DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/26/2016

Increasing Access to Healthcare to Expand Opportunity for All Delawareans By : Delaware Governor Jack A. Markell Expanding opportunity means ensuring that all Delawareans can maximize control over their own destinies, and over the destinies of their families. To do so, we must address our state’s high-rate of unplanned pregnancies. When people become parents accidentally, we know the future for them and their children may be diminished. Mothers and fathers drop out of school and leave the workforce and too often, their children have fewer opportunities. Helping women achieve their own goals and become pregnant only when they want to means access to effective contraception that works for them. Top medical organizations have made clear that the new generation of IUDs and implants, long known as Long Acting Reversible Contraception, or LARCs, are 20 times more effective than other Read more

My View: Conservatives Need to Stop Settling and support our own

I am supporting Senator Marco Rubio for President. He is a true leader, a true Reagan Conservative, and one who will lead us to victory in November. You may support someone else. Cruz is a true Conservative. Carson is a true conservative. Even Kasich manages to get around to being a true conservative with 100% National Right to Life voting record and 92% American Conservative Union record. Though I would rather go for the 98% guy. I do not support settling for someone who throws us red meat like we are dogs under the table then does what he wants. We should not have a seat at the table; we should be at the head of the table because we built the table. We don't need another McCain, Dole, Romney, or Trump. People who tell us what we want to hear instead of what should be said. They just use us. Rubio, Cruz and Carson are one of us. Friends, if you know someone who is on the fence Read more

Pundits, Candidates And Loudmouths Vs Trump

It seems that daily these pundits, candidates and loudmouths prophesy Trump's doom. In the meantime Trump gains percentage points and delegates. The more percentage points and delegates Trump receives, the louder and meaner the adversaries get. This shows that the American people are not fooled, they won't accept the lies and rhetoric of GOP establishment insiders and refuse to take the bait. Watching Foxnews has lately become amusing as they give as much earned media time as Cruz and Rubio want and very little to Trump lately. Rubio's whole platform now has become a ranting and raving platform about Trump. It seems for the GOP that issues are no longer the primary concern of debates, nor are they important enough to debate I watched the CNN GOP debate on Thursday and watched half in amusement and half in horror as the debate never started. Instead, two rabid dogs attacked Trump Read more

The Aftermath of SC and NV

Mr. Donald Trump is in the driver's seat, Senator Marco Rubio is rising, and Senator Ted Cruz is stuck in 3rd gear. Anyone who thinks it is over is the type of person that leaves a football game 3 minutes in or a baseball game after the first half of the first inning. 5% of the delegates are in. Trump has very high negatives but he has a good size block of voters around 35%. 25% is the low so far and 42% the high. The Nevada results are not surprising but Rubio is looking like a stronger second. PPP polling shows that Rubio wins a two way race. Donald Trump has an advantage, when will it be a two way race? The fact is that right now, Rubio just needs to have strong finishes because winning matters in bragging rights. Delegates are proportional. Trump knows that bragging rights matter because they can feed a narrative in the intellectually faulty press. Ted Cruz has some strong Read more

Councilman David Anderson’s Annual Chili Cookoff Supports local Charities FEB. 27th

Over the years several thousand dollars has gone to local charities through this no overhead event. In 2016, Christian Life Center is joining with Councilman David Anderson to sponsor this year's annual Chili Cookoff to highlight an important local Charity. This year will have live music and other fun attractions including testing and judging your neighbor's best chili, salads, and deserts. This year's charities are the Veteran's United Outreach and the MLK Jr. Educational Community Center Inc. The location is at Christian Life Center 614 S. Dupont Hwy in Dover. The time is noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday the 27th. Entry is a donation or participation with providing food (preregister below with food). The Veteran's United Outreach has a 15 year track record of impacting the community with unparalled volunteer run dedication. The organization helps veterans Read more

City of Dover Accepts Resignation of Former Officer Webster

Resignation of Cpl. Thomas Webster 2-23-16 Posted on February 23, 2016 by Dover Police Department FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In accordance with a negotiated separation from employment, former Dover Police Cpl. Thomas Webster IV submitted his resignation from the Dover Police Department, and the resignation was accepted on February 23, 2016. Cpl. Webster was found not guilty by a 12 member jury on December 8, 2015 on a charge of felony assault resulting from an arrest that occurred in August 2013 while Cpl. Webster was on duty. Following his acquittal, the City and then Cpl. Webster entered into discussions concerning the continued employment of Cpl. Webster. Those discussions resulted in an amicable end to Cpl. Webster’s employment relationship with the City, and he submitted his voluntary resignation to the Dover Police Department. While the resignation was immediately Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/19/2016

Improving Our Criminal Justice System to Create New Opportunities

By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell

One of the ways we have worked to improve public safety and create opportunity for all Delawareans is through a smarter criminal justice system – a system that reserves limited prison space for violent criminals and emphasizes treatment and community supervision for low-level offenders whose needs outweigh their risks to the community. Together, these programs provide a range of services that simply aren’t available in prison and they show the potential to reduce recidivism and to transform lives for the better. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.


DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/12/2016

Accepting Our Past to Build a Brighter Future By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell This past week, I proudly issued our state’s annual proclamation for Black History Month – an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of remarkable Delawareans. They’re people like famous civil rights attorney Louis Redding, community leader and Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League founder James Gilliam Sr., and jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown as well as the many talented musicians who perform at the festival bearing his name. We also unveiled the state’s new exhibit marking 125 years of great contributions by students and faculty of Delaware State University. As we recognize these extraordinary accomplishments, we realize that this month is not just about black history, it’s about Delaware’s history – it’s about achievements that have a made a difference for everyone in our Read more

New Hampshire Aftermath

Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders dominated NH as expected.What is interesting is that the absurd press bashing of Rubio had an effect reversing his momentum but it did not do permanent damage. Bush and Kasich would have joined Christie in being out. Now we have Cruz in third, Kasich who is one of the best governors in America, reinvigorated with a solid second place finish, Bush limping forward and Rubio reeling but moving forward tied with Bush. For the first time in NH history 5 candidates beat the 10% mark so far. If Rubio does finish 400 to 1000 votes behind Bush--he is a few hundred behind now, that makes no difference in electoral reality and a little more he beats Cruz. They get the same delegates. It does make a difference in political reality. It freezes the race. A host of Bush backers had pledged to move to Rubio if he finished ahead of Bush. Now they will freeze until something Read more

Hans Reigle Fundraiser

Delaware Republican Congressional Candidate Hans Reigle, the former Air Force Officer and Mayor of Wyoming, is holding a fundraiser Friday the 12th. Tickets are available at the door click here for more information. Reservations are helpful.((610)955-3671 or e-mail: $60 indiv./$100 couple)

Hans Reigle Fundraiser February 12th – Painted Stave Distillery, 106 Commerce Street, Smyrna, DE 19977 Please Join Hans Reigle and his host committee for an evening of fine spirits and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres. Sip on one of Painted Stave’s Signature spirits paired with the culinary delights of an Affair to Remember catering, while socializing with congressional candidate Hans Reigle. 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/5/2016

Governor’s Weekly Message: Building Our Economy by Investing in Delaware’s Infrastructure By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell Supporting a strong economy and a high quality of life for Delawareans requires a safe and efficient transportation system. That’s why, with bipartisan leadership from the General Assembly, I’m proud we have increased investments in roads and bridges by nearly $400 million over the next six years. That means creating tens of thousands of jobs, fewer accidents, and less congestion. And in addition to construction happening with those funds, we’re celebrating another important milestone this week for our infrastructure with the groundbreaking for the new US Route 301. Today, the road is too often cited for rush hour bottlenecks and a high frequency of car crashes, and we are not tapping into the full economic potential of that part of New Read more

Trump Has The High Ground On Immigration Policy

Open borders advocates attempt to show how foolish and dangerous Donald J. Trump's immigration plan is, they actually make his case for him. They claim that restaurants would shutdown, construction would grind to a halt, and food would rot in the fields. 11% of food service jobs, 14% of construction jobs, and 26% of farm jobs are held by undocumented workers according these advocates. Does anyone really think that one couldn't find workers to do construction or prepare food? If indeed illegals are taking double digit percentages of those jobs while Americans don't get work they seek or are given part time work to avoid healthcare mandates, does this not argue for controlling the borders? There are so many Americans who could fill those jobs. Ex cons who have given up because they can't get a leg up because an undocumented worker has taken their reentry job. People who are unemployed. Read more