Independent Party of Delaware Endorses Trump for President

"The Donald" For all of his minor faults cannot be stopped and is riding this horse to the finish line in November. The Independent Party of Delaware has endorsed Donald Trump for president, after obtaining a majority vote by the party's Board of directors on Saturday May 28th. Trump's ability to compete in the GOP national Primary against so many qualified opponents, while continually wining in a wide variety of states with the popular vote, easily qualifies him to become President of the United States. In the past twenty years, both the Republican and Democratic parties have failed to govern America properly, leaving a large empty space with America's voters. Mr. Trump has proven that he is the pragmatic and independent-minded presidential candidate that will rebuild the nation economically and secure America's military position globally. The time has come for a more rational, Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 5/27/2016

Expanding Opportunities for Our Students With Language Immersion By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell All of our young people deserve access to the best possible education and training for their futures. That means supporting them in reading, writing, math, and science, and helping them acquire key skills for jobs in growing industries. But, we must not overlook the value of language learning. In today’s interconnected world, our economy and individuals’ job opportunities increasingly rely on the ability to communicate with people whose first language isn’t English. It’s why, four years ago, we started our world language expansion program with a few hundred kindergartners learning half of their subjects in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. That continues through elementary school and we aim for them to be proficient in their second language by fourth grade, ready begin advanced Read more

Donald Trump on Energy Policy

The TRUMP 2016 Press Office has released the following statement regarding national energy policy: DONALD J. TRUMP FORMAL POLICY ADDRESS ON ENERGY [5/26/2016] Donald J. Trump spoke to thousands at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota after clinching the GOP nomination for President of the United States. During his speech, for which he received many standing ovations, Mr. Trump took strong positions to reduce and eliminate all barriers to responsible energy production in order to create millions of new good-paying jobs, use energy production to rebuild our infrastructure and our inner cities and to reduce our debt. Mr. Trump outlined an "America First" agenda offering a significant contrast to Hillary Clinton's "Donor First" agenda that will make the special interests rich and continue to decimate the lower and middle classes. The transcript of the remarks Read more

Rosedale Residents Say NO to Proposed Boat Storage

Blue Claw LLC's conditional use application (CU- # 2049) for a proposed boat storage facility drew significant opposition from nearby residents at a Sussex County Planning and Zoning meeting, earlier this evening. The proposal for a 50-unit facility, to be located on a one-acre landlocked parcel of land adjacent to 30842 Blue Claw RD was primarily intended to serve a faction of boat owners in the neighboring Gull Point waterfront condominium complex even drew opposition from the majority of Gull Point residents, whose attorney drafted a letter of opposition, representing about 160 persons. Other nearby residents also voiced opposition to marine commercial land use adjacent to homes in an agricultural-residential (AR-1) district. These included traffic safety on a narrow tertiary road, aesthetics, security concerns, attractive nuisance, abandobnment of boats and trailers, possible Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 5/20/2016

Preparing Our Students to Thrive in Rewarding Careers By: Delaware Governor Jack A. Markell Building a rewarding career in growing industries today increasingly requires education and training beyond the traditional high school curriculum. We're committed to opening those pathways for every Delaware student. One way is through our innovative Pathways to Prosperity program. It's forging partnerships between employers, school districts, and institutions of higher education to provide hands-on, real-world training to high school students. Thanks to the strong support of Delaware's manufacturing community and the leadership at Delaware Tech, the manufacturing pathway was the first to launch. For the past two years, its class of two dozen students have received specialized training, and many worked last summer in paid internships at Delaware employers. This past week, these 27 seniors received Read more

Trump And America’s Nationalist Movement

"Make America great Again." Good for Americans. Good for the world! Trump's new American Nationalist Movement reminds a cowed American public of their "God given" rights, guaranteed by the Constitution and secured by a strong military to ensure America's place as global leader of the world's human rights. In perfect elections, the elected officials are a reflection of the people's will, however in today's American election system, controlled by a two-party manage-a-trois waltz with the American voter, this is no longer true. This system does not, and absolutely has not reflected the will of anyone but that of the political pseudo-elites. Read more

