2019, the year of Cannabis?

Prediction, the next 12 months will be the year of marijuana. Now that Jeff Sessions and Rep. Pete Sessions are out, there will be serious movement. Rep. Pete Sessions R-TX was the powerful chairman of the House Rules Committee. He lost his seat in Texas that was thought to be safe, largely over his blocking of amendements on cannibas from coming to a vote. Many fellow Republicans had wanted movement, but were not willing to bypass him. It was not that important. With his loss, it is like a damn breaking. People are pushing amendments now.

The first expected to pass is common sense hemp deregulation. The U. S. is the only developed nation that treats hemp plants as controlled substances. This inhibits CBD from being studied like it should or proven claims from being stated. It also hurts clothing and rope products. Often those end up being imported because of the cost and regulation of being a hemp farmer. Senator Mitch McConnell sees hemp as the new tabacco when it comes to economic revitalization of his state. He intends to see this deregulation in the new Farm bill.

This is good for the economy and will benefit Delaware which passed a bill allowing hemp deregulation as soon as the Feds pass something. in 2019, medical marijuana will pass. The designated rules committee chair for the House intends to make it a priority. The President favors it. Senator Cory Gardner intends to ensure the next Attorney General answers questions on this issue. We may not get a lot of movement on the big issues facing America, but something will get done. Let’s hope infrasutructure and other important issues get as much play.

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  1. The views expressed are those of the author when I publish a guest opinion. My view is irrelavent..

    In prinxiple, I favor legalization and usimg half of the tax money ti expand treatment and prevention programs.

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