This 9/11 anniversary was my first in the War Zone. I have been activated before, but this was the real deal in Taliban Country. It contained moments that I will never forget. We had a Candlelight 9/11 Commemoration service themed “A Legacy of Hope and Strength”. It featured words from the heart, original music including a tremendous and thought provoking rap by SFC Russell Burton, and an original song a mix between pop ballad and today’s country by SPC Hillary Knutson answering war protestors who seem to hate the troops with a thoughtful and moving call to not praise war, but praise courage, don’t love fighting, love freedom. She sang of the courage of the American Servicemember. There was hardly a dry eye among soldiers who laugh in the face of bombardment and through a party in the bunker. She wishes to be a professional singer. She will be. Those of you who think that Americanism is old fashion, come to Afghanistan and spend time with the troops. I still believe in the exceptionalism of the American vision. I still believe in the moral superiority of liberty. I still believe that America’s best days are ahead and not behind because this experiment of liberty is too precious to let fade. Just as importantly, I believe that freedom is a universal human aspiration. On this day, I reaffirm my belief that freedom is worth defending. I hope my fellow Americans do not get complacent because of our successes in containing our adversaries. There is still a real danger. They were at war with us, but on September 11th, 12 years ago we realized it. As the 9/11 report said, they were at war with us, but we were not at war with them. I hope we take time to strengthen our resolve. Freedom is a very precious. It is worth defending and passing on to the next generation. The Islamofacists, who destort Islam into a radical doctrine of tyranny, are not people who we can peacefully coexist with. Right now the big symbol of freedom here is the pen. When the Taliban decapitated a teacher and destroyed a school. There was a rally held where the speaker declared that we will defeat them with our minds and with our pens. He said let this be the symbol of new lives as he held one up. Now the children do not ask the soldiers for candy, they ask for pens. We must support those who oppose them and defeat them. We must stand strong for religious liberty, economic liberty, universal education, and equal rights for women. Freedom is the the only antedote for tyranny. I think that is the lesson of 9/11. Have a blessed day and please say a prayer for those of us who can’t join you today. *My thoughts are solely my own reflections on private time and are in no way a statement by the United States government or military.

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  1. The Islamofacists, who destort Islam into a radical doctrine of tyranny, are not people who we can peacefully coexist with.

    True. I disagree with all the corruption involved on the U.S. (and mainly the Israeli) side (RIP Pat Tillman, etc.) but that’s still true. There are Islamic factions like that and Team America, World Police is doing good by fighting them.

    It’s just that reality is usually a lot more messy and complex than people waving their flags or putting on their “Boston Strong” tee shirts and so forth usually believe.

  2. America is still exceptional.

    This may be slightly more accurate:

    Until 2008 most people didn’t know or question how the world worked…
    Since then with help of internet, youtube, zerohedge, laid off ex-bankers, etc. helped world become smarter…
    politicians lie to masses in order to achieve favor for the richest of the rich who can afford lobbysts
    USA is not capitalistic and government still controls the economy and commerce
    USA is an empire
    USA is no longer #1
    Money is #1
    Power is #2
    Elites are just extremely skilled at keeping the delusion of the meritocracy going and being lucky
    cops are there to protect property of elites
    universities are there to protect intellectual property of elites
    USA is not a democracy…nor a republic…nor special….just a country lucky with plenty of natural resources and few people. Link

  3. David writes: ” I still believe in the exceptionalism of the American vision. I still believe in the moral superiority of liberty”

    Unfortunately, people no longer understand what that means. It is difficult for people to subscribe to an idea that they do not understand, and which is subject to deliberate misrepresentation.

    One of the reasons America is exceptional, is because our Founders set out on a very long, active, deep, profound, and extensive effort to make it so. Those who designed our nation made it exceptional because that was their goal and their undertaking.

    Most nations emerged in history through the accident of geography or ethnic affiliation — that is, in disregard of any ideal or governing philosophy.

    By contrast, our Founders set out to establish ideals and create a nation to follow and live up those ideals.

    And so American exceptionalism is by design, not by accident. That was the whole idea.

    Of course, many do not understand the idea of living by ideals. So let me explain:

    I have set a goal of losing 15 pounds in the next month even if I have to fast. Suppose I set a goal, perhaps as a New Year’s Resolution, of losing 100 pounds between now and next July 4th.

    The day after I set that goal, have I lost any weight yet. NO! The goal is not immediately achieved upon declaring. It may take a long, hard, enduring struggle to transform a person or a nation to live up to an ideal.

    But for liberals, it is all about symbolism over substance. So the pure 100% symbolism is expected to be achieved immediately upon declaring an ideal. The long road of HARD WORK to bring that ideal into reality doesn’t fit within the world of pure symbolism.

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