Memorial Day Memories–Why I stand for the flag

I had the honor be among those who sent several young men back to Dover as part of the Dignified Transfer from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Memorial Day has never been the same. I relate to one in particular because of one of the choppers that went down, I was among those scheduled to be on it. We could not get the arrangements on the other side straight. Instead, we ended up sending others who were on that flight back under Old Glory. This is why it bugs me so much to see the flag or anthem disrespected. It is not that I do not respect people's right to do whatever. I do. I just wish people understood what that beautiful flag means. It is the symbol of liberty. Humanity struggled to be free until the United States of America. Once we became free to achieve, worship, be educated and govern ourselves, the whole world changed. I wish people would look at the world in 1600 and look at it in 600 Read more

Attention Democratic African American Friends

Please join me in a thought experiment. Is it possible that the Democratic party has not done anything useful for Blacks in 50 years since Johnson? I don't think that we owe them any more. Especially when you consider Civil Rights was pushed primarily by Republicans like Rep. McCulloch and Sen. Dirksen. Johnson brought along enough Democrats to his credit. Can you think of anything they did since 1968? Fair Housing Act, no that was Nixon. Renewal of the Voting Rights Act, no Reagan and W. Dr. King Day, Reagan. Welfare reform actually helped and that was Clinton, right? Well didn't he veto it twice then when he could not stop it, claimed Gingrich and Kasich's work as his own? How about improvements in minority education--W Bush. Well go back to the historic Brown V. Board of Education, Eisenhower. In other words, with the exception of Kennedy and Johnson, no Democrat has accomplished Read more

Jud Bennett on the final chapter of the TransPerfect battle. Shaw wins–Jobs stay

Hoorah! After four-years, the TransPerfect legal battle has finally ended with co-founder Philip Shawe and his mother Shirley Shawe continuing to own and run this successful private company. After following every detail of this case, reading all available documents several times, and interviewing many employees, I feel I know what is right and wrong about this case. First, let us celebrate what is right: Philip Shawe, the manager and 49% owner who built the business, and who EVERY witness in the case testified in favor of, prevailed in his bid. He now owns 99% of the company. Additionally and importantly, my fellow senior citizen, Shirley Shawe, who was never accused of anything in this case and was being unconstitutionally forced to sell her 1%, was able to maintain her stake (However, I understand that she did lose her control premium in the process). I also understand the Shawes Read more