The Case For the McCabe Firing

I can hardly wait until we see the Inspector General Report on the FBI and Justice. McCabe was fired based upon the recommendation of the Inspector General after a review of the Office of Professional Responsibility. It is a shame that he loses some of his pension, but it was a bigger shame that he violated professional standards before he was eligible. He can still draw a pension, but not until at least age 57 or 62 for full benefits. This delay in benefits is too much of a hardship for Democrats who wish to reward him for his office conspiracy against a sitting President. Congressman Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) offered McCabe a job on election security for the express purpose of giving him enough federal time for a pension according to the Washington Post. I am waiting for Andrea Mitchell or the Washington Post to find experts to help cash strapped Lt. General Michael Flynn. He is accused Read more

Rep. Sean Lynn endorses Carper Primary Opponent

For Immediate Release: Lynn's Stunning Far Left Turn blasted by opponent, Anderson "Representative Sean Lynn has dropped any pretense of moderation. His endorsement of Kerri Harris, who is the darling of the progressive fringe in the Democratic Party, shows that mainstream Democrats like Senator Carper no longer have a place in his mind. Senator Carper certainly has his faults, but being too far left is not one of them", Dover City Councilman David Anderson stated. "This is further evidence that Lynn does not even represent my Democratic friends, let alone Independents and Republicans", said Anderson. Anderson has endorsed and is endorsed by Gene Truono. Truono is a former Paypal executive and current philanthropist who is bridging the fissures in the Delaware Republican Party by his devotion to the Constitution and common sense policies. "Anderson has worked with Senator Read more

Boyce and Neuberger Leave Races

Senate Candidate Chuck Boyce announced that he was leaving the contest to replace incumbent Senator Tom Carper. In a Facebook post, he announced that he was leaving the race for health reasons. Republicans now have one announced candidate, businessman Gene Turono who is a former paypal executive.

Attorney General Candidate Thomas Neuberger, a famed civil rights and civil liberties attorney decided he could do more on the outside. He withdrew from the race, leaving the Republican Party with no declared candidates. Several candidates are eyeing the position.

Anderson Campaign Launch Party on March 10

David L. Anderson files for 31st District Representative Seat DOVER – David L. Anderson, Dover 4th District Councilman, will announce his bid for the 31st Representative District on Saturday, March 10, at noon at is the Solid Rock Community Outreach Center 109 N. West Street, Dover. Anderson formally filed for the seat February 15. The location is particularly significant to Mr. Anderson because he supported the center before it opened by helping it receive $25,000 in grant funding with the cooperation of Senator Brian Bushweller and participating in efforts that contributed to an eighty-seven percent reduction in crime last year. The honorary event chairman is former Rep. Don Blakey. The host committee includes State Representatives Lyndon Yearick, Charlie Postles, and Rich Collins; Kent County Commissioners Jim Hosfelt and Glenn Howell; Sheriff Jason Mollohan; and Kent County Read more