50 years later, the King Legacy still matters

50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The night before he made a speech that he had been to the Mountaintop. He believed that we were on the way to new America where racism was not enforced by law and people could be free to achieve. He presciently said that he may not see it, but we would. He was right.’

April 4th and 5th were times of turmoil. His inner circle was in shock. The nation wondered who would replace him? No one person did. That was the advantage going forward not a problem. Dr. King inspired millions. Those people fulfilled his legacy. They were people Black and White, Jewish and Gentile, Hispanic and English primary. Dr. King’s legacy was not a man, it was a nation that decided equality and justice would not be words for some, but liberty and justice truly were for all.

The world that I grew up in post King was very different from that of my parents. The world of my children will be even better. Dr. King showed us that we can make a difference if we focus on what matters most. In our own small way, we hope to follow that example and focus on what matters most to the people of Delaware so life will be better for our children and ourselves.