TRUMP and RNC Announce Joint Finance Pact

The TRUMP 2016 campaign has released the following media statement: RNC AND DONALD J. TRUMP CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCE JOINT AGREEMENTS Lew Eisenberg selected to lead fundraising effort for Trump Victory along with Trump Campaign Finance Chair Steven Mnuchin (WASHINGTON, D.C.) May 17, 2016 – Today, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus announced the RNC and Donald J. Trump for President have entered into joint fundraising agreements (JFAs). The agreements will allow the Donald J. Trump for President campaign to raise funds the national party will use to elect Republicans at all levels this cycle. “The RNC is excited to team up with the Trump campaign to expand the robust ground, data, and digital operation we have in place to elect Republicans up and down the ballot,” said Chairman Priebus. “Donald Trump knows the importance of keeping our Republican Read more

Gang Violence Prevention Forum

This Meeting is seeking to engage the community in reporting and identifying Illegal Gang Formation in the City of Dover on May 18th, 6:30 pm in City Council Chambers. I will be presenting a power-point presentation to the constituents of Dover on a resolution that was adopted on September 9, 2013, which I wrote and was approved by the Dover Human Relations Commission when I was the Chairman of that Committee. We are seeking State Funding to implement Mini Mobile Police Stations that will focus on High Crime and Nuisance Premises in an effort to eliminate Illegal Gang Enterprises in the City of Dover and State of Delaware. 15 District Senator David Lawson, 17 District Senator Brian Bushweller, Senator Colin Bonini [who's running for Governor] 31st. District House of Representatives Sean Lynn and 29th District House of Representatives Trey Pardee will all be on the panel representing State Read more

Delaware’s Challenge of 2016

The Diamond State has lost some luster. We are not the Diamond state any longer we are the stagnant state. We are stagnant in income growth, our NEAP education scores are stagnant, we spent the last decade creating part time jobs to replace the full time jobs that we lost. We are 6 in education spending and in the bottom third in results. Our state budget is looking like a house of cards. Murdertown U.S.A is here. Even our rural areas face heroin and home invasions. Our cities are seeing drug gang invasions. We have more homeless than shelters. We have more people seeking drug treatment than beds for them. Businesses are being nickled and dimed into oblivion. State renewable portfolio mandates are raising electricity rates which further impoverishes families and drives away manufacturers. Healthcare policy is a failure. They attempted to make us a sanctuary state (SB 60) by preempting Read more

Paid Maternity leave doesn’t demand government mandate

I believe in the right to life, family values and free markets. All three need to come into play with regard to paid maternity leave. Children are literally dying because we are pressuring mothers to rush back to workforce before 6 months after birth of their children. Megyn Kelly had two women who lost babies in daycare after having to go back to work before they felt comfortable. Both lost their children the first day of daycare. 55 of every 1000 babies die in the first 6 months of life with 31 of those in the first month, according to the global study cited. If we want to get local, Delaware has the 6th highest infant mortality rate in the nation at over 7 per 1000. This makes it more compelling for Delaware to lead. 4 big ways to reduce that are no smoking, medical care, safe sleep and maternal presence. It is clear that we need paid maternal leave. The question is how do we do it? Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 5/13/2016

Empowering Delawareans to be Financially Literate and Grow Our Economy By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell Delaware’s economy continues to get stronger, with a low unemployment rate and record job creation that leads the region. But at a time of rapid economic changes, many people continue to struggle with financial insecurity. A recent study found more than 60 percent of Americans are not prepared to handle even minor unexpected expenses. Financial insecurity limits opportunities for home ownership, higher education, and retirement savings. It impacts employers and the broader community, and puts a strain on government assistance programs. We’ve responded to this challenge with Stand By Me, a financial empowerment program that is celebrating its fifth anniversary. More than 10,000 participants have received free one-on-one financial coaching focused on reducing debt, improving Read more

Washington Post, Honest Journalism – – – Or Biased Liberal Rag?

Washington Post Initiates An Investigation Of enormous proportions Into Trump's Life. Washington Post Editor Bob Woodward stated to the National Association of Realtors convention in Washington, "There's a lot we don't know. We have 20 people working on Trump, we're going to do a book, we're doing articles about every phase of his life." New Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Democratic Party Donor, has built brigade of reporters, ordered to delve into every facet of Trump's life. while seeking to intentionally castigate Trump, Woodward has also stated that the Post is trying to get the essence of Hillary Clinton but dismissed suggestions that she used a personal email server to distribute classified information. On Wednesday, the Post released several Trump stories, including information into his alleged "sex talk" on Howard Stern's radio show. Read more

Bernie Sanders Comments on WV Win

From BERNIE 2016 Campaign: Sanders Wins West Virginia “I want to thank the people of West Virginia for the tremendous victory they gave us today in a state that provided a landslide vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. West Virginia is a working-class state and many of the people there are hurting. They know, like most Americans, that it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. They want real change. “With this outcome, we now have won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. We are in this campaign to win the Democratic nomination and we’re going to stay in the race until the last vote is cast. We expect more victories in the weeks to come when voters go to the polls in Kentucky, Oregon, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and the District of Columbia. “We fully acknowledge we have Read more

Trump Comments on WV and NB Victories

From TRUMP 2016 Media Office:

Donald Trump’s Statement on West Virginia and Nebraska Victories

“It is a great honor to have won both West Virginia and Nebraska, especially by such massive margins. My time spent in both states was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. I learned a lot, and that knowledge will be put to good use towards the creation of businesses, jobs, and the strengthening and revival of their economies. I look forward to returning to West Virginia and Nebraska soon, and hope to win both states in the general election. Likewise, my time spent last week with the great people of Oregon will hopefully lead to another victory next Tuesday.”

– Donald J. Trump

Tiny House Village Hearing Tonight

Councilman David Anderson of Dover will be chairing a hearing on a proposed tiny house village Tuesday May 10 at 6 p.m. in Dover City Council Chambers. Anyone can afford a house if we get government regulations out of the way. If you support affordable housing or property rights please come out to our committee meeting at 6 pm in Council Chambers. The concept is to put them in their own area not in other neighborhoods so no it won’t hurt your property values, though they wouldn’t anyway. If you are curious, find out more at the Parks, Recreation, and Community Enhancement meeting.

For background information go here. Take a virtual tour of one

Homeowner uses Second Amendment Rights to Defend Home and Family

Recently a Dover homeowner became the second person in a year to use a firearm to protect themselves from imminent danger. Dover Police reported the incident on their website.

Last August a man successfully used a firearm to protect his girlfriend from an attempted murder by her ex. The plan was to kill the entire family. The criminal ended up dead.

You are the first line of defense for your family. The police do a fine job, but no one can substitute for immediate action.

Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett on recent Elting v. Shawe

Are American Freedoms being compromised by an omnipotent judicial system? Do arrogant judges set legal precedent that affect the American dream? Chief Chancellor Excuses Potential Fraud and Could Force a Sale of a Viable Multi-million Dollar Company? Delaware's rookie Chief Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, is casting a dark shadow over his 2-year run as the Chief Chancery Court Judge. This was evident in one of his most recent decisions where he ignored overwhelming evidence and a pattern of behavior that I wonder could border on the illegitimate? Instead, he chose to rule in favor of a single party (Elizabeth Elting) who happened to be represented by his buddy Kevin Shannon. This culminated in a decision that has the potential to ruin a company and destroy the jobs and careers of 4,000 hardworking employees worldwide, 2,300 of them in the United States, nearly 1,000 in the northeast, Read more

Sanders Says “Trump Must Not Become President.”

From the Bernie 2016 Media Office: Trump Must Not Become President,’ Sanders Tells Rutgers Rally PISCATAWAY, N.J. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Sunday May 6 that he’s the candidate with the best chance to defeat Republican Donald Trump in the general election this fall. “Donald Trump must not become president and I am happy to tell you that Donald Trump will not become president of the United States,” Sanders told more than 6,750 supporters at the Rutgers Athletic Center. Sanders pointed to national and state polls consistently showing that he defeats the likely Republican Party presidential nominee by margins nearly twice as great as Hillary Clinton’s lead over Trump. “If Democrats want to have the strongest candidate against Donald Trump they should look at those polls,” Sanders said. Sanders also detailed his differences with Clinton, including his Read more

The Libertarian Moment: Could #NeverTrump conservatives fuel a three-way race?

Interest in Libertarian Party surges as alienated Republicans search for an alternative In the aftermath of the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of both Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich from the presidential race, effectively crushing a #NeverTrump movement working towards a contested convention, and handing Donald Trump the Republican nomination on a silver platter, an already divided Republican Party has begun tearing itself apart. Chaos reigns as influential members of the #NeverTrump faction decide whether their pledges to oppose Trump were merely a desperate bluff intended to steer voters towards Cruz, or, in fact, sincere pledges to oppose him, no matter what. Talk of third-party alternatives from liberty-leaning pundits like Glenn Beck was to be expected, but even House Speaker Paul Ryan has stated that he’s “not ready to back Trump.” Of course, many Republicans have Read more