Stein out of luck in PA? Election finally over

It looks like no Pennsylvania recount. Jill Stein missed the deadline for a Pennsylvania recount. Unless some court rules that a candidate with no chance of winning and who has no evidence that the vote was wrong, has standing to set aside the law. Frankly, the election is so far from being close enough in PA that a recount is one in a million to be optimistic. Wisconsin is not much different and Michigan is not one in a 100,000. No one believes that. The odds of turning all of them has to be 10 billion to 1. Hillary Clinton’s campaign joining the effort borders on delusion. They admit that they investigated and found no evidence of a problem. If Stein wanted Clinton to win, she would not have run. Johnson took more votes from Trump than she did from Clinton. The Conservative/Libertarian vote would have been divided, Clinton may have gotten just enough votes to win as a minority President. She has no standing to complain about a foreseeable result of her own actions. Notice Stein is not challenging the closest states which would be a mix that would be mostly Clinton states like New Hampshire, Virginia and Nevada along with Michigan. Pennsylvania would not even be one of them. She is only challenging Trump states that were close.

This also undermines the argument of Clinton narrowly winning the popular vote. She did not win the majority. The center right votes for all parties exceeded the center left votes. If we had a parliamentary popular vote democracy, Trump would likely be the one forming a government or if we had a Presidential democracy like France. Russia or other places, there would be a runoff. You cannot set up a system that does not build a consensus among a broad swath of the nation. The electoral college does that in a uniquely American fashion. These United States of America are not a unitary government. It is a federation of states. We want a consensus based upon the people in the states so that a region does not dominate the rest of the nation. This would split us apart.

The real problems with the vote are in VA where the Governor pushed through many thousands of people illegally into the voting roles. Trump is the one who lost a close state due to rigging the system not Clinton. If the race were close enough for a recount, I would support it. I supported Al Gore’s right to one until he wanted to count Democratic counties one way and Republican counties another way, which would have over counted Democratic votes and undercounted Republican ones thereby stealing the election. You count the whole state by the same standard to protect everyone’s vote equally. That is what the Supreme Court ruled. After 4 attempts to circumvent the ruling and cherry pick, the high court said enough. Sadly, there is a myth saying the High Court stopped the recount and gave the election to Bush. In fact, Bush won the count, the tabulation, the recount, the second recount and the third recount. The papers did their own recounts after the election. Bush won something like 8 recounts. No matter how you counted them, he won. The only possible way he lost was to count the Democratic counties by one standard and the Republican by another and allow the 1500 military ballots that arrived late by mail not to be counted.

This myth had a negative effect on the first few months of the Bush administration. It allowed the Democrats in the Senate leeway to delay many lower level appointments. 9/11 showed the problem with an understaffed administration. Many important positions were just filled that week or after it happened. I am concerned that “the Russians changed the vote conspiracy” will cause a similar issue if people don’t speak up. This nation is already divided enough. We don’t need it. It is a fool’s errand. Then again, maybe Democrats don’t care. Maybe they think it is payback for the “He’s a Kenyan” nonsense (nonsense because it is undisputed that his mother is an American therefore he is no matter where he was born, which happened to be the state of Hawaii) that may have been a psychological retaliation. It appears that we are stuck in a vicious cycle. I wish that we could call it even and move forward as Americans.

Our voter registration system is a mess. Motor Voter had some serious flaws along with advantages. We should allow registration to be easy and at other sites. What was wrong was making it difficult to clean up lists from people who move, die or are incarcerated. There is also not proper checks in some states to keep those who are not citizens from registering to vote. Many states actually forbid asking people for proof of citizenship. You are supposed to take their word. The result is millions of duplicate or illegal registrations and that is undermining confidence in the system. That is why the true the vote movement is sweeping the country and requiring voter ID to insure that people do not take advantage of someone who moved or died to vote in their stead. In ten years, the average person has moved at least once. The motivation is not trying to suppress minority voters who happen to have ID anyway. That is a broad statement, there were a couple of states that used voter ID as a backdoor poll tax to suppress poor and disproportionately minority voters. They deserved to be struck down and were. That does not reflect the other 28 states.

Let’s get a consensus on reforming the system so that we have a broad voter registration that reflects our citizenry accurately. We need it to be both broad and accurate. Every citizen who wants to vote, should be able to vote. We don’t want non citizens voting or what is the point of citizenship?

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  1. Jill Stein is losing her mind. I heard her speak on the Fox Business Independent commentator, Kennedy show, attempting to justify her stand on the recount. She is out of touch with reality.

  2. The Socialist-Democrats plan on (or already are) filing lawsuits in various states, in order to have certain states’ laws requiring Electoral College delegates to vote for the candidate who garnered the most votes in their respective states be deemed unconstitutional.

    Rest assured that left-leaning judges will rule in the petitioner’s favor, in order to undermine the process, throwing the whole election results into chaos.

    This is akin to an NFL team, after losing a game, petitioning the league to have a field goal be given a value of nine points instead of three, after the fact. Hillary Clinton and the Socilaist-Democrats never claimed before the election that the Electoral College count would be in any way construed to be invalid. But now, after the coronation was ruined, they attack the process.

    Socialist-Democrats are, in general, despicable. This is why, ultimately, as in the case of all deep sociopolitical schisms, the issue will be settled at the point of a gun.

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