40th March For Life a Success

The annual March for Life turned out hundreds of thousands for a very successful venture even after the death of its founder last summer. We remember Nellie Gray and her legacy. This was the first March without her. She passed in August. This email to Father Frank Pavone showed her spirit just before her death.
Dear Father Pavone, This is a follow-up note from the Meeting… Of course, the purpose of the March for Life is still to overturn Roe v.Wade and gain protection for the right to life of each born and pre-born human – no exception and no compromise! This purpose is expressed in the Life Principles which the March for Life Board of Directors adopted for the love of God at its beginning in 1973, and which we will continue to restate in prayer at our 40th annual March for Life, January 24-25, 2013. ProLife Americans want “no exception” because that is the right and only position to take for our beloved country. We cannot allow our country intentionally to kill even one preborn. We can stop this killing when all of us who say we are “prolife” become unified on the Life Principles – no exception-no compromise – and vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. We can do that! We view March for Life as all-American, all-inclusive, and we really hope that all prolife people and organizations will unify under one banner. After 40 years and 55,000,000 killed preborn babies, we must get unity among prolife people to gain the “prolife strength and sound message”. We shall unify and stop the evil of abortion because it is evil. Thank you again, I needed that good talk. Yes, we shall work together. Sincerely in Life, Nellie Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/pro-life-giant-nellie-gray-dies-tributes-pour-in-80014/#s1pb8u978r4vL0y5.99
Congratulations on a successful march. We stand with you until the day comes when the pre-born child is once again valued and protected in culture and law.

4 thoughts on “40th March For Life a Success”

  1. And the Main Stream Media coverage? Put a bunch of unwashed refried hippies in a downtown park protesting against “The Man” and it’s front page news.

  2. People who want to stop women from aborting their pregnancies ought to think about how to stop those people who want to abort their jobs.

  3. Not exactly related, but you will find no disagreement here that we need to have an American economic policy that stops destroying the middle class.

  4. On a related note… it’s amazing how rates of abortion have gone up (often the purpose of which is personal profit, i.e. getting or maintaining an education to get a job, etc.) and women have joined the workforce. Yet… supposedly there’s still not enough money/debt and jobs.

    Maybe with respect to the bankster’s paper ponzi and the greed/debt/death cycle that they’re manipulating into boom/bust cycles to profit for themselves, the carrot is always just out of reach of “the base.” I.e. the beasts of burden below.

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