, you usually only get one or two off of the list, if that.
    Well let’s see, first will be the total work-up of a new health care system. That’s number one on the list for me.
    Number two is much more difficult but after a little thought, I would choose to completely restructure the Federal tax system and simplify it, so everybody can read and understand what is expected of them.
    On Second thought, every one of the choices is great, lets get greedy and go for the whole ball of wax.

  2. 8. Break up the big banks, and make it illegal for banks to buy or sell on behalf of customers any equities, bonds, commodities or any other types of investment instruments other than CD’s. Put the Federal Reserve under a microscope, and reform as necessary. Concider reinstating the gold standard.

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