Time for you to be heard: David Anderson for State Rep

Why are we not heard by the current majority? It seems that we have been forgotten. The quiet people who work everyday, raise their families and serve in their community do not have a group of lobbyists to advocate our interests. We may not have lobbyists, but on November 6th you can have a representative who will work daily for you. I believe the government belongs to all of us and I will try to hear all of you. I will see what works and focus mainly on what matters most to improving our lives. We can have safer schools, work to restore the senior tax credit, have a job friendly state and safer streets. We can begin to turn the tide on the drug epidemic and homelessness. We need people who will unite the community to address these problems. I ask for your vote. Please give me 2 terms to prove myself. I kept my promises at the city level. I will at the state level. You will be glad Read more

The Ten Forgotten Truths of Life

10 Forgotten Truths of Life You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-business. You can’t be pro-child and undermine parents. You can’t be anti-crime and hate the police. You can’t be for freedom and allow the government to be unrestrained. You can’t be for human rights and deny they come from our Creator. You can’t deny the humanity of the poor, the disabled, and those different from yourself and not undermine your own human dignity. You can’t ignore the family unit and expect a strong society. You can’t tax your way to prosperity or randomly spend your way to wealth. You can’t avoid investing in people and expect people to be successful. You can’t ignore the lessons of history and not make the mistakes of the past. Respectfully David Anderson

Steve Smyk: Candidate and Treasurer?

In early September of 2018, incumbent 20th District State Representative, Steven Smyk apparently dismissed his campaign committee treasurer, discredited former Indian River School District CFO, Patrick C. Miller. In an era of highly charged politics, good campaign treasurers are hard to find, but in the wake of the IRSD missing funds scandal, he became a major political liability and had to go. Representative Smyk’s amended statement of organization of"Freinds of Steve Smyk" 11/01/2018 apparently indicates that he is acting as his own campaign committee treasurer. 15 Del. C. (e) § 8003 states: A candidate shall designate an individual as treasurer of that candidate's candidate committee, in order to assist with the duties under this chapter, but nothing shall relieve the candidate from the responsibility for keeping the records and filing the reports required by this Read more

Delaware State Rep. Misuses Official Army Seal

In the days immediately preceding the 2018 general election, voters in the 20th Representative District received a card in the mail from incumbent Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk (R), whose apparent misuse of the official US Department of the Army seal in his campaign literature is most probably illegal and/or highly questionable at best. The official US Department of the Army seal (seen to the immediate right of the State of Delaware flag along the bottom of the political mailing) is a registered trademark of the US Government intended for official use only and generally cannot be used by non-federal entities without prior permission of the parent federal agency. Federal seals legally are protected under USC, Title 18, sections 506, 701, and 1017. Under no circumstances, does the use or misuse of the US Department of Defense seal and/or the official seals of Read more

DeMartino 2018 Campaign Gathers Momentum

James DeMartino's campaign for 14th District State Representative (the seat currently held by Delaware Speaker of the House, Peter Schwartzkopf) is gathering major momentum in the closing days of the 2018 general election. The mood was very optimistic at last night's meet and greet at the Lewes Diner, as positive feedback continues to pour in from the 14th District electorate at-large and the area's business community. Mr. DeMartino is gaining increasing support from a broader coalition of Independent and crossover Democrat voters desiring regime change and greater community representation in the public interest on a wide variety of issues in the Delaware General Assembly, instead of politics as usual. Independent/Republican/Populist congressional write candidate, Andrew C. Webb was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the people present, as were the representatives of Read more