A New Chairman For The Sussex County GOP

As I’ve said on this site in the past, Mr. Wood was an exceptional Chairman, hard worker and an effective statesman. I guarantee he will be difficult to replace but we have talent in Sussex County that could rise to the occasion and Mr. Rieley is certainly one of them, but not the only one. We need a Chairman that can take the reins under difficult circumstances and spend the enormous amount of time it takes to be the effective leader of such a diverse group. We need the type of person who will work with the entire party regardless of political ideology and include all, as Jerry did. Let’s learn a lesson from Jerry’s tenure as Chairman and not make a serious mistake. I suggest that we discuss this instead of writing a post that has the appearance of being a paid advertisement. We have until March elections to consider our options and carefully consider who best could lead the Sussex County Republican Committee. Who has the time and leadership ability to rise up and take command in a correct manner. Who can gain the respect, or at least the support of a majority of the committee without alienating the other factions. Out of respect, I would have waited perhaps another week to start discussing our options but others are already stumping for their favorites. I urge caution on our choice of a Chairman. I agree, we are a factional party in Sussex, but that doesn’t mean that we should jump at the first suggestion entered by a blogger. My name will not be on the table for that position. Let’s take our time and consider our Options!

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  1. Cletus
    “As I sat at the ‘service’ last week, all I heard was people talking about themselves NOT Jerry.”

    You must have been at a different service because I heard people speaking of great things they knew about Jerry, as each individual person knew him, including myself, who knew Jerry well.
    I knew there must be one in the crowd.

  2. Don. I hope you won’t delete this comment since you clearly were directing this post at myself and my post about the Sussex chair position.
    First of all, how dare you accuse me of a paid endorsement? Are you so shallow that you assume that people only support others if they are paid?
    And why shouldn’ I as a political “blogger” be writing about such an important issue?
    As for timing, as I said in my post, Jerry had announced that he would not be seeking re-election, so this topic would still be relevant even if Jerry were still with us. And though I clearly didn’t know Jerry as well as you kepp telling us that you did, I do believe that he would want us to discuss this and to work together to find the very best replacement possible, as soon as possible.
    Don I put John Riley’s name out there because in my opinion he would make a great chairman, I have entertained on my post other suggestions, I notice you attacked my post without making any suggestions yourself.
    Go to my post and see how I intelligently discussed other ideas that people put forth. I would suggest that you put aside your personal feeling and attempt to put forth options, rather than simply hurling accusations.

  3. Cletus
    Most of what you are saying in comment 4 is simply not true sir. I don’t want to ague about who knew Jerry best, it would seem by the size of the memorial service that many knew him and had great respect for him. Please let’s just let him rest in peace without a nasty discussion.

  4. 2010 was a good year in Sussex and Kent for our side. 2012 was a very difficult year with Biden on the ticket for hopefully the last time, the increased turnout, the gerrymandering, and the money and organization put in by the governor. Yes, it was a little harder than 2010. Did the guy in 2010 do a fine job, yes he did. Was 2012 an even more challenging environment? Yes, that is why I think Jerry did an even better job than most recent chairmen any where in the state of course he had the fine work of those before him to build upon and inherited a strong organization. There is enough credit for everyone, but let’s not pretend this was a normal year.

  5. Cletus
    As you can look back and refer, I had already changed the “with” to “without” so you can cut the sarcasm. I don’t know who you are but you certainly don’t represent the U of D. So far today all of your comments on every post have had a nasty touch of sarcasm. So, I wouldn’t act holier than thou, if I were you.

  6. Frank
    You may make all the challenges you want sir, but I will not debate a person I have no respect for. You will stay off my posts and so will your surrogates. You have no respect for the Republic or the Party. You seek only publicity.
    You may hurl further challenges but from this moment on, they will go unanswered and it is not out of the fear that you so laughingly believe.

  7. cletus
    As I look back at my records, I see that you have the IP number of a sock puppet that commented here a year and a half ago under these pseudonyms.
    Your Worst Nightmare
    There are few more also, so don’t deny it. Any further comments using this IP number will be treated as personal attacks.

  8. Somebody very convincing needs to talk Everett Moore in to running. Otherwise, the Sussex GOP will remain as useless as the post-Ron Sams era. To quote a famous line, “because it is true!”

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