This is a challenge for all intelligent life to post constructive, effective sustainable and constitutional university level solutions to the institutionalized problem of illegal immigration.

A more advanced cerebral systematic virtual think tank approach is required, ab initio.

The scope is not limited to the territorial confines United States, so international comments are welcome.


TRASH comments will be deleted. This is NOT a forum for personal attack, racism and ethnic hated.

Davis Case Highlights Media Malpractice

We have a media that refuses to inform the public about basic information. She habitually has her license suspended and drove while it was suspended including to public events. She could not even explain what the office she sought did at public debates, even after the first one. They did not do the most basic profile. It was embarrassing. I do not believe in hit reporting, but it is interesting that some business deal that went south for Arlett was news, some economic difficulty for Donyale Hall around a decade ago was somehow newsworthy. They even unsuccessfully tried to make $20 of recording costs for an endorsement an issue. It is funny that they could not report on someone showing up drunk in swim suits to events until after the primary. They witnessed this before the election then did not tell people. There seemed to be an agenda in play by what was not reported. The people were Read more

We Support the Border Patrol

The invaders who attacked our law enforcement officers at the border where turned away properly with minimal force. The open borders left all of a sudden acts like tear gas is some crime against humanity. They offer no solutions. They never had a problem with numerous such actions in other administrations including their beloved Obama administration. They are hypocrites of the first order. Worse, they are advocates for the end of America as we know it. It is no secret that I differ with this administration on legal immigration policy. I oppose the RAISE Act. I supported Rubio not Trump in the primary mainly because of immigration. What we do not differ in is the rule of law and opposition to illegal immigration. If we allow these group of thugs to bully their way into our nation by rioting, throwing stones, and setting fires instead of waiting in line, we will be subjected to wave Read more

2019, the year of Cannabis?

Prediction, the next 12 months will be the year of marijuana. Now that Jeff Sessions and Rep. Pete Sessions are out, there will be serious movement. Rep. Pete Sessions R-TX was the powerful chairman of the House Rules Committee. He lost his seat in Texas that was thought to be safe, largely over his blocking of amendements on cannibas from coming to a vote. Many fellow Republicans had wanted movement, but were not willing to bypass him. It was not that important. With his loss, it is like a damn breaking. People are pushing amendments now. The first expected to pass is common sense hemp deregulation. The U. S. is the only developed nation that treats hemp plants as controlled substances. This inhibits CBD from being studied like it should or proven claims from being stated. It also hurts clothing and rope products. Often those end up being imported because of the cost and regulation of Read more

A Conservative View on Marijuana Legalization and Drug Abuse Guest Opinion by Patrick Bailey

A Conservative View on Marijuana Legalization and Drug Abuse Much has been said on the debate as to whether or not drug use and abuse should be decriminalized. On one side, the liberals argue that decriminalizing use and possession of small amounts of illicit drug substances is the way to go. As a consequence of decriminalization, individuals who are caught in possession of a small amount of these substances can choose to go to rehab or jail. However, drug trafficking and possession (in huge quantities) will still be illegal. ' On the other side of the coin, conservatives are lobbying for a more humane and a more personal approach of promoting the concept of saving lives, thus, promoting the view of creating a drug court to try nonviolent offenders instead of putting them to jail. There is one issue that both sides of the house almost agree on --- legalization of marijuana. Though Read more

The Human Cost of Illegal Immigration in Delaware

Why am I opposed to making Dover a Sanctuary city or Delaware a Sanctuary state? We are holding 78 people with detainers from ICE in our prisons. 23 rapists, 12 murders and so on. At least 16 Delawareans have lot their lives due to these illegal immigrants. Children were abused. Human trafficking was conducted. Child pornography was spread. Women and children were raped. Here is a list of the charges these people were convicted of. Tell me who in their right mind thinks they should be released to stay here instead of being sent on a one way ticket anywhere? Source Delaware Department of Corrections DUI: 3 Fugitive from another state: 2 Possession of a controlled substance: 2 Drug dealing: 5 Trafficking: 1 Racketeering: 1 Reckless driving: 1 Conspiracy: 1 Manslaughter: 3 Murder 1st: 6 Murder 2nd: 6 Vehicular homicide: 1 PWDCF: 10 PWID: 2 Tier 3 Possession: 1 Assault Read more

Trump Should be Praised for Keeping out 500 criminal invaders

500 felony criminals tried to invade America under cover of “the caravan”. You think the people who stopped them would be praised. The open border crowd only whines that we need to be more compassionate. I say compassion is protecting your own people.

Do I believe in helping refugees, a welcoming immigration policy to those who respect our laws and traditions? Yes. I have the greatest respect for people who leave everything familiar to build a better life for themselves and their families. They make us better. That starts by respecting us enough to do it right. Importing random people including criminals is self destructive.

Many Mexicans feel the same way.

Immigration needs to refocused to serve both Immigrants and Americans

What do I and many other conservatives want for America's immigration system? A controlled system where we know who is here and why, give vaccines to those who need it and keep criminals out, stop the drug, gun and human trafficking, and have an efficient system for workers and students to be and stay legal is what I value. I want an immigration system that benefits immigrants and Americans alike. It needs to look out for the health and safety of Americans. America benefits more from legal immigration than it costs us. How many inventions, services, small businesses and innovations come from immigrants? Immigration keeps our economic engine fresh by allowing us to control our population growth necessary for economic growth. Illegal immigration has some benefits, but I believe it costs us more than benefits us. In Delaware alone, the net cost of illegal immigration is around Read more

Watchout Loony Left, I am BACK.

Delaware is suffering from the ravishes of the Loony left. There has been one voice that has stood up the insanity by calling out the nonsense over the past decade. That voice needs to be reenergized. Therefore I am back with weekly posts or more if I somehow find time while fighting homelessness, the drug epidemic, helping govern a city, family, church, military service as a reservist and full time work. I am also bringing on board a couple of new voices while keeping our beloved favorites Don and Wolf. It is time to take our state back. We do that with information. The Loony left's worst nightmare is realized. David Anderson is back with my hard hitting but optimistic, inclusive, and positive conservatism. The values of free markets, family, patriotism, Constitutionalism and individual freedom have a warrior who will champion their cause. We are not merely an alternative to Read more

Petition Circulating Demanding Resignation Of DE GOP Chairman

GOP Revolt, First Shot Fired, Who Will Resign First According to anonymous sources, a petition has started circulating in Republican Circles, demanding the resignation of the party's leadership, all the way to the State Chairman's position. Republicans lost both the State Auditors and State Treasurers Seat, leaving them devoid of any statewide positions. In addition to losing the statewide positions, they lost both a state senate seat and a state representative seat. Anger within the GOP has been heavily voiced by more than a few in the GOP ranks. GOP State Chairman, Mike Harrington stated, "It was not a total loss, and we can make a comeback in 2020." "If this Midterm election wasn't a total loss, then what the hell is, a disgruntled party attendee at the post election party was heard saying. The petition claims, that a total lack of competent leadership is the cause Read more

Time for you to be heard: David Anderson for State Rep

Why are we not heard by the current majority? It seems that we have been forgotten. The quiet people who work everyday, raise their families and serve in their community do not have a group of lobbyists to advocate our interests. We may not have lobbyists, but on November 6th you can have a representative who will work daily for you. I believe the government belongs to all of us and I will try to hear all of you. I will see what works and focus mainly on what matters most to improving our lives. We can have safer schools, work to restore the senior tax credit, have a job friendly state and safer streets. We can begin to turn the tide on the drug epidemic and homelessness. We need people who will unite the community to address these problems. I ask for your vote. Please give me 2 terms to prove myself. I kept my promises at the city level. I will at the state level. You will be glad Read more

The Ten Forgotten Truths of Life

10 Forgotten Truths of Life You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-business. You can’t be pro-child and undermine parents. You can’t be anti-crime and hate the police. You can’t be for freedom and allow the government to be unrestrained. You can’t be for human rights and deny they come from our Creator. You can’t deny the humanity of the poor, the disabled, and those different from yourself and not undermine your own human dignity. You can’t ignore the family unit and expect a strong society. You can’t tax your way to prosperity or randomly spend your way to wealth. You can’t avoid investing in people and expect people to be successful. You can’t ignore the lessons of history and not make the mistakes of the past. Respectfully David Anderson

Steve Smyk: Candidate and Treasurer?

In early September of 2018, incumbent 20th District State Representative, Steven Smyk apparently dismissed his campaign committee treasurer, discredited former Indian River School District CFO, Patrick C. Miller. In an era of highly charged politics, good campaign treasurers are hard to find, but in the wake of the IRSD missing funds scandal, he became a major political liability and had to go. Representative Smyk’s amended statement of organization of"Freinds of Steve Smyk" 11/01/2018 apparently indicates that he is acting as his own campaign committee treasurer. 15 Del. C. (e) § 8003 states: A candidate shall designate an individual as treasurer of that candidate's candidate committee, in order to assist with the duties under this chapter, but nothing shall relieve the candidate from the responsibility for keeping the records and filing the reports required by this Read more

Delaware State Rep. Misuses Official Army Seal

In the days immediately preceding the 2018 general election, voters in the 20th Representative District received a card in the mail from incumbent Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk (R), whose apparent misuse of the official US Department of the Army seal in his campaign literature is most probably illegal and/or highly questionable at best. The official US Department of the Army seal (seen to the immediate right of the State of Delaware flag along the bottom of the political mailing) is a registered trademark of the US Government intended for official use only and generally cannot be used by non-federal entities without prior permission of the parent federal agency. Federal seals legally are protected under USC, Title 18, sections 506, 701, and 1017. Under no circumstances, does the use or misuse of the US Department of Defense seal and/or the official seals of Read more

DeMartino 2018 Campaign Gathers Momentum

James DeMartino's campaign for 14th District State Representative (the seat currently held by Delaware Speaker of the House, Peter Schwartzkopf) is gathering major momentum in the closing days of the 2018 general election. The mood was very optimistic at last night's meet and greet at the Lewes Diner, as positive feedback continues to pour in from the 14th District electorate at-large and the area's business community. Mr. DeMartino is gaining increasing support from a broader coalition of Independent and crossover Democrat voters desiring regime change and greater community representation in the public interest on a wide variety of issues in the Delaware General Assembly, instead of politics as usual. Independent/Republican/Populist congressional write candidate, Andrew C. Webb was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the people present, as were the representatives of Read more