Flashback: Bush 41 ’88 Acceptance Speech

This was one of the best convention speeches ever from a man not known for his speaking. It is what a Republican speech should look like. He was tough and substantive. He was kind and thoughtful. He was John Wayne and Mr. Fred Rogers in one speech.

President Bush was one of the great leaders of the 20th century, yet he was down 15 to 17 points before the convention. His back was against the wall, but Lee Atwater and Karl Rove put together the most successful convention ever. He brought it home with this speech.

In memory of a great man.

Trumpworld: President Trump scores more victories for middle America

Democrats will have to decide next year of resistance means opposing just because or allows for supporting trade agreements that have everything they claimed for the last 30 years to have wanted in them. Oddly, enough it is Democrats who negotiated the worst trade agreements and betrayed their base. If they oppose President Trump here, we know they are just liars.

President Trump made China blink and come to the table. He obtained real deals with the Europeans. He has been able to keep his campaign promise to replace NAFTA. By the force of his will, he has broken down the Globalist wall of special interest power and championed the cause of ordinary Americans like few others. By all means resist that and we will know who stands with Americans and who stands with the globalists.

The Delaware Democratic Money Machine part 1

DP is working on the incredible out of state effort used to help win targeted races by the Delaware Democratic Party. The Wilmington News Journal published an article which is a fine start. It is clear the Democratic Party in Delaware is a special interest limited partnership. Pay Day lenders, out of state gaming interests, and organized labor joined a progressive money machine to fund staff, ads, polling and more. Candidates did not even know what was coming and were along for the ride. Read the article. It is interesting. There is no wonder middle class voters are forgotten. They do not need to focus on what matters most to you if voters will not pay closer attention to voting for your own interests not just a party brand. Read more

Bush 41–American Titan

The President who represented the Greatest Generation has passed from the scene. He left a legacy of freedom and service for all Americans. President George H. W. Bush once said that he believed there is no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others. The President who supervised the end of the cold war, guided a successful dissolution of the Soviet Union. and defended America's ability to be independent from forces who would have kept us from the free flow of oil at market prices is naturally remembered for his foreign policy achievements. He had an admirable record on foreign policy before he even became President. He was the first American to be a functional Ambassador to the People's Republic of China. He personally stopped military death squads in El Salvador, according to recently classified documents. He changed our world. Without his leadership, Read more