38 heroes never made it off a chopper that was apparently blown out of the sky over Afghanistan.  It is worse news than even the loss of 30 American troops.   It is now believed the mission was to go after the Taliban leadership.   The Army Rangers were bogged down.  The elite Seal Team 6 was sent to join them.  They never made it.  Some are advocating that we turn over the Afghan operation to the locals with special forces.  We tried that here in one of the most important operations of the year.   They were waiting for us.  It could be that they were prepared for such an assault.  It could be that they were tipped off.  You risk that when you bring in local elements to run your ground security.  In important operations, we still need to control our own destiny and not outsource it.   They are not ready for the big time yet.  Will they be ready in a year?  I pray so, but not today.  Stop the arbitrary deadlines and decide to win this war. May GOD bless the families of those lost this weekend American, Afghan, and French.   They are all heroes who are keeping the world safe from the evil of our time.  We at Delaware Politics.net honor their sacrifice. A special dedication to the Seals and Rangers